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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  iOnes, N2PG
Developer:  Heroic Era, N2PG, Feng Investment (The same company)
Genre:  Strategy

Epicx, also called Crown Quest, is a strategy game developed by N2PG (Formerly called Heroic Era and Feng Investment with its headquarter in GuangZhou, China). The game is now published by a Shanghai-based startup IONES.com.

Like its two previous games, “Caesary” and “Call of Roma“, Epicx also takes on the epic Roman theme in which players are able to build their own empire, train your troops and heroes, trade resources, and battle with other warriors.

In Epicx, you manage a small kingdom at the very beginning, and after you finish the tutorial, you will have a relatively well-equipped city. But if you want your city be a flourishing and impressive metropolis, you must have to keep your city busy and command your troops to defend and attack other kingdoms. Gain fame and glory and be a legendary ruler in Ancient Rome.


Epicx is an expert in grabbing the attention of gamers who are likely to leave off their seat all the time. I cannot simply conclude how it works —although I was always quick at giving the final truth. Maybe this time, I’d take my time to crawl to the conclusion.

The fact is, there are so many city building games set in different domains that, they are stirring the cosmos like maggots. Almost each of them is doing us a favor if they have got something beyond the genetic, by being beautiful or brutal, challenging or flattering, or in the case of Epicx, by distributing all these features to spoonfuls of feed. Yes, that’s it. But how?

Well, Epicx shows itself with the simplest interface I have ever seen in a browser game. There aren’t visible or potential things to consume your hope, requiring frequent checks to see if accessible. Buildings join into my castle map one by one when they are naturally reached. The “area” map appears when I am entitled to occupy its farms. The” world” map appears immediately when I am experienced enough to migrate to another region by defeating its troops. Rather than endless dialogues that keep you opening and closing the pop-ups, the quests are neatly listed on one panel box. You do not need to click to see which one is unfinished, which is completed with rewarded copper (the only resource in Epicx) to be claimed.

Epicx tries to show more info with fewer dialogues or button clicks. With only one building for each function (except sheltering), the castle map is not crowded, nor is it dirtied by the ready bars “building”, “upgrading”, and “repairing”. The left interface shows a list of timers, telling which process is to be continued, which one is not ready. Generally 20 minutes for training a hero, 4 minutes for enhancing a weapon, 2-20 minutes for upgrading a building, 6-10 minutes to enable a level, 5 minutes to cool down a battle. The length in time increases upon each level-up. More than one hour is needed for a lvl 8 college. If there is still waiting left, you can constantly click to claim the refund, to follow the instructor that tells the history prior to battles or the improvement suggestions after the battles. The stories he told are often about a fearless suicide, a suffering self-pride, or a hint to revenge. As a result, you have something to do every one or two minutes, and you are firmly convinced each of the clicks is meaningful for the next battle. Because each battle that happened has shown you the close relation between the amount of your effort (in training, enhancing, recruiting) and the number of death. You can replay an easier battle to try your victory speed. However, there is cool down time before making another war.

After enough trial battles that teach you all the functions of buildings, some more rewarding and challenging technologies and other combat modes are introduced with luring rewards and prizes. For example, after a crushed attempt to occupy a large farmland, you have to accept a small farm. In a series of passive resistance to a player, you endure longer each time and finally you win.

The major combat mode in Epicx is between leagues. More powerful rivals, more complicated formation, more urgent needs for building and rebuilding (upgrading), trading faster and wider, battles longer and tougher. The game offers beautiful medal-like logs for leagues. To prevent recruiting advertisement, it costs 2 golds for each world chat. You can see system messages flying in any chatting channel that report any league conflict reading” someone attacked someone and returned triumphant”.

Am I clear? To properly simplify the resource preparation, to constantly visualize the effect of military development, and to announce your victory to the world, and to do all the three changes in a quiet way by smooth away all the possible derivative defects from the changes.

13 Comments on Epicx


  1. guest says:

    You're about as clear as mud…quit speaking Chinglish! All you Chinese browser-game geniuses need to hire someone who can write decent English. God knows you guys make enough money to invest in a competent translator.

  2. adfg says:

    they change the name…AGAIN…. screw you guys

  3. this kid says:

    Whats with their ads about orgies? WTF?

  4. Ardencaple says:

    what startles me is the game is from asia…but the server time is CST

  5. Anonymous says:

    Same people as the ones who made Evony, which was also infamous for their blatant sex appeal ads which had absolutely nothing to do with the game.

  6. DranzerM says:

    same sex appeal ads as evony….. makes me wonder? lol…

  7. anonymous says:

    I think the game is great. The only problem is a lillte gold is necessary to creat enough space in warehouse to be able to exchange equipment and heroes. The game owners are too greedy and want you to spend $50 or $100 US to get some gold and copper to be able to play the game without hassles.

  8. guest says:

    Their ads are SO misleading.

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