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Empire VS Orcs

Empire VS Orcs

Release Date:  September 19, 2012
Publisher:  Ezjoy
Developer:  Ezjoy
Genre:  tower defense

Empire VS Orcs is a castle tower defense game that is strikingly characterized by the gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies. Your goal is to protect your castle from invading orcs by sending brave Knights and soldiers to the battlefield instead of plants.


The fighters in Empire VS orcs are moveable. Once you release them, the brave warriors will storm ahead and try to destroy the enemy base despite all the dangers.

Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages. Normal infantry is very strong against most attackers. However, cavalries are disasters to them. Meanwhile, spearmen can defeat cavalries. Another unit is archer, who can dream a bead on enemies from a long distance.

The Warriors do not serve you for free. They will be rewarded with gold that you get automatically at short intervals, and the gold that can be produced via gold mines. This is similar with mana with which you will shoot fireballs at the orcs, or bring a freezing rain to pelt them.

Vanquished foes and completed levels will reward you gold and crystals, with which you improve your units and buildings. If you go busting out, you could convert the currency for real money. With a little patience, you could have a lot of fun without further investments.

The controls are very simple. Once the units are placed, they march forth and warriors go immediately into flesh and blood. At the upper edge of the touch screen are the symbols of the various units and buildings. Pull them to one of five rows, and make the fighters go.

The cartoon graphics remind me of the model of Plants vs. Zombies. Each unit has been lovingly designed and beautifully animated. It’s fun watching them fighting to death.

Units in Empire VS Orcs not only defend but also attack. The game is also a typical example of a fair free-to-play model. Anyone who had enough of zombies’ could turn to the orcs, because the gameplay of Empire VS Orcs works wonderful. If the units and buildings could be diversified, the game would be much better.

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