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ESPN Sports Bar & Grill

ESPN Sports Bar & Grill

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Developer:  Playdom

For sports enthusiasts, what favors ordinary days with excitement and passion may well have been the season of their favorite sports, when zealous fans sharing the same love for it gather together to watch live games, cheer for worshipped stars, comment on players’ performance and predict where the situation will turn to. Love for sports generates happiness, right? Will it serve the same purpose to run a sports bar and grill? You may try ESPN Sports Bar & Grill.

As implied in its very title, ESPN Sports Bar & Grill is a sports-themed restaurant management simulation MMO that is launched by ESPN together with Samsung to Facebook (The series ESPNU College Town). As one of the many MMOs in the category of management simulation genre, the game has maintained the basic mechanics without much innovation that the general gameplay predictably includes running a sports bar and grill to serve food and drink to patrons and make sure customers frequent here and have fun. Yet if this game stops here, it by no means could boast an active users over forty-five thousand on the monthly basis. In fact, with a commonplace genre, details stand it out.

In ESPN Sports Bar & Grill, the player will surely role-play an owner of a sports bar and grill, and he/she will first pick up a sport franchise for one’s own bar to associate with a club or team that exists in real world before opening up. Grounded on a true-to-life simulation, this game requires players to start from a small, simple bar that only offers basic service, such as providing pizza, popcorn, beer, cocktails and other food and drinks, to win and accumulate coins and experience points.

And then through level-ups, players can gradually upgrade their establishment into a highly modern bar that is decorated gorgeously with sports paraphernalia on the wall and artistic bar stools to go with the whole ambience, and equipped with the flatscreen to air the live games in season. All in all, the ultimate purpose is to attract more patrons to frequent the bar and keep them happy so that bar owner can increase both the revenue and popularity. Besides the business, players can also gain coins by piecing together all the items of a collection, which is also an interesting activity to engage.

As to the social part, not much new is here, since the interaction still revolves around mutual visits, small favors granted, gifts presented and trading items by putting something in the trade box in exchange for some others on their wish lists.

Released not for long, ESPN Sports Bar & Grill is still worked on to straighten out bugs. It is also said that a new system known as the Game Predictor mode is likely to be introduced, which will allow players to win rewards by successfully predicting the results of real-life sports events. As this satisfactory game still perfects itself, will you join the already large player base?

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