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Empire Craft

Empire Craft

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Hithere
Developer:  Hithere
Genre:  Adventure

Battles at close quarters are under way! Fight to prove that you are the overlord in the turbulence and chaotic World of Battles! For fans of war-themed online games, Empire Craft would probably be your next favourite.

As a real-time strategy MMORPG, Empire Craft will in the first place amaze you by its magnificent and fantastic interfaces. However, what’s really fabulous lies in its modes and tactics. You can choose what you will devote to among three races – human, orcs and elves. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. So make sure you feel comfortable with the race you serve. If you cannot determine how to choose a race, we recommend you know the races well from World of warcraft, or iPhone Game Order & Chaos Online since these games are all taking the same mode.

In Empire Craft, you have to take care of your city that is the core building initially. After you complete the tutorial, some of basic buildings should be erected, which could guarantee your knowledge of how game work. Remember the game does not provide you animated flash landscape, so everything is static and text-based.

Before the war breaks out, you need to equip yourself with appropriate items which can be upgraded with increasing experiences. Besides, a range of diverse battle modes in accordance with different enemies at different level are waiting ahead. Therefore, you are supposed to develop corresponding tactics to ensure victories. However, that is not enough, first and foremost, you should recruit your Commander or General who leads your troops to the Arena, or Battlefield. That is why someone calls the game as a RPG. You can assign some attributes to your Heroic Commanders, which can facilitate gaming speed, chance to win war, and much more.

Empire Craft is a free browser game that is developed by China-based Renren Network. As a matter of fact, it is a just rebuild of Three Kingdoms Online that should have been set in Ancient Chinese 3 faction period. However RenRen localized this game using fantasy genre and wow’s class system in an effort to attract western and european gamers. The Chinese name is called 帝国争霸. Empire Craft was also remade as King and Conqueror and Rising of King.

Comprehensive Planning: Take care of the growth and prosperity of your city! Build your economy, strengthen your army and expand your territory to gain valuable resources!

Friend or foe: Team up with other players, forge powerful alliances and fight your enemies! Through the skillful use of combat and diplomacy, you will be the mighty ruler in Empire Craft!

Chinese website : http://dg.mop.com/

International English Website: http://ec.hithere.com/

German Servers site : http://www.empcraft.de/

Russian Server: http://empire.mail.ru/

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  2. ford says:

    when are they going to make an event we have been waiting months now ???

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