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Era of Sail

Era of Sail

Release Date:  September 27, 2012
Publisher:  Dream in game
Developer:  Dream in game
Genre:  Simulation

“Era of Sail – Across the Deep Blue Ocean” is a social simulation game for iOS developed by China-based Dream in game.


Those who are fed up with the endless terminal and runway constructions and management could finally find their haven in Era of Sail – Across the Deep Blue Ocean, an excellent combination of simulation management, and social elements.

The game starts in an impressive way: you, the new port manager of an old port, was almost arrested upon arrival and was saved by your cousin, Angel, who will instruct you on how to play the game and hand out the missions.

You are to open up factories, mills, and stores to produce and buy necessary materials to initiate the sales to other players. It is noteworthy that Era of Sail introduces a price fluctuating system, which allows for constant changes in material prices. Accordingly, you’d better check the prices before deciding which materials to transport and sell.

Surprises don’t just lie in the transportation and sales. You may be pleased by the production system as well, which incorporates a simplified version slot machine and enables you to test your luck and enjoy slight excitement – obviously, you are sometimes asked to produce and transport a certain kind of product but you never know what you will produce when you tap the Produce button.

Surprisingly, the traditionally limitation on commercial building numbers has been reversed in the new game. Normally, we are allowed to construct commercial buildings only when we have enough workers available, or have enough residential buildings. However, in Era of Sail, you can build houses only when the population cap, which is determined by the number of commercial buildings, permits it.

People will never go far if they go alone in Era of Sail, thanks to its intense stress on socialization. You’ve got to sell your products out and therefore, you’d better add enough friends and then open up routes to them. One can establish up to five routes to a friend and the more they play the game, the more necessary it would be to develop more relations and open more routes.

However, if you have any idea of how the Flight Tycoon works, we might find few surprises in the identical management and social stuff. Anyway, it rips off the basic mechanics of the flight-themed simulator and applies it in port management. Not that it fails. It does succeed but it still lacks originality.

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