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Empire & State

Empire & State

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Novel, Inc.
Genre:  Strategy MMO

For hardcore players or casual gamers, games tagged as strategy genre are more often than not perceived with a stereotyped pattern, which is without fail inclusive of elements of resource collection, city expansion, army reinforcement and overseas colonization, etc. carried out in order through quests. But now such conception should be revised in light with the advent of political strategy type, which is presented in the game of Empire & State.

Empire and State does not at the outset provide a city as base for players, who will role-play the common mass to survive an alien planet instead of acting out mayors. Thusly, in contrast to the traditional city-oriented activities suitable for small-scale association, this game is based on empire level, which means that an empire is a shared territory by multi-players who ought to work with concerted efforts to lead their communal nation to success in politics, economy, military and business. Other than occupy themselves with resource production or building construction, players in this game may find them busy in competing for political leader election, making national policies for all fields or engaging in activities of true existence in reality, etc. And this empire-based feature is not the only design in this game that reflects the importance attached to the interaction and socialization among players. Another design that gives full play to players’ communication is embodied in the purposeful omission of PvE modes and the accentuation on PvP combat. Besides, in the alpha release, the only available team is empire-level as well.

Since the too-familiar-to-be-fun grinding procedure is kept under restraint to the utmost degree, what is introduced into the game as better substitution? It is can be said that the in-game world is a reflected image of the actual life in a mirror. Players will be offered various gaming experience as CEO in the business sphere, President of the empire, Mastermind of the organized criminal syndicates, or General in charge of warfare. Featured with different tactics and methods, all these different paths will finally lead to great power, when players acquire the knack of their fields.

Empire & State is an excellent simulation game in terms of its reality-based design of in-game activities in business and political scopes. Since it takes real-world skills to win in the game, why not play it as a rehearsal for your successful life in reality?

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