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End of Nations

End of Nations

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Trion Worlds
Developer:  Petroglyph Games
Genre:  MMORTS

End of Nations is a MMORTS where you learn skills, earn experience, and build your army. Just focus on your tactics and you will get the control of the world as a whole. Developed by Trion World behind the 2011 best MMO RIFT, End of Nations is another masterpiece MMO real time strategy game.

Story for MMO “End of Nations”

Economy collapses, shattering the whole world into irredeemable pieces. With ever-decreasing resources, famine becomes an increasingly acute problem that bewitches mankind’s instinct to survive and turns the civilized back to the barbarian who is given to resort to violence and warfare to get disputes settled down. When the whole situation is on the brink of losing control, a mysterious organization named the Order of Nation comes to rescue with its advanced weapons and abundant food. Yet as the saying goes that absolute power corrupts absolutely, the Savior soon degrades into tyrannical reign and must be overthrown.

Great mission to terminate the tyranny will be placed on the shoulders of military commander, the role all players take up in the game End of Nations, whose every decision and instruction issued to his/her subordinates will cast due influence on how the whole game turns out. Before plunging into this persistent, massive world, players will choose one from two factions to pledge loyal to. The Liberation Front is morally celebrated with its noble pursuit of emancipation for all, while the Shadow Revolution is made up by members from the Order of Nations who dissent the dictatorship and seek to establish a ruling organization grounded on strength, security and justice.

Once taking sides, players may continue with their character definition, class selection, item equipment and the like. Since this game is still in development, it is still unclear about how many archetypes and classes are available and to what extent players can customize their avatars. What is certain at present is that there will be a balanced gameplay of both PvP and PvE combat. Players can decide at will to engage in fierce combats against the common foe of the Order of Nation, either battling single-handedly or fighting cooperatively with up to fifty alliances, or rather take on rivals in different competitions with scale varying from 1-against-1 to 26-against-26. Besides, armory design is another feature that is underscored in this game. Based on the accessible information, armory contributes a lot to victory in battlefields. It is certain that powerful fighting robots like the released Guardian which is equipped with high-tech armor and sophisticated weapons like the heavy chain gun, will gain unparalleled advantages on the ground and in the air at once.

End of Nation, a game that promises action-packed combats with great challenge as well as intrinsic application of real-time strategy, will make its debut soon. Will it be satisfactory or disappointing? The answer will present itself.

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