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Eden Eternal Review

Sara Lau
Oct 10,2011  07:10 by

Certainly, manga-style MMORPGs are on a roll these days. After the release of Legend of Edda, Luvinia Online, Eden Eternal is ready to rock your world.

It must be said that free-to-play MMORPGs have seen an impressive advancement over the 15 years despite the fact that they are all developed on the basis of the same mechanisms. Accept dangerous quests, slay formidable monsters, explore dark dungeons and craft exquisite items! Basically, these are the main contents of all MMO games. Nevertheless, each game still has something slightly unique to distinguish itself from others. Legend of Edda, for example, lets us take part in gigantic battles that can contain up to 200 players. Though the main originality of Eden Eternal is actually less dramatic, the game is still rich in possibilities. Indeed, rather than choose a character class at the beginning of the game, you can instead unlock more than a dozen professions little by little and switch among different classes anywhere and anytime with a single click. Alternatively, a warrior can easily swap his armor for a priest’s robe, and an archer can transform into an engineer if he feels like it!

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The storyline runs as follows: various races once coexisted harmoniously in an imaginary world; however, sectarian dissensions emerged gradually, resulting in irreconcilable quarrels that eventually escalated into extensive warfare. As a result, mutual hatred spread like wildfire across the land, dragging the world into incessant chaos. To restore peace and glory to the shattered realm, gallant heroes must embark on an adventurous journey, search for mysterious blue crystals and acquire physical and spiritual strength. All in all, the aim is to master the incredible magic and the art of combat with which one can heal the wounds of the dying world. Will you be such a legend! Actually, the character you create will be part of the elite squad.

Now let’s delve into the game. When you begin to create your character, you have access to only two basic classes, namely, Warrior and Magician. Therefore, it is impossible to carry out the adventure in the shoes of a Thief or a Priest from the start. Fortunately, it will not take more than a few hours of play before you can unlock other classes, each of which possesses its special skills and powers. For example, a Hunter is able to shoot dreaded yet dazzling arrows at his enemies; a Bard can launch sound bombs, generate various bonuses to his group and even use healing spells to help his buddies. To activate these actions, all you need is to click relevant keys. But you should know that each action will consume a certain amount of mana, so think twice before rushing into action!

Each levelup will bring some points which can be allocated to the talent tree so as to boost up certain skills. And the overall level of our character is currently capped at 50. Different professions will follow a distinct development path, so you will probably be awed by the diversity of the game.

The battles in Eden Eternal are well-balanced, and you also need to think out appropriate tactics to handle a tricky situation. Along the way, you will encounter a wide variety of ferocious creatures and ambitious opponents, so you have to change your attack plan from time to time. Since Eden Eternal provides a diverse range of skills to learn and use, you can also immerse yourself in ever-changing battle scenarios. And the brilliance is that you can venture into the theatres of war with the aid of your pets starting from level 25. And for the time being, a dungeon can contain up to 5 explorers at a time. You may have concluded that Eden Eternal is very classical in design with nothing innovative to surprise veterans of the genre. However, the game is capable of entertaining experienced players because it offers lots of possibilities. For example, we are pleased to be able to start off a solo adventure whenever we want. Besides, Eden Eternal also includes a fairly comprehensive crafting system. You are no longer required to conduct laborious jobs to manufacture and collect resources; on the contrary, you can visit the booming town and seek for raw materials from artisans and producers. When you have laid hands on the right recipe and necessary materials, you can simply pay the most qualified professional to have your work done, which will save you lots of time and effort.

Let’s come to the main part: Quest System. Eden Eternal boasts well-balanced and dynamic PvP and PvE battles. As a savior of the world, however, you cannot learn all the much-needed skills and abilities overnight, so it is advised that you should get well-prepared for a long-term struggle. To begin with, you will be given some preliminary quests that require you to arrest a few mobs who are chasing innocent citizens and wreaking havoc on a village. The quests will take you to travel around the village where beautiful trinkets can be discovered. After a while, you will find that the background is more and more polished and appealing. To be fair, the graphical environment is even comparable to that of some paid MMOs like RIFT.

Following the main quests indicated by golden symbols, we will march into new environments that are just more colorful and lively than prior ones with access to thriving towns, gloomy dungeons as well as all the classical places existing in a good MMORPG. It is possible to explore these areas and accomplish the quests in a short time because the main focus of Eden Eternal is to entertain yourself with as many activities as possible in the fantasy world.

As aforementioned, you can choose to take optional quests from NPCs, but you can also choose to buy a special book about an original story which is divided into several chapters. You will be asked to decimate a certain type of creatures, carry an important message to a danger zone, or gather up necessary resources etc. Though this part incorporates nothing revolutionary, it still allows us to gain experience points while increasing our popularity among locals. After we have achieved a certain level of fame points in an area, we will earn a higher rank and be able to buy powerful items. But we have to admit that there is really nothing transcendent as far as we can see.

The animations of Eden Eternal also deserve our special attention. When you run a marathon from one point to another in the world map, you will go through all sorts of adventures. Sometimes, you have to repel the overwhelming invasions of giant monsters. At this time, you will not only enjoy the thrill of intense combat, but also bask in fabulous visual effect. When hundreds of players are engaged in one battle, you will definitely marvel at the spectacular scene. Moreover, many events will occur automatically in different areas of the game world and have a direct impact on the environment. For example, if a village is plundered by hordes of bandits, the signs of destruction and packs of ruins will still be there when we visit it next time. All of these make the world all the more alive and bring a feeling of deep immersion to all players.

Last but not least, the success of a F2P game should also be attributed to its social elements that enrich the delight and enhance the immersive experience. In this regard, Eden Eternal has done a pretty remarkable job. Except for traditional features like chat and group combat, the game enables you to join in a strong guild and build your own city. You have total freedom to opt for your preferred decorative items while constructing different buildings in your city. You can also employ all kinds of NPCs that offer specific services, such as recovering powerful artifacts which can grant temporary buffs to all members of the guild.

There’s still a lot to say about the virtual shop, the pet-training system and the PvP content etc. To make a long story short, Eden Eternal is an easily downloadable and accessible game with high quality and unusual depth, so we highly recommend the game to you, whether you are a veteran player or a newbie.

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