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Ecol Tactics Online

Ecol Tactics Online

Release Date:  March 7, 2013
Publisher:  GamesCampus
Developer:  Arario
Genre:  Strategy

Ecol Tactics Online is a browser-based strategy MMO from GamesCampus, the publisher of Legend of Edda and RF Online. In the game, the player is able to recruit mercenaries, learn skills, craft and upgrade equipment on a mission to defeat evil monsters and other players for wealth and glory.

Unlike most MMOs GamesCampus currently publishes, Ecol Tactics Online requires no download and is completely playable on web browsers, yet delivering the same gaming experience that matches client-based MMOs. The graphics of the game adopt the retro pixel art aesthetic reminiscent of RO, Final Fantasy Tactics and Wizardlings.

Gameplay in Ecol Tactics Online is similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics. Players recruit mercenaries, customize skill builds, and join the turn-based battle against monsters. During battle, mercenaries are able to gain experience points and rewards.


Ecol Tactics Online is a browser-based game that features Retro-style pixel graphics, role-playing and turn-based combat element, which enhance gamers’ playing experience alongside with the developer’s several other endeavors in terms of flexible and rich equipment upgradation and multiple characterization choices. Yet the redundant conversations proceeding at an hopelessly slow pace, and the drawling rounds of fights may drive away some hot-tempers players.

Pros: Captivating setting; nice visuals, felicitous soundtrack; engrossing storyline; rich customization
Cons: unoriginal gameplay; slow progression of fights that lack gusto; boring and redundant conversations.

You don’t know what may be hiding there, even in a pastoral and peaceful garden… I was aimlessly sauntering on a rustic landscape, immersed in the unparalleled natural beauty that only patches of soft an even lawns could offer. That was just the kind of time when one felt like putting down guard and letting go all cares. So relaxed was I that boredom starts to encroach when a dreadful monster suddenly appeared in front of me out of nowhere, frightening me out of wit.The grotesque and bulky thing with fiery eyes, sharp claws and deafening howling was pressing closer and closer, and I was ready to meet my helpless and tragic death, when a fighter showed up and forestalled its success with a powerful ax. I was about to heave a sigh of relief when more ghastly creatures popped up, leaving us outnumbered and overwhelmed. Just at that moment, a mega came to our rescue. Her spell was overpowering. Soon all the monsters were burned to ashes that vanished into thin air. In this way, the game began and dragged deeper and deeper. As the story enfolded, I evolved from a helpless and vulnerable girl into a very tough commander, battling with numerous evil beasts to safeguard the kingdom and queen.

In spite of the novel background and enthralling story, the game still fails to leap out the bounds of this genre in terms of gameplay. In the game, you will recruit mercenaries, participate in turn-based battles and customize skill and item builds. You might also experience a series of disappointments that are common to this type of games. For instance, you need to wait for some time before you can make a move; you can practically do nothing whatever you enemy might be doing to you, and you often meet with a lot of restrictions about your movement. But aside from that, Ecol Tactics Online is a pretty good game.

The great artwork was the first thing that caught my attention before I actually played the game. All the heroes and heroines are beautifully portrayed. You will not fail to notice the chromatic and multifarious hairstyles when you start to create your characters. Their fashionable costumes also contribute to the game’s aesthetics, not to mention the well-depicted environment where evil forces of all conceivable shapes mushroom. If the strategic challenging scenarios fall right into the favor of some male gamers, the anime styled visuals of this game will probably win the love of many female players.

Though the overall gameplay is rather conventional, the developer does manage to infuse some new elements. As aforementioned, you start as a vulnerable boy/girl with no special skills. And if you successfully accomplish all the quests (there are hundreds of them) in the game, you will travel across four continents and go through uncountable perilous situations, including dark and sinister dungeons. Trust me, it is no small piece of cake. It really takes wise decision, clever strategy, multiple skills and solid weapons. I should spend a few words on the mercenaries. They will not be always be there for you, and their time is purchased, so you will fare better if you don’t get attached too attached to them. Besides, 4 classes of mercenary are available for you, namely Mage, Cleric, Fighter, Archer, each with distinctive skills and abilities. As players might know, archers are not good at melee fighting, but they excel in ranged fights. The other three classes are also endowed with solid abilities to cope with melee situations. During the fights, you may choose among an array of skills to deal manage to opponents, which really increase the fun. To take the archer for example, you may choose Arrow Shower, Poisonous Arrow and several other skills. What’s more interesting, the game allows you to craft a whole range of items, like weapons, armor, and potions for your own use or for sale in the auction house. Your profit will enable you to upgrade and customize your troop to make it even more powerful.

Besides, you will find a diversified reservoir of musical pieces in the game, going well with different ambiance. The music is so expressive that, you can as if feel the pain when your opponents attack you, and relate to the impact when your hear the explosion you inflict on the monsters.

To sum up, Ecol Tactics Online is really an entertaining turn-based game with a few innovative add-ons, in spite of somewhat bland fights and wordy conversations.

14 Comments on Ecol Tactics Online


  1. 2897486397 says:

    nice games

  2. Andrax says:

    Yes!!! As i commented a while ago on the iron grip: marauders review page, I wanted an online game just like final fantasy and it seems I'll be getting exactly that! Awesome! I'm glad that it's also with a familiar producer, game campus, the publisher of a game i played before, carte. Not really a top well known producer but they're pretty good and I love them that much more because of this game.

  3. Nai Yaj says:

    y i cant play this game?

  4. Concerned says:

    I am looking forward to this game too.

  5. TrinityAngel says:

    cant wait, looks gr8 since i luv FFT. says CB is out 'late this month' so should b next few days….. HOPEFULLY 😀

  6. I'm looking forward to this game too, since I'm a Final Fantasy Tactics fan…

  7. Andrax says:

    Along with most people who lined up to try this game, I have played Final Fantasy Tactics and i am a somewhat disappointed for the most part that this isnt 'final fantasy tactics online'.

    First I would like to point out some bugs or errors in the texts. The bugs where the text is cut or where the bottom paragraph is cut is permissible but the translation and/or dialogue is somewhat akward and off-putting.

    The second thing I would like to comment on is the mercenary system where you cant even change the mercenary's equipment or their skills(please correct me if i'm wrong) . Unlike in FFT or other such games(some would also refer jagged alliance) where you can customize and progress mercenaries the same way you would your main character. The job system also disappoints me, as one of the more enjoyable things in FFT is its job system. FFT's job systems requires the mercenary to jump around different classes in order to get to a more elite class, I find this experience alone very enjoyable and it makes getting the elite class even more gratifying. I'm not saying that they should have copied FFT's job system at all, just that there should be more, unique classes rather than the predictable ones, and again correct me if i'm wrong but you cant upgrade your mercenary from a basic class to an elite class either, you can only buy a new mercenary or rather roll one. The only thing you can change about your mercenaries is his/her level.

    The game, in many ways, IS similar to FFT that if you give and take a few things, you might as well have FFT online. However Ecol Tactics Online just lacks the positives to make up for what it lacks for not being a FFT online.

    Overall I think the hype there was for this game was largely because most people expected it to be like FFT however in my opinion, I think the ETO lacks the more enjoyable parts of FFT's gameplay and doesnt really make up for it with its own additions.

  8. Ecol is BAD says:

    100% Pay to win. You can NOT level up your mercenaries without using real world money. Ask about it on the forum and the developer will just insult you and tell you to fire your mercenaries and hire new ones.

    Also, the game plays super slow and crappy. This is a poorly coded browser game that doesn't have a client.

    I can not recommend this game at all.

  9. Pink says:

    This is just the peferct answer for all forum members

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