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Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage

Release Date:  2012

Dungeons, with unexpected traps and murky environment, have been an indispensable part for most action games and some movies. That is why most of online multiplayer games are so addictive. Here comes a new game with such setup. Dungeon Rampage is social online game involvled with a series of killings and rescurings, where gamers level up by surviving himself and rescuing innocent prisoners, and most factually, by being calm always.

Keep your own pace. Don’t be flamed by the fury character image and the agitator music. Apart from controlling keys instruction prior to the entry of battles, you should expect some reminders popping up among the battle sparks, for example, when you are possibly needing a buster to break a wall. In face of a crowd of enemies, morale can do so little without strategy. After a crazy pressing on ax or hammer, slid over any enemy and aim at the nearest bread or sausage for revival. Or fleet to a narrow corner (if available nearby), wait for a line of enemies to pass one by one, and kill one by one. Dudgeon doesn’t means keeping nervous all the time. Don’t forget that you can pick up others’ earnings as well as he can rush at you and share the treasures you found. Also you can leave some suicide battles for other online comrades behind you. of course, social elements are expressed more on later levels by cooperation and inviting friends.

However, all the above mentioned strategy needs a good skill at proceeding and turning. Direction keys are preferred in passing some harming facilities, such as an upward steel tooth from the ground, a gate with huge swinging ax, a passage with lines of arrows. Mouse can walk you smoothly like a car ride, but it won’t handle situations that requires small steps, especially when you have been hurt by a facility or hidden weapons. Because your pace has been disturbed by the hurt, and the rest walking can be trembling.

Recognize your enemy, and don’t waste your energy at dead barriers or a bronze statue. There are tons of monsters, beasts, bosses wait ahead. However, you can absolutely dwarf the largest boss if you stick to the calm policy and refine your basic skills at the earlier levels.


Dungeon Rampage does not look like a big deal, but it indeed reminds me of my best Arcarde game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

40 Comments on Dungeon Rampage


  1. Richie says:

    I love this game it just reminds me of a basic Diablo… its in beta but i already like the way it is.

  2. Kevin Johnson says:

    I’m having a problem with this game. It won’t load!!! Am I the only one who has this problem with a windows 7 system, or are other people wasting their time trying to load this game?

  3. Travis says:

    @kevin johnson – i was trying to load it after playing it a few hours but i couldn't

  4. james says:

    i need friends add me (james chan) I want people to join my fights im just lvl 27 archer buy the stages r fun but a bit harsh later u can chat with me too if u want gifts!!

  5. Nizz0r says:

    How do you pass the gates???

  6. doug funnay says:

    based on your description i dont think youve every played the game or even looked into it except for some captioned screenshots you saw somewhere else

    you do not rescue prisoners in this game and your overall description of the games mechanics was atrocious and down right wrong in places

    i dont mean any offense it just seems like you dont know what youre talking about or used an online translator to convert this from another language

  7. Vanessa says:

    ADD ME!!! i'm a level13 or 12 archer (vanessa vega)

  8. kyly14 says:

    OMG! I CANT PASS THE GATES! I've gone all the levels and i seem like i cant pass it! Someone please tell me why!? I've clicked all of them…none of them open up 🙁

  9. Jonathan says:

    add me lvl 20 Ghost Samurai ~~ Jonathan Fadera Msg me 1st 🙂

  10. lloyd says:

    when will they unlock the dark dragon again

  11. Benoit says:

    how do you pass the gates… i dont get it :S iv done all stages but i just cant figure out how to open them :S is there something needed

  12. Amin Diab says:

    Everything costs too much. I need to play for hours if I wanna unlock any new characters unless I buy gems and I don't want to buy gems. Make everything reasonable price and both purchasable with Gems and Coins.
    Level 20 Berserker and Level 10 Ranger. Been playing for a couple days and have good character weapons and dungeons. No keys, been waiting forever been playing for hours and saved up only 8K Coins. Getting bored fast.

  13. Gibberish says:

    MAN! So many HORRIBLE BR players…ZERO fun. Either they suck and die over and over and over then scream Alluda or they train kill you because they suck 🙂 Looking for more intelligent American players 🙂

  14. Daniel says:

    I'm very impressed to see a step closer to a true social game with actual gameplay (instead of "click here for gameplay) and serves both Synchronous and Asynchronous gameplay on Facebook.

  15. Ben says:

    It seems the price of heros increases for gems and coins as you level…what nonsense

  16. Heinrich says:

    Wouldnt it be awesome having a lightning dragon as a pet alongside the wizard!

  17. cogjoshua10 says:

    lol lucky for you it cost you coins only some of us cost gem only no coinS! to luck

  18. ken says:

    how come i cant buy a weapon??it always say amount must be provided

  19. Berserker Rulez says:

    Well I've started this game few days ago and I must say it is preety good. Graphic side is fine, animations of characters and enemies are nice. Even music is not bad but I like to listen to my stuff anyway. Gameplay is simple and gives me a lot of fun. Of course there are things I don't like for example key prices(hate it), number of items in shop. They are too high. Ok maybe for late game it looks different with earning cash but like for beggining even common key witch is worth 2k seems to be a bit too expensive. I'm not even saying anything about Uncommon(20k gold) and Rare(70kgold- crazy??). I'm 40lvl while I'm typing this and im trying to open my Uncommon chests but it takes some time to get the amount of gold (thats probably the biggest problem in here-key prices). Well in my opinion prices are a bit too high.
    Also I would like to see some PvP in here, Arena or something like that would be really nice thing I think.

  20. batman says:

    The game is a wast of time

  21. brunex says:

    olha acho que para almentar o acesso desse jogo incrivel voce de viram alem de colocar ouro na arena para coletar colocas tambem gemas ai o ia almentar!!!! pensen nisso ok pessoal

  22. adem says:

    bedava nasıl elmas alıyoz programsız filan

  23. ahmed says:

    thank you

  24. amine says:

    You must be logged in to play DungeonRampage!

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