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Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online

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Having been an avid Dungeons and Dragons Online player for many years, I was definitely looking forward to seeing what Turbine had in store for me.

They start you off with downloading their client to access the game itself which was easy enough, however the subsequent problems that occurred after each update sometimes required you to download it again. While not a big deal, it did leave game players a little frustrated. After tweaking some of the settings the client was far less fussy and didn’t keep you from entering your fantasy realm.

Or so you thought!

A large problem with beta testing is access to areas, developers need to work on certain areas while leaving others open and if you have many players trying to get online at the very same time you may either end up with a game crash, or access denied to too many players on the servers.

Thankfully the developers were wise to this due to many of us messaging them to let them know what issues were occurring, yes some of us are nerdy enough to bother logging all the crashes, and bugs so that when we play it later we can avoid any problems.

Beginning game play was easy enough. Just like any table top version of the game following the 3.5 edition rules, you create a character with a variety of different races and classes available to you adding feats, spells and skills and as you progress you gain XP (experience points) for those of you not in the know, which allows your character to level up. Some races will be made available as you progress in the game, and some are purchase only.

You gain quests from NPC’s in game and after each quest is done you are given the option to choose one of three items they offer you as well as any remuneration they agreed to at the beginning of the quest.
Seems easy enough, what I found is that you can go back and do the quests again and get the other items if you want them badly enough to go over the same ground again.
This can be useful for extra money in selling the items, or allowing you to keep them if you like them enough.

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) the MMORPG can be quite fun, did have it’s share of bugs in the beginning but has managed to mature nicely with the hard work Turbine has done on it.

You can start sparring matches with other characters in game which can be fun for XP but, you might just want to carry on with quests and not bother.

While free to play in the U.S., DDO does have the option for subscription if you want special items every month and more areas, quests and more opened up to you.

Barring that, you can purchase maps and items in their own store interface.

The game is great fun, and there are a variety of levels to play on ranging from Solo to Epic which of course allows you to choose the difficulty on which you wish to test yourself.

Remember though, some areas are going to be rough for someone just starting out, and may be best left for after you level up, or have a buddy online to assist.

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