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Eternal War HD

Eternal War HD

Release Date:  April 29, 2012
Developer:  Yoller Games
Genre:  Strategy

Eternal War HD is an iPad-dedicated strategy game developed by Yoller Games. The game is a HD version of iPhone app “Song of Eternal” released by Talentwalker on April 12, 2012.


Taking place in the Middle Ages, Eternal War HD tasks you with the responsibility of taking command of a team, venturing into the monster-infested world, and gaining a variety of equipment as well as reputation. The game is extensive in scale and generous in possibility. To be specific, there are more than 100 levels to ascend, over 200 monsters to slay and thousands of gadgets to unlock. The attributes of your avatar, including Energy, Health and Stamina, will be shown on the top of the screen, reminding you of making timely adjustment to improve your weakest point.

The main activities can be divided into three sections, namely, Quests, Business and Arena. The last one enables you to challenge other players into a duel, and the winner will not only get prizes but also win fame. The earned gifts and money can be spent in boosting up your abilities, upgrading your weapons, or recruiting new warriors. Each mercenary is represented by a unique card where all his or her traits are clearly displayed. Download it with only 1.99 dollars, lead an elite squad of warriors and embark on your journey of conquest!


Eternal War HD does not touch on a single surprising moment no matter on its gameplay, graphics and soundtrack.  The full review coming soon.

1 Comment on Eternal War HD


  1. 35040092 says:

    A pretty fun game. You gain strength through numbers and friends.
    For every army member you have, you get to bring an extra “equipment” into battle that raises your overall combat stats.
    You can do this infinitely so I suggest adding all your stat points to Energy and Stamina.
    Theres not much of the “social” aspect of this game and feels almost like a solo game aside adding others to your army which almost feels like a daily job.

    The solo questing are very fun. Theres comedy relief everywhere even when things seem to be getting serious in the story.
    The female elf has many MANY broken dialogue. Speaking like a weeaboo which might annoy a lot of the users.

    All I think there should be added is a way for the community to speak to one another and fight together. A guild/clan.

    A very straightforward game worth trying.

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