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Earth Eternal Reborn Announced

Sara Lau
Aug 16,2011  05:08 by

The free MMORPG Earth Eternal has been offline for over a year ever since its developer Sparkplay Media went bankrupt. And the then-ongoing open beta was simply switched off, much to the disappointment of its fans and users. Fortunately, Turnout Ventures, a joint venture of Turner and Outblaze, recently secured the rights to re-roll out the Open Beta of Earth Eternal on August 9, 2011 and the new publisher strove to wipe off its bugs before its official release.

According to the press release, the beta will last for a few weeks instead of a whole year. The storyline remains the same: players travel to the near future when the mankind has disappeared along with all the technologies. It is a dark chapter in the world’s history during which destructive wars as well as vicious online casino magic reign. Some ambitious characters are fighting against each other in order to be the paramount ruler of the earth.

Features about Earth Eternal:

Earth Eternal provides innovative cross-class development, which means that your character is able to learn the skills of other classes, and at the same time, it may differ from each other quite well. For example, the druid can acquire the special abilities of a knight.

But one must be careful in carrying out cross-class development in case it goes too far and blurs the distinct features of your own avatar. By and large, this development mode is absolutely a highlight of the game. It’s just ridiculous for a worthy warrior to fail in this game because of the restraints of his or her class. It makes more sense to offer them more opportunities to obtain a couple of external skills. Don’t you think so?

All those who are interested in this game are welcome to partake in the Open Beta. Although there is only a U.S. server for this test phase, it poses no particular obstacle, because its release will take place this year. All your achievements from the beta will hold valid in its formal version. So go all out dauntlessly, venture into cutthroat battles and win the much-coveted victory and fame!

To sum up, Earth Eternal Earth Eternal Reborn is typical of post-apocalypse-themed title! If you are fascinated by the doomsday scenarios, give this game a shot!

Update: Aeria Games publishes Eden Eternal that is no tie with Earth Eternal.

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