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Dungeon Overlord

Dungeon Overlord

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Nightowl Games
Developer:  Nightowl Games
Genre:  Strategy

Dungeon Overlord is a Facebook strategy game with unique mechanics that turn entire fantasy genre on its head. Instead of being a hero who explores dungeons and slays evil monsters and collects treasures, you contrarily assume the role of an evil dungeon overlord owning a subterranean labyrinth. You must raise a legion of orcs, goblins, ogres and other kinds of unsavory creatures to kill the goodly heroes who look to repel wretches, such as yourself, from their land. So if you have got tired of being heroes and would like to see the world from monsters’ points of view, then go and join the latest title from Owl Games, Dungeon Overlord, and revel in the dark and cold savagery.


The game starts players off in hell, hell-beings’so-called homeland which is hovering over lava. You have a couple of minions, and instead of planting crops in farming-titled game, you get your goblin workers to harvest minerals and gold for you. For a newbie, the learning curve is shallow, I was given a set of quests to follow at my leisure. Quests begin by helping players get starting with things like building and recruiting more minions to harvest resources for them and so on. Most of them are self-explanatory and easy to read, for example, “research this” or “build that”.

As I was done with my first building, I found the game looks a bit like an RTS base coated with Warcraft-like skin on it. Likewise, you need to place different buildings (or rooms in this game) which serve special purposes and provides different benefit to your dungeon. The dungeon is presented in an isometric view and is composed of hundreds of tiles that represent the usable space for rooms. Each room itself takes up a certain size and can be upgraded for a cost. For example, I was firstly asked to build a storage room, which takes up a 2×2 square gird, in order to keep resources. After that, some other types of rooms will be unlocked. You will need to build a den which servers the living quarters for your minions. Furniture is the signature system in the game. In Dungeon Overlord, adorning your lair with wicked and freaky ornaments is not only for decoration purpose; additionally, they are more functional in raising the productivity and efficiency of your dungeon. For example, they can boost the rate of resource generation. Some furniture does have unique functions. For instance, a den serves the equivalence function of a “barrack”, which is a generic setting found in almost every RTS game. In a 2×2-grid-sized den, you can “recruit” monster by placing appropriate resting place (one bed takes up one grid), which will “attract” one creature of the corresponding type. I just followed the instruction and crafted an orc bed, which provides an additional orc for harvesting food in tavern.

The screen does a pretty job of enabling you to know what’s happening. Your minions are diligent in their work. You can see them working as harvest laborers, hurriedly scurrying about; lying comfortably and cozily in their beds when they need a rest; walking over to the tavern to eat when they become hungry. The screen also keeps you noticed by periodically displaying little icons representing minor quantities of resources of different types, which can be clicked on to in order to be collected. It’s a great idea giving players something else to do besides waiting for resources accumulation.

As it’s a freemium game, doing things takes a very long time. Eventually, I completed enough quests and the game directed me to the “overworld” interface, where I can expand the base into other dungeon in the same mountain stronghold or raid an NPC village. Depending upon the movement speed of your monsters assigned to the attack group and the distance from your lair to the target village, waiting time varies greatly. When combat is engaged, you will get a mailbox notification, and an auto-combat replay is also enclosed in the notification mail.

From what I have experienced so far, Dungeon Overlord is a good game with deep and strategic complexity that keeps hardcore gamers glued to the screen. But simply due the nature of the freeminum Facebook game, someone may not have the patience to put up with the huge time needed to unveil more interesting things.

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