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Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  X-Legend
Genre:  MMORPG

Eden Eternal is a free-to-play MMORPG that is well received among hardcore and casual gamers, thanks to its adorable graphics, colorful universe and engaging gameplay. Though the game will not revolutionize the genre with some innovative features, it still qualifies as a solid MMO.


First of all, in terms of graphics, Eden Eternal is reminiscent of Ragnarok Online, Flyff and Florensia. One will not feel shocked by the extremely colorful environment; on the contrary, the fantasy world is fabulous yet endearing. Perhaps we can say that its overall consistency justifies the artistic choice of the designer. And the special effect of spells is quite well done. Visually speaking, the game leaves nothing to be desired. However, when there are many players competing simultaneously in the same arena, the fighting scenarios will become quite chaotic, especially if you have the misfortune of owning more than one caster in the group.

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As for the gameplay, you can click on the WASD to move and press SPACE to jump. As you can see, all remain the same. And in Eden Eternal, you can use the action bar to cast a spell. In short, there is nothing new on the horizon.

On maps, you will see numerous labyrinth-like corridors in front of you, which may remind you of Final Fantasy XIV. This part adheres to the old school principle that makes it impossible to skip certain areas. It does not bother me, but some might feel a little bit frustrated.

When it comes to the community, I feel almost no disappointment. Pleasant but not transcendent, the community of Eden is still in its infancy. Certainly, there are gold sellers who keep spamming via chat, but you can resort to some means to block them. Some support remains present in the community, so you can focus on smashing bad guys in dungeons and performing a series of quests.

As far as I know, opinions differ greatly when they try to evaluate the quests. And I will be objective so as to offer an acceptable judgment. The quests mainly require you to bash hordes of monsters, so you will feel them repetitive and excessive after a short time of playing. I strongly advise the developer to get rid of repeatable quests and enrich the game with more diverse missions.

The class system of Eden Eternal is full of fun and motivation because different classes have different prerequisites that I subjectively find interesting. For example, you have to achieve level 55 to assume the role of a warlock. And to be a magician or a shaman, you have to reach level 50.

Similar to other free titles like Allods Online, Eden Eternal incorporates a cash shop which offers a wide range of advanced items and outfits. Most objects are well-crafted and pleasing to the eye. But if you are not competitive, it is acceptable to use those freebies. To me, the cash shop is merely an optional choice. But if you are tired of the frustration of waiting, you can still choose to go to the cash shop. It’s your call!

Based on my personal experience with the game, I find that players will quickly get bored if they venture into the world alone because of long grind and boring bashing. But if you team up with your friends and conduct quests together, you will slowly discover its addictive elements. Taking a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, you can sit cozily in your apartment in your pajama and have hours of fun with your friends.

Eden Eternal offers you lots of freedom in many aspects, such as playing styles, pursuits and expectations. As far as I am concerned, all I expect from the game is to have a good time with my friends. And this MMO can easily satisfy my wish.

Nothing is perfect in this world. But as long as the game serves its purpose to entertain me, I should give my credit to it. Then what do YOU expect from a game? Currently, Eden Eternal is in its beta testing. If you are interested, give it a shot!


Developed by X-Legend and released by Aeria Games behind Lime Odyssey, Eden Eternal is an anime styled MMORPG where each players can take the role of a boy or a girl to explore the fantasy colorful world

He or she will lead people to the Promised Land blessed by Gods and establish a haven place for its people. Players come here with the aim of adapting to all weird and undesirable situations; making good friends; and understanding the profound meaning of truth and happiness. The game emphasizes class changes in one character according to personal preference. As for the game itself, there are some merits and demerits.

On the one hand, it owns the following highlights, which have greatly attracted players and distinguished it from other games. First of all, the game has done a very good job in character creation. Players can create the image of characters in terms of hair, face, hair color, eye color, skin color, etc. based on their own favor and personality. Take hair style as an example, there exist eleven with an anime feel, which is bound to catch your eyes. The second uniqueness of this game lies in its non-limitation of class.

The game divides five preliminary classes, which are Warrior, Thief, Hunter, Magician, and Cleric. Each class has its own level. When players have achieved a specific level, they can switch to other higher classes. If the game is just like this, it will not be unique. What really makes it different is that players can change classes freely without any restriction. To be specific, when players click K, they can switch to another class and learn skills of this class, similar to that of Final Fantasy 14. This setting allows players to take any role in their team while it will also be easily upgraded when necessary.

Besides, the graphics throughout the game delivers an extremely agreeable environment where players feel at ease in questing, befriending and many other things.

As an anime MMO, Eden Eternal has created intense quality 3D graphics. Either the landscape around the beautiful beach or delicacy is in line with the requirements of both MMO and anime game.

In addition to the exquisitely delicate graphics, the audio effect is as extraordinary as a massive online game renders. The gentle sound of waves, chirp of birds and joyful background music – all make the stand out among other MMOs in 2011.

However, no game is perfect. Some players who get used to the faster system feel the game runs a little slow. In principle, when you click the skill, it takes perhaps 50ms to apply the skill. But actually, sometimes players will spend about 100ms, which will make some high-level players impatient.

One of interesting attractive sidelights is the Pet that looks like grass-mud horse, which means Fuck your mother in China. Read more at Nytimes and WIKI. So that is not that smart Aeria Games is proud of this Pet since almost all players are not clear of the phenomenon in China.

Eden Eternal is such a game with advantages and disadvantages. You should evaluate the game objectively and. To play or not to play, that is the question.

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