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Edgeworld: Shattered Universe

Edgeworld: Shattered Universe

Release Date:  October 24, 2012
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy

Edgeworld: Shattered Universe is an iOS version of browser-based game EdgeWorld published by Kabam, the maker of Dragons of Atlantis and The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age. The game takes place in the the year of 2711, allowing players to play as a commander to build their base and battle alien artifacts.


The last place where I expect to see those typically small words would be the iPad. Usually, things transplanted onto iOS are often in a pleasantly simple and clear form. But Edgeworld kind of screws things up with the long and tiny texts.

Obviously, the iOS version of EdgeWorld didn’t introduce anything new – just a simple transplant. You are still responsible for building all the concerned structures to produce necessary resources, recruiting and training troops, and attacking others’ bases. The same gameplay as those in Final Eden and Ninja Showdown.

And like some other deep strategy games, Edgeworld offers a very long list of missions. Players can do the ones they prefer and complete others whenever they like. Fortunately, Edgeworld has the missions in an order that helps newbies to learn about the gameplay. Also, the quests are described in a different way: for example, you are asked to take down four defensive towers in an enemy base in one battle only or are advised to attack a player who has attacked your base. Things like that offer an entirely new approach to the otherwise repeated and grinding base attacking experience and thus make the game much more enjoyable.

Although the title is not presented in 3D, all the facilities and buildings are clear and cute enough. Thanks to the iOS devices, the game now allows for zooming in and out. And that is very important sometimes. Just like in the PC version, you need to tap the structure to upgrade, research, train, or move. And in such a small territory, fingers often cause problems – they are flexible but never as accurate as the cursor. There is a high chance to undo the moving by accidentally touching the No button when you try to find an appropriate location.

The scene-switching still takes a long time. Also, sometimes the game just gets stuck. There are many times when I try to collect all the resources but the game gives no response until I exit and then restart it.

But the often disappointing moving and failure to respond are tolerable compared with the tiny texts everywhere. Imagine how you would feel when you have to narrow your eyes and try to see clear what all those 25 pages of missions are all about. Oh yeah, the words are even smaller than those in the PC version.

It is good to have a game as successful as Edgeworld on iOS devices. But the team still has lots of work to do – if they are willing to enhance the gaming experience and hold more players.

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