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Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Klick Game
Developer:  Klick Game
Genre:  Fantasy

Edragon is a complex and exciting browser game developed by the China-based playcomet.com team which has managed to incorporate a couple of addictive ideas popularized in 3D MMORPGs. As chaos falls on the continent and the panic spreads, the warriors of different races must find a way to re-unite to repel the hordes of Dark Legions, which crawl out their lairs for a bloodshed massacre unseen before. Dive into the mysterious realm now and become the savior of the battle-wounded land.

First off, the game offers you the choice to pick from a selection of 3 races – Elf, Human, or Barbarian, which seems to be inspired by mainstream RPGs. However, it is too bad that races are not much of a difference in term of growth. The birthcity is presented in the isometric perspective, and you may notice that it has pretty much all the buildings you see in a client 3D MMORPG: Palace, Inn, Warehouse, Arena, Blacksmith, Weapons & Armors shop and Tavern. The complexity and intricacy of this game is quite remarkable. If you are client game enthusastist, you may get familiar with the game much faster. As for a newbie, you will soon be tasked with tutorials in order to get to know these places in the birthcity as well as gaming mechanics.

The inventory interface is nicely done and quite impressive for a web based MMO, you can just simply drag and drop the items, you have a bag for extra items. As a veteran client MMO player, I was really pleased with the looks of it. Equipments in Edragon are also ranked by different colors based on the rarity. White equipment is basic, green has one bonus attribute, blue has two bonus, purple has three; while red is unique gear. You can go to the Greedy shop and buy stuff with random attributes which are needed to be identified after you buy them. However, you run the risk of getting ripped off if you decide to gamble. In most cases, you just get the normal lame equipments.

You can engage in PVP battles at arena, where you can see what your opponents equip and therefore calculate the odds of winning. The social status of your character grows along winnings in the arena and quests that you accomplished.

Another nice feature the game presents is that there are a variety of skills and abilities to learn once your character gets promoted to the advanced class.

The annoying thing is the turn-based combat. For each challenge, it takes you up to 8-10 minutes and you can neither issue direct command nor simply skip it. This kind of feature tends to steal all the fun from the game, but if you are behind the desk all day long working, it’s a nice way to have some fun every 10 minutes or so.

So to draw a conclusion, it’s a nice entertaining game with in-depth contents and intensive graphics and is recommended to hardcore traditional MMORPG gamers. Most things are okay except for one defect in game localization. Some words and expressions are inappropriate and juvenile just like most Chinese made MMO games.

Pros: +No download or install required. +Brightly colored backgrounds. +Casual friendly gameplay. + in-depth and varied gaming mechanics.

Cons: -Slow paced gameplay – poor localization.

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  7. Katos says:

    I'd like to see this come out for the ipad

  8. charlie says:

    i once seen two gay guys kissing in the park, and that was the gayest thing ive ever encountered until i played edragon

  9. Anonymus says:

    3D, are you kidding me? This game sucks!

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