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Dust 514

Dust 514

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  CCP Games
Developer:  CCP Games

Dust 514, currently under development by the CCP Games’ Shanghai Studio, is a console-based MMOFPS set in the vast Eve Universe. Take part in the engrossing ground battles and temper yourself to be a qualified freelance mercenary, as Dust 514 has predicted that “your next shoot will topple empires”!

Aside from featuring a persistent world, Dust 514 sets its events closely connected with those in Eve Online. Accordingly, both the Dust 514 players and Eve pilots will take activities on the same planets, which leads to larger room for the cooperation between the two sides, such as providing assistance in battles. It should be noticed that such cooperation is optional but rather beneficial.

Battles without doubt are the main theme of the game. You are to play a freelance mercenary waiting to be entrusted with tough missions. At the same time, you can also seize your own territory with the assistance of alliances and corporations. In view of the console-based gameplay, Dust 514 allows commanders and infantry to fight together, and with the help of the configurable weapons and vehicles, you are likely to better accommodate yourself to the dynamic circumstances.

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