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EDragon Review

Sara Lau
Apr 17,2011  11:04 by

Edragon starts out much like any other RPG or browser based game. First, you have to create your account, get it registered, and make a character. Making a character consists of naming them, picking a gender and picking a race. Besides that, you don’t really have any other control at this point. Once you get into the game you are treated to a nicely crafted over world map for the city you start in. There are various buildings and places to go, and the newbie quests are done very well and explain how to do everything in the game.

Overall, this was not a terrible game, but I do not think I would be able to recommend it to anyone.


A very important part of any browser game (especially an RPG) is for it to have an elegant, simple and yet complicated menu system. Management of your character and items is always one of the crucial elements of an RPG. This game has perfectly fine menus and they are easy to navigate. One thing to note that may seem like a problem at first is that your STR stat increases your attack power, while AGI increases both your attack power and dodge. It seems silly to level up STR at all in this situation, but stick with me: the more you level up your STR, the higher the amount that your attack power increases goes up as well, while AGI is constant. CON increases your life, as you could have guessed. It should also be noted that the English-localization is pretty decent. There are some flaws but no game breaking confusion.


As I stated previously, the maps are drawn nicely and have lots of detail. The images for NPCs when you talk with them are fine as well. The only problems I have noticed are the sprites for players, enemies, etc. For exmaple: your character’s design on the overworld map looks too out of place. Everything is nicely drawn in 2D fashion, then there is a 3D character model running around. It just looks silly. Also: the same is true in battles. Since battles are boring and turn based anyways, they would be better served having nice and detailed 2D images, rather than blurry and pointless 3D models.


This is where the game really starts to crumble. The entire newbie quest line is very boring, you literally just talk to NPCs and have a few battles. You can click “go” to put the game on autopilot for any quest and it will literally take you there and complete it for you. The large majority of the game is based around just clicking stuff, which I am sure works well in other games like this, but not this one. By the time you finish the newbie quest line you will be around level 20 and the game really feels like you have experienced everything. The worst part is the combat. Unless I am missing something, you literally have no control over what happens in the battles. You and your enemy take turns attacking and taking damage until one of you dies (the difference is that you don’t actually pick what attacks you do, it is simply on autopilot.) It would be more entertaining to roll a die, and have a drawn stick figure attack my friend’s drawn stick figure. At least that way there would be more customization and control over what happens.


As stated, EDragon definitely gets a few things right. The graphics in general are fine, the game is stable, the menu system is great and it is reasonably attractive. The game really starts to fall apart, however, once you have to stop admiring the outer beauty and dig deep into the core of its make up. I recommend you stay away from this one.

Official website http://edragon.playcomet.com/

Another Guy reviewed this game. Looks like this guy knows a lot of inside updates http://www.mmogamesite.com/browser-game/edragon.html

Note: This game is also connected with Facebook!

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