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Dungeon Empires

Dungeon Empires

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  gamigo
Developer:  gamigo
Genre:  Strategy

Dungeon Empires is a fantasy browser-based dungeon brawler that incorporates dungeon building, treasure hunting and monster slaying.


Dedicate yourself not only to the construction of your own dungeon but also to the ceaseless plunder from others! Keeping on the rails has been outmoded, and endless aggression is just what we truly trust and advocate. All right, such defiant and crazy behaviors could just be found in Dungeon Empires.

In the game, you will be in the first place challenged with the task to, by all means, build a sturdy and solid dungeon as your base, where you could raise and train your mighty yet ill-humored creatures such as dragons, ghouls and zombies. Please commit it to the memory that you should do your utmost to make them feel satiated and comfortable in which case you will be soon granted with two-fold rewards, for once considerately attended to, these monsters can become proficient protectors of your dungeon. With regards to the configuration of the dungeon, you will be given plenty of freedom to bring your imagination and innovation into play, with a variety of textures, decorations as well as additional creatures at hand.

However, you should be cautioned that life of a successful dungeon owner is by no means of mere leisure and enjoyment. Instead, every minute might be filled with toughness and alarming danger. Therefore, in case unexpected disasters should come one after another depriving you of a breathing spell, you are supposed to fix up more tactfully your dungeon rooms and the hooks, as well as to make a refined plan of the stratagem.

Furthermore, you are more encouraged to launch attacks on your enemies’ dungeons. Through the combats, which are designed to be turn-based, between you and your rivals, for one thing, you have the opportunity to plunder all the treasures to add to you wealth, and for another, you can pick up new monsters and items for the consolidation of you own dungeon. The more declining your rivals become, the more prosperous and formidable your dungeon is.

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