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Elsword Online

Elsword Online

Release Date:  2010

Elsword Online is a free to play MMO action role-playing game which sets against the background of a fantasy world. The jittery appearance and colorful interface are not suitable for everyone, but it still attracts a lot of players thanks to its fun and entertaining gameplay.

There are three available roles for you to choose, that is, swordsman, mage and hunter. Of course, you can select the gender of your avatar. While you prattle with your first quest giver in the game, you will be surrounded by hordes of critters which force you to fight back and begin your adventure.

Like Casual MMO Eden Eternal, Elsword Online offers the same fantasy world has a variety of landscapes for you to explore, ranging from dark dungeons to idyllic villages. Though there are only three classes available, you have many opportunities to customize your character with numerous items, such as magical equipments and fabulous outfits. Later you can resort to an array of class specialization options which can be unlocked step by step. Take up weapons, kick your hostile opponents and become a dauntless warrior in Elsword Online!

Elsword Online incorporates an old-fashioned side-scroller with some new elements. As usual, you can command your character to move left or right and jump on platforms with the arrow keys. It is easy to control, so don’t worry! And the game combines high-quality resplendent action effects with cuddly animated-style images, making players feel like being there. The 3D dreamlike setting multiplies the pleasure and excitement as you play. Elsword Online is primarily aimed at young players under 16, but it still holds appeal to those who are young at heart.

When you delve into the dungeon, you will be confronted with swarms of monsters. You can choose to fight alone or join hands with other players. Battles and quests will be going on nonstop, so you’d better learn some awesome skills and improve your overall combat power. If you are caught in danger or disadvantageous situations, you can go to the stall and buy some self-produced goods like elixirs.

But do not rush to the shop according to your whim because some of them will cost you real money. For example, a larger backpack for your goods costs $ 5. So you should look whether you are in urgent need of the items before you visit the dealer. If you don’t want to spend money in this game, you can waive the extensions and try to make the fullest use of available resources.

Visually speaking, Elsword Online is a feast to the eye with its bright graphics, exquisite clothes and hilarious images of characters. Some people consider it as kids’ stuff for lack of depth. But it is equally relaxing and interesting for an adult who immerses himself in the game while having lunch in the office. Perhaps his fellow players are actually his colleagues in the same company!

Official website: http://www.elswordonline.com/

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