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Dust 514 Going Free to Play

Sara Lau
Mar 5,2012  05:03 by

CCP will give a free-to-play launch of Dust 514, which is known as the exclusive PS3 MMOFPS set in the same universe with EVE Online.

The company has scrapped its original plan of a cover charge of $10 to $20, noticing that Dust 514 should never be turned into “a pay to win game”, according to executive producer Brandon Laurino.

“It’s the classic micro-transaction dynamic of, ‘I can pay and get this item,’ or, ‘I can invest my time and get this item.’ But neither of those options will give me an unfair advantage over the other.” he said.

In another word, this time CCP is devoted to creating a universe as fair as possible for every player to play in.

Aurum, the Dust 514 currency, can either be earned in-game or be purchased through packs of $10 to $100. Meanwhile, the ISK earned in EVE Online will not be allowed to spend in DUST 514.

Items available in store offer every player with a wild range of choice, such as vanity goods, boosters, weapons variants, character respecs, all of which aim to provide “side-grades” that add to the variety with in game. Yet, maps will not among the items for purchase.

As for the map design of Dust 514, “We are covering literally a universe of planets, so there’re thousands of different maps and they’re all available to everyone who’s playing. There won’t be some section of the universe that’s blocked off. It’s really about what you build on those planets – some of those will be earned, some of those will be paid,” Laurino was quoted as saying.

A Vita version of the game has been confirmed by publisher, which would be orientated to more of a “companion app” to make it more like a “video game”.

Both the online game and the Vita app will be expected to launch this year, but the exact date is still unclear.

Note: CCP will also roll out World of Darkness later this year.

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