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Empire Rising

Empire Rising

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Ndoors
Developer:  SOE

Empire Rising is a text-based browser game in which you can build your empire, train troops, perform quests, and dig treasure. The game was rebuilt from Chinese game called 帝国崛起, which is pretty similar to 7 Dragons and Ministry of War.


Ndoors’ s newly-released Empire Rising(in open beta testing) really surprises me for the good. As a beginner in the strategy sphere, I have dipped into quite a lot MMOs of the very genre; each time before touching upon the core strategy part, I have already loathed the game because of its initial city-building, which mostly seems like a phase of grinding of disorderly built constructions. Yet Empire Rising is an exception. It can be said to be an exemplary tutorial for newbies to understand and surrender to the strategy MMOs.

The tutorial of Empire Rising per se is excellent in that the entire guidance displays a logical build sequence, which is explained clearly and coherently. Just like a chain of rings, the prior building naturally leads to the next. For instance, all starts from the build of Cottage, which is used to house workers who will in turn labor in the varied mines to produce and collect four types of resources, subsequently entailing the recruitment of Generals in the build of Tavern. Of course, as thus, you can easily take the clue, presuming the following step may involve the Barrack to train soldiers and Embassy to conduct diplomacy, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, you can choose to skip the tutorial, and instead just follow the current quests to gradually build up a metropolis. Don’t bother to consider the location of each build, for all is pre-set already in the map. Clicking on a small button in the left-top corner, you will be able to see the name tagged next to the corresponding plot for the right architecture. It’s a newbie-friendly design, saving all the regrets resulted from ill-conceived layout, say, setting Warehouse a world apart from the resource mines.

Following the quest list, you can gradually explore deeper into the game without feeling drudgery or disorder. And the process is not grinding, with quick resources yield and no limit of construction orders. You can sense the stable development of your city from quest to quest. Also, there is a design called Gift Box, which boosts the progression by presenting you some rewards, such as 100 swordsmen, certain amounts of resources, and armor for generals, etc. At first you can collect gifts every 20 minutes, which extends to longer time span as you level up.

To engage in war is not that difficult too, at least not overwhelming in the beginning. Just following the guidance in military interfaces, you can quickly sum up the operation of assigning Commanders to lead a chosen troop to issue attack or defense. To travel to the targeted battlefield takes no time, but to fight and then return last a certain period. As usual, the fighting scene is not visible in the map; but once you win, you can receive a report sealed with Victory to honor your great performance, which really lifts up spirits and morale.

Combat varies. Loot features resource-scrambling from towns or NPCs, Invade focuses on brutal battle aimed to die out the entire army of the locked target, Colonization emphasizes dominance of a region before claiming tributes, and Reinforce centers on aids to allied friends to defend. To gain upper hands in all these modes, you need well-prepare your dispatched Generals and troops with better equipment and advanced items, which usually consume gold and gem. Again, money pulls the string behind the victory of a war to an extent.

The core play of Empire Rising is quite satisfactory, and the lesser part also does their bit to make it a wonderful game. The graphic is neat and exquisite, presenting a miniature of a large empire, no matter it’s Prussia, England, France or Ottoman. And in-game buildings will gradually evolve to demonstrate distinct styles, as the city goes through the four Ages from Dark to Empire.

All in all, Empire Rising is really a great strategy game, especially for beginners. Not repulsive but attractive, it will win you over from the build part in the very beginning to the military strategy in the end. Give it a five-minute try and you will know what I mean.


Developed by SOE Entertainment and published by Ndoors Corporation, Empire Rising is a browser-based MMORTS which is set in 1435 AD, a dark chapter in history due to disturbing conflicts among Christian and Muslim cultures and unceasing bloody battles between rival nations like Britain and France. In one word, innocent citizens are severely tormented by flames of war, and the world is on the verge of falling apart. Chaotic eras tend to cultivate grand heroes, so will you be the one to restore peace and prosperity to your homeland?

Thousands of years of civilizations are buried silently with the ruthless elapse of time. When we open a book about the world’s history, we will be awed by the glorious achievements as well as turbulent epic wars. But don’t you think it is a shame to gain a sneak peek at erstwhile legends only through lifeless books? Then why not join in Empire Rising and experience the soul-stirring ups and downs by yourself?

To embrace the final renaissance, you have to go through a series of hard work, such as building a thriving empire, training invincible armies and vanquishing all your opponents. Similar to other city-building games, Empire Rising asks you to build your own kingdom step by step, but this only counts as a tip of the iceberg because you still have many other things to worry about. For example, when you are powerful enough, you can conquer your neighboring territories and treat them as your colonies. In this way, you can not only gather precious resources but also collect bountiful taxes.

No one can gain such a magnificent victory on his or her own. As a sagacious leader, you know the importance of owning a bunch of resourceful yet dauntless generals, so don’t hesitate to establish a mighty council!

Are you an ambitious ruler who aims to unite the vast European continent, even though it is a dream unfulfilled by all great ancestors? Empire Rising incorporates a complete map of Europe, so you can find out your answer via real practice.

The most brilliant part of Empire Rising is that you can travel through different times, ranging from the Dark Age and the Feudal Age to the Castle Age and the Empire Age, by means of unyielding endeavors and persistent struggles. How spectacular it is! We can literally relive the past glories.

To sum up, Empire Rising is calling for gallant heroes, and the world is heralding a new era. Will you be the legendary figure behind all those great achievements?

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