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ESPNU College Town

ESPNU College Town

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It is a quite commonplace mindset that when discontent, dispute and disappointment arise between two sides, the suppressed one would usually be struck by a spontaneous sentence beginning with if-I-were. Children who don’t get desired ice cream may think of what they would do if they were parents, and students loaded with endless homework may wonder if they were teachers. And now ESPNU College Town will offer you an opportunity to be in the position of a university president and realize all your Ifs in the game world.

ESPNU College Town, as implied in the title, is a social Facebook game that blends sports element with college management genre under the concerted efforts of Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN) and the game developer of Playdom. In this game, players will take up the role of college leaders in charge of the whole administrative affairs, covering the campus construction and expansion, student enrollment, as well as the management of college sports teams, etc.

In order to make a top-class college out of a small obscure school, players need to take into consideration of various factors, mainly concerning the ways of making money, gaining experience and quick upgrading, and the balance of the above facets. With two venues in campus at the beginning, players can start from hosting events there to earn their first bucket of gold. Then money earned will cover the expenditure on residential houses for recruited students in increasing number, construction of academic buildings to enhance prestige, entertaining facilities as decoration, organizations like Beaux Arts Frat and Victorian Sorority to enrich campus life as well as statues or campus logos to uplift college spirits.

Besides administration mentioned above, management of sports teams carries no less importance in this game. Players can select team members from students enrolled in college, provide avenues for training and take them into Challenge or competition against other college teams. The triumph of competition has a great bearing with the All Star selected by each team; and the winning team glorified on the leaderboard can raise the status of the college, which in turn generates more benefits for its development.

Interestingly, to win the game, players will not only compete with one another, but also need to help each other, for a large number of friends plays important role in unlocking school expansion, low cost in building and faster level-up, etc. So befriend with rivals and win through competitive cooperation.

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