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Eredan iTCG

Eredan iTCG

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  FreeRik
Developer:  FreeRik
Genre:  Card, TCG

Who said wars had to take place in the blood-soaked battleground? With several decks of cards in hand, you can also experience the throat-cutting fierceness of every battle. That’s what online trading card games offer. That’s what you could expect from Eredan iTCG in particular.

Eredan iTCG features a medieval fantasy setting, in which a dark Age marked by non-stop guild wars draws close in on the meteor-crashed land of Eredan and heroes are called up to settle down the chaos. Against such as back story, players will jump into tactical gameplay, skillfully using every card in hand and win over matches to gain more.

Hero in every card has its own race, class and guild attached. Overall, there are 10 races (such as Human, Beast, Guemelite and Ice Elf, just to name a few) that are categorized into 5 classes including Warrior, Mage, Marauder, Priest and Craftsman. The five classes show a great balance in design with each carried with advantages and disadvantages of its own. For instance, Mage is powerful in casting spells but weak in physics; and Marauder is generally short of stamina but never in lack of strength and speed. Moreover, special design, or rules, make the competition more interesting, such as the possibility of Warrior card to chain a second and one more attack for Marauder card when confronting a particular class. Moreover, players can also access to six more hybrid classes by combining the original five types as they level up.

Similarly, seven guilds are specially designed with features to differ from one another. Some guilds are made up of single class like the Marauders-exclusive Zil Warriors, while others consist of hybrid ones such as Sap Hearts for both Warriors and Mages. Accordingly, guild’s combat style matches that of the member classes involved in it.

With over 700 cards in the game, the original card deck only serves to trigger on the whole gameplay. As the game moves on, players can take daily quests and duel other players, collecting finer cards, upgrading heroes and winning trophies. In addition, players can also customize decks of cards by adding special bonus stats, creating their own hands and trading cards with each other. Besides, booster packs and premade decks are also on offer, only if players would like to spend some money.

Eredan iTCG has what a typical trading card game normally offers. With its relatively basic mechanics, it is especially a good choice for novice TCG players.

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