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Eligium: Interview with Daniel Stahlkopf

Sara Lau
Nov 23,2011  12:11 by

At Gamescom 2011, Frogster announced a new MMORPG Eligium: the Chosen One, and put it into the closed beta testing not long after. Although bits and pieces about the game have been released via screenshots or news reports, we still do want to know more.  Yesterday OnlineWelten.com took an interview with Daniel Stahlkopf, Producer of Eligium.  Below is the interview script translated from OnlineWelten.com

Q: Hi Daniel, thank you for your time with us.

Daniel Stahlkopf: Gladly, we do work hard on Eligium, and I guess I’d like to talk about it with you!

Q: Eligium: the Chosen One is a new role-playing game from Frogster. Can you briefly tell us something about the game?

Daniel Stahlkopf: Eligium is, as already mentioned to you, a new MMORPG project by Frogster and Shanda Games Ltd. And it’s cool to see two very experienced developers join hands.

In Eligium, players act as the chosen one to save the world from annihilation wrecked by an army of demons. Players can choose from four different races and five classes, which include, among other things, our pandas, Master of martial arts with their claws swiftly controlling their Chi to attack enemies.

Q: Pandas? That sounds interesting. Can you tell us more?

Daniel Stahlkopf: In Eligium: The Chosen One, players will have the opportunity to play pandas as fierce fighters. With each of the five selectable classes, a player can decide from level 15 which way he wants to go and which style he wants to play in the future. Take the development for Fire-eaters for example. He can stay focused on mid-ranged magic attacks and spells, but he can also shift to specialize in powerful melee attacks if he wants to. Our pandas are quick and dangerous, and they are certainly not what you see in the zoo.

Q: You had just addressed the possibility of specialization in Eligium. What options does the title have for players?

Daniel Stahlkopf: The first specialization of skills is, as I said, at Level 15. From this level, the player can decide which of the two skill trees he wants to use in the future. Such a choice will affect one’s character development and further gameplay significantly, because it offers players an opportunity to try new skills, adopt different tactics and thusly play a new style. At high levels, more and more contents will open to players who can access to systems like the Profession, Rune Circle and much more.

Q: The Rune Circle?

Daniel Stahlkopf: The Rune System can be easily accessed via its icon in the interface. During the course of the game, you will find valuable runes, which have special properties attached to them and can permanently boost the corresponding attributes of the character.

Q: That sounds like a fairly comprehensive system. And Eligium has thus broken a rather new ground in terms of character development?

Daniel Stahlkopf: Yes, definitely. Our skill system is a good example. It offers much more for players to attend to than simply learning or boosting chosen skills. In Eligium: The Chosen One, the player can move faster and initiate more powerful damage if he evokes a flame ball and insert it into current skills. And such combination is applicable not only to magical or physical attacks but for all of the ten professions such as mining and forging.

Q: Let’s move on to other fronts of the game. What do you think are the most striking features of the title?

Daniel Stahlkopf: That’s a tough question, because there are simply a huge amount of features. I think the most noteworthy feature of Eligium is the integration of the epic storyline of the game with lots of customization options and features that offer numerous incentives to both novices and veterans.

Q: What was the title meant to be?

Daniel Stahlkopf: The goal of the developer was to create an easily accessible MMORPG, which provides players a completely new gaming experience by making most out of the popular and well-known features.

Q: Story missions previously presented in MMORPGs are not particularly spectacular. How did you solve this problem?

Daniel Stahlkopf: We try to relate players closely to the back story of Eligium from the start, because it plays an important role in the game. Moreover, from time to time it will also appear as explanatory background in various plot quests to remind players of the big picture of the game.

Q: Finally, some questions about the upcoming beta of the game. When can players get their hands on it?

Daniel Stahlkopf: It’s done when it’s done. (Laughs, for it’s an often-used saying in the games industry.) I will not say a final launch date at this point, but I can definitely tell, that’s pretty much “done”.

Q: That is, you are preparing for its beta launch now, right?

Daniel Stahlkopf: Yes, we are working hard on final preparation for the launch of the beta. Probably before Christmas.

Q: What can we expect from the beta? What is like to play as a player and tester?

Daniel Stahlkopf: Basically, players will have the opportunity to test almost all features extensively. However, I cannot at this point disclose more details about the features in the beta. But we will surely catch up to bring players up to date with it before the start of the beta phase.

Generally, there will be three test phases. First, it will be a Family-and-Friends Alpha, in which only specially selected testers will be included. With this test phase, we want to make sure that everything can run smoothly in the two following phases. Then a closed beta phase follows, and we will hand out access keys to more players. And finally an open beta for all.

Q: Can I still get a beta key now for the Closed Beta?

Daniel Stahlkopf: On our Facebook Channel, we always offer the opportunity to get a beta key. Try www.eligium.com and good luck!

Q: And how can I sign up with a beta key, should I be one of the “elect”?

Daniel Stahlkopf: First, you should definitely register on www.eligium.com. Once the beta starts, you can then enter your beta key on the website, download the appropriate client and you can play.


Thank you for taking time for the interview and good luck for Eligium: The Chosen One!

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