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Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Sankando
Developer:  Sparkplay Media

After the Titan-ruled Lost Ages dissolves into the Age of Legend which is then replaced by the Age of Mankind, the Earth is now embracing the Age of Beasts, a time millennia later after the extinction of human beings. Is it the historical setting of the Earth Eternal that is shut down in 2010 due to the bankruptcy of its initial developer Sparkplay? Yes, it is. And good news comes: Earth Eternal has returned anew once more to North America.

Owned by TurnOut Ventures and Outblaze now, Earth Eternal, a 3D fantasy MMORPG, is right now in open beta test, appealing to players to play free of charge, and to win the beta test reward package by reporting potential bugs. Whoever has a valid Facebook account and is above thirteen-year-old is able to log in and get the first gaming experience.

In a world absent of mankind, the player is able to role-play a species out of choice from 22 different races of beast, which is purely a matter of personal preference, for all races are carried with initial stats of no difference at all. What would influence the combat and action lies in the option of classes that are categorized into four types, namely, Knight, Rogue, Mage and Druid.

As usual, these four professions are designed uniquely in terms of skills and functions in battle so that they are irreplaceable parts of a balanced team. Specifically, Knights equipped with two-handed weapons are best at melee fighting to absorb the most damage while Mages wielding magic wands can handle enemies best from afar by powerful spells; Rogues proficient with daggers, claws and katars can take opponents by surprise with their quick and stealthy movement and Druids as the most versatile are masters of various abilities to fit themselves in different battle environment, be it melee or long-ranged combat.

And to enrich the character development, players can also let their avatars to learn and excise part of skills that belong to the other three classes; by this way, they can create unique characters that blend other classes’ skills with those of one’s own. Take Knight for example. Knights can grow into Mage-swordsmen if they learn the Ice-Arrow skill belonging to Mages, or evolve into Berserkers once they equip with the Double-Hit from Rogues.

After selection of races and classes, players will firstly be placed in the war-stricken island where they can get acquaintance with the whole gameplay by taking quest from NPCs with a yellow exclamation mark above head. As tutorial, those initial tasks won’t be difficult, most probably including taking to NPC for further guidance, sabotaging rival’s weapons, burning flags, killing a fixed number of spies and the likewise.

In Earth Eternal, once quests are finished, players can come back to NPCs and take rewards. Quest after quest, players can gradually upgrade avatars and brave greater challenges. At arrival of certain level, players can gain access to subscription system which includes both easy and difficult ones.

While it is possible for players to single-handedly defeat monsters in the simple subscription by using some tactics, it is advisable for players to team up to finish the harder ones, defeating Boss Monsters and gaining rewarding weapons.

Besides the amazing character development and interesting subscriptions, players can also choose to craft one’s own weapons, only if they can get the drawing (which is a little expensive though), collect the must materials and find the trust-worthy blacksmith. Sounds interesting, right?

But for gamers once played Earth Eternal before it was shut down, mind you that you have to start anew, for your old characters created before are not there any more.

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  1. johan says:

    please come back i have not played this game it is new for me so please get it to work so i can play it please

  2. Neruun says:

    Seems like there are no servers available. What a pity, I loved that game before it was shut down. I really hope it will be available again soon! 🙂

  3. Andii says:

    The site isn't there, by the looks of it, so I guess it's shut down for a while? Everywhere I look, it shows that it's up, but when I actually try to go the site, it tells me it is invalid, or it isn't there. Oh, how I'd enjoy to play this magnificent game, since never before have I ever seen it since just now. I wish some one of authority would tell those who are curious, plus myself, what has happened to the game and if it will ever ressurect. Until that happens, Andii signing out.

  4. Ace says:

    how do you download it

  5. Someone says:

    Shut down for the second time… lol. They need to just stop. The game is bad anyway.

  6. Zeek says:

    So sad,I wish furries would get more recognition and respect.I was hoping to play this game so badly…

  7. Afflon says:

    The game was shut down in November of 2011, possibly for the last time. It was created by an off-shoot of Iron Realms Games (the same people who made Achaea, the MUD) called Sparkplay Media, but Sparkplay went out of business when investor funding fell through during open beta in 2010. It briefly came back (I am not sure under what company) in 2011, but then sank again in November of that year. Now that it has been quiet with no official website or anything for around 6 months, so it may be gone for good. A real shame considering how much work went into it. It had a complete, complex world that could have compared well to other browser-based games.

  8. Tanuki says:

    I miss this game soo much D:

  9. walwal says:

    get this game up. damn it. i fking like this game.

  10. Wants to be an owl says:

    It was such a great game! And I never got a chance to be an owl person!

  11. cskilla says:

    i was hghest lvl and this shit happens wtf keeps happening

  12. The Player says:

    X( They have to stop doing this, I keep loosing my characters…

  13. Kaotyk says:

    Sheesh… I miss this game so much. It was probably the most fun MMORPG that I've ever played. EE is the reason I started playing SWTOR…..but since I've max lvl'd my toon, I've lost interest. I really wish EE would come back. Hell…I'd even drop my SWTOR sub to play EE if I had to.

  14. Era Gaul says:

    Such is the spirit of this game’s community that the beasts rise again. Hunt for Planet Forever or terra eternus to learn more.

  15. Colleen says:

    gods of time, DOMO and earth eternal.. three games never regretted playing

    shame havent found anything to play thats kept me near as interested 🙁

  16. ccovello says:

    The graphics were great but the gameplay was pretty boring. Way too much grinding.

  17. kevin selvic says:

    i would like to say, there is a saving light for us EE players take a look http://planetforevergame.com:81/

  18. Hope says:

    This game is actually up again look at planetforever.com

  19. Hope says:

    Guys this game back up Look at planetforevergame.com

  20. Heathendel says:

    you can still play EE on a private server called Planet Forever. the server runs great and along with the game being back there is new content as well such as groves and new quests and the unfinished regions (Grunes Tal and Swineland). If you want to play go to terraeternus.com and make an account then PM Grethnefar hes the Admin he'll give you a registration key so you can return to the game. Hope to see you there

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