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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Frogster
Developer:  Shanda Games
Genre:  MMORPG

Eligium: The Chosen One, (German: Eligium – Der Auserwählte, Chinese: 魔界2Eligium for short), is a free to play MMORPG that is very similar to Snail Game’s The Chosen MMO. Both of companies are from China and some people may be confused of  what is different between “The Chosen” and “Eligium: The Chosen One”.

Snail Games publishes Age of Wulin, Ministry of War and many other MMORPG games. Shanda has developed games like Storm Online, Last Dynasty, and etc.

The Chosen:

The game was firstly released under the Chinese title (天子) for Asian gamers who love martial arts MMOs. In June 3, 2011, Snail Game USA officially announced the English version “The Chosen” for North American players and its first closed beta kicks off in July 22, 2011.

The Eligium:

At this year’s Gamescom Frogster presented its latest line-up of online role-playing games, of which Eligium is unveiled besides TERA and Runes of Magic.

As a matter of fact, Eligium, previously known as Magic World Online 2, was officially released in China in the winter of 2010. To date, Ingle Games has published Magic World Online in 2007 and till now, there have been 7 servers available, but due to the inactive number of players, the game is going to close down.

According to the person familiar with both Snail Games, Shanda Games and Frogster, Eligium is licensed for Frogster to be published in European Market with a deal of $ 200K upfront fees and 10% revenue share.

In Eligium, you are able to choose from one as the five nations and unite  the rest to drive out enemies and repel the evil powers. Eligium: The Chosen One typically offers traditional MMO features. So it should have gloomy dungeons, boss fights, raid instances, PvP ranking system and item upgrade system.

Screenshots and Wallpaper from Chinese servers.

[nggallery id=214]

The MMORPG will be due out in the first quarter of 2012, and we will keep you updated once we got latest news. We know what you need because we are just in the position of being playing games, developing games and reviewing games, etc.


25 Comments on Eligium


  1. [Root]Dynasty_Healer says:

    shit this game looks more borring mwo forever GMs pm me omg trying to help you you ignore me well when u do that these things happen now everyone will join pservers(wich will be super great)

  2. i_am_noob says:

    agreed. u can't stop it though. license sold to a fuker company.

  3. Navi says:

    ok i need too a pserver tell me hwo to add …:P pm me on saga server on mwo ign;terminator

  4. Nerthuz says:

    nerthuz@yahoo.com add if you still want to play mwo

  5. f3c3s says:

    LOL THE MWO GMs said they wont be closing down, as opposed to the shit this website is saying lol

  6. Noobi says:

    Good game or bad game – I wouldn't touch any game published by Frogster with a 10 foot pole. Ever. Again.

    The sheer disrespect they have for their customers is incredible.

  7. Barrosy says:

    Gonna be free to play!

  8. Castle says:

    I played a game called Runes of Magic by the same publisher & that soured my mmo experience. Take awfully implemented mechanics, constant unexplained lag, bugs, and glitches, and a customer support service that will either ignore you or give you the run around with automated messages until you give up looking for support/answers (unless it concerns real money). That was the game I unknowingly got myself into. The only bright side is that the player base (what's left of it) is friendly, though highly reserved in helping new players.

    In the end, I will never touch a game that bears Frogster and it's affiliates EVER. Even though this game is not out, I highly recommend that players do not pick up games by Frogster. I can say with confidence that players will find another mmo that will better satisfy your mmo needs.

  9. Jack says:

    Looks interesting and I wanted to give it a try, I received beta keys but the web site has been down for 2 weeks so no way to make use of them. When it was showing up it was bloody slow and could never log-in

  10. leena says:

    how do i play?

  11. Shape_shifter says:

    lets Play

  12. Rundas says:

    I agree with you too castle, ever since the crates went missing last year, i stoped Playing the game and found a better one, The only reason i get on RoM now is to talk to my guild, the friendliest people you can ever talk to. if it wasnt for them, RoM would be deleted from my pc.

  13. Zoe says:

    Thank you guys for the information now i know not to touch this game, and believe i won't

  14. A3A says:

    game closing in 2 weeks,Frogster fails again

  15. A3A says:

    and btw their p2p game Tera going downhill fast,most servers desolated

  16. themarc says:

    this game sux, ph server will fall down fast for sure.

  17. DARKFAITH says:


  18. apiz says:

    how do i play???

  19. yuli123 says:

    i my yu

  20. yuli123 says:

    jeg hedder yu jeg er dansker sig det vider ok

  21. asdf says:

    how to hell do i download and play the game

  22. how to hell do i download and play the game

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