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Dreamland online

Dreamland online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  IGG Inc.
Developer:  IGG Inc.
Genre:  fantasy

Conformity to various molds of the real world constrains imagination and creativity in hibernation. Now just wake up your slumbering anima and feel ease to release it to the Dreamland Online. However whimsical, you will be greeted with welcome in this virtual world, for it is a heaven and haven for anyone with daring imagination and wandering heart.

Dreamland Online is a 3D arcade-style, side-scrolling action MMORPG set in a fantasy background in which anime-styled figures are shielding their homeland with the support of the Hero Faith from the plagues brought about by the Evil Fog. Against the fairytale backdrop, cute and cartoon-like style penetrates the core of this game. The dreamy appeals are not only reflected in the images of characters, monsters and pets, but also displayed in its eight unique themes covering ancient European castles with crows standing on the roof, ghostly haunting forests full of mist and voices, and mushroom town basking in the sun, just to name a few.

To wander around the wonderland, players will never feel lonely with their special pets and mounts nearby. Unlike in other games, the pets of this game are transformed from monsters which are captured by players in the first place. Players can train and raise their pets, customizing the little creature into whatever is after their hearts. Moreover, they can also trade the tamed monsters with other players who offer favorable prices. The pet is a delight to players, so is the mount. Mounts in this game boast great variety in both prototype and size. Animals are the most common, including dinosaurs, chimpanzees and flamingo, etc; while machine-styled objects are also available, such as robots, rocket-powered pads and skateboards, and so on. Be it pets or mounts, they are not only companions to repel loneliness. Instead, pets can learn various combating skills to assist in battle, while mounts can also enhance their owners’ abilities and improve their performance.

For hardcore gamers, they can content themselves with the diversified quests and fierce PvP competitions, in which they are able to act out flashy and powerful skills accentuated in visual and acoustic effects. Meanwhile, this game also provides various complementary systems for casual gamers, who can devote themselves in catching insects, fishing, building a small home or even getting married. So no matter you are seeking for challenge or cheer or both, this dreamland will be your land.

Official website: http://do.igg.com/

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