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Dynasty Warriors Online

Dynasty Warriors Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  Koei
Genre:  Simulation

Known for its hack-n-slash combat style and history-lesson hybrid, “Dynasty Warriors” has been a cult following among gamers and a relatively popular franchise for many years. Tecmo-Koei took the game that is already bursting at the seams and turned it into the popular massively multi-player genre as a free-to-play game via the free MMO operator Aeria Games. For people who are still not familiar with the background, Dynasty Warriors Online feature warriors from feudal China during the second century, called The Three Kingdoms period.

Right after I connect to the server, there’s a bit of both joy and disappointment. On one hand, what makes me like immediately about this game is that it has an opening cinematic, which is just as spectacular as the game itself, so I was impressed right from the start. On the other hand, upon entering the character creation screen, I was aware of the fact that each player could only make one character per account, which seemed a bit odd compared to others. Besides, DWO is the first title to feature character creation that allow player to customize character from head to toe, although the choice is very limited in the initial stage, as characters grow and become more powerful warriors, they continue to become more individual as the game offers a variety of customization options for both armors and weapons.

The gameplay for DWO is pretty much like its console predecessors and the combat system is repetitive at the most. You will be facing off hundreds of enemies and with each cleave striking down hordes of enemies. And quests in the game are repeatable you can go back and do the same quests if you got a low ranking before on “Grade E” until you can beat “Grade S” to get more reward. Additionally, being able to have a companion fighting side-by-side with you is a great addition to those in which “I’m using kitty/puppy”.

The most substantial improvement is the introduction of multiple PVP modes, while all battles are generally instanced and faction-based: 4v4 Brawls in a small arena, 4v4 Melee Battles in large open ground and with plenty of variants, 4v4 Campaigns on the weekends that determine the balance between the Wei, Wu, and Shu factions; and up to maximum of 12v12 Showdowns, in which each team must work together to capture bases and kill as many enemies as possible.

Overall , DWO is a competent refurbishment of the longstanding franchise with just as much polish as you would expect from a regular installment. If you are a fan of the series then I recommend you playing this game.

Pros: +Real-time combat. +Battle through hordes of enemies. +Tactical gameplay, manage armies. +variant character customization + Large-scaled PVP

Cons: -Limited persistent world elements. -Poor interface. -Gameplay can get repetitive.- no mule characters allowed.

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