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Release Date:  September 06, 2012
Publisher:  Square Enix
Developer:  Square Enix
Genre:  RPG

Drakerider is a new iOS game released by Square Enix, which features intense active time battle and hypercube-based exploration. The main gameplay shows great similarity to that of Final Fantasy: Dimensions.


Drakerider has got detailed maps, crafted characters and magnificent battle scenes. If Final Fantasy: Dimensions can be considered as a reminiscent work in graphics, then Drake Rider presented in 3D is supposed to take a lead for the future iOS RPG.

Since tapping and dragging covers all the game controls, you could enjoy the game with one single finger. However, the simple control doesn’t decrease any fun of playing the game, especially in battles.

The active time battle adds tension to the game. You need to either loosen or tighten the chains tied to your dragon, to different ability sections marked in green, blue, orange and red, so that you could cast spells and launch attacks. Orange section provides most powerful skills. However it is next to the red section where your dragon would go berserk and may attack its master.

When you find it hard to challenge a boss, usually you would turn around and grind to a higher level. Yet in Drakerider, a second choice is there for you. Let go to the chains and make your dragon berserk so that a most powerful attack would be done to a random target, then tighten the chains immediately to safe sections and calm down your dragon to regain control. It is risky but worth trying.

Another catching part of Drakerider is that there is a well-structured plot, and in between some intriguing conversations, which contribute to a better understanding of the whole story and make people intoxicated in the scenes.

There is also an ingame store where add-on items and scenarios are on sale. The items include skills, crystal tickets and Dragon’s Acumen while scenarios work like maps and storyline extensions.

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