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Eternity Warriors 2

Eternity Warriors 2

Release Date:  August 22, 2012
Publisher:  Glu Games
Developer:  Glu Games
Genre:  Action, RPG

Eternity Warriors 2 is a 3D hack-and-slash game from Glu Mobile, best known Contract Killer: Zombies and its latest titles Gears & Guts, Frontline Commando.  Eternity Warriors 2 puts players in the dark fantasy world where they wind up embarking on a hack and slash adventure mission to kill demons, hunt for treasure and defeat boss monsters in each dungeon floor.


Eternity Warriors 2 somewhat benefited mostly from the hack-and-slash action, dark fantasy theme, and stunning skill animations as well as the upgrade system of character, equipment and amor. All these elements are reminiscent of Diablo that has been popular throughout the world with its continued expansion.

As an iOS Game with such quality, Eternity Warriors 2 qualifies itself as a great game, but by the standard of a “Great Game”, the same qualification cannot be applied to “Eternity Warriors 2”, which offers less content than payment-required options.

In the single player mode, your job is to keep slaying monsters respawning every second through each floor to another. Sometime you will be obtaining loots when the enemies are killed, but the dropped items are useful when you are in lower level. As you passed 7 or 8 floors, the problem emerges: You almost have no chance to win a boss monster despite of your gorgeous skills and combos, the boss monster looks like a rocky stone no matter how you attack it, it is completely invulnerable. This experience immediately reminds of SoulCraft.

If you do not afford to revive your character, all your loots will be lost. If you revive your character, Gem must be spent for such service. What a good business and how can you play more content in such a frustrating way?

For the multiplayer mode, I took several attempts to connect my internet, but failed for no reason. So, I do not review this function here.

An obviously noticeable problem is perhaps the game’s repetitive floor map. For example in the Undead Spire, all floors are made in the same structure. What is different from each other is that monsters become more and more powerful. You will end up being dead unless you buy the Gem to upgrade your skills or weapons.

The control in Eternity Warriors 2 is slightly different from SoulCraft, or something you are familiar with. You do not need to keep touch your screen to launch an attack, and instead you only need to move your character using the virtual left thumb stick and attack by holding the skill buttons. It works perfect all the way.

Most players praises the game for its visual design and animated skills when released. Of course, they are excellent by my criteria, and expect that, there is nothing worth going back to try the game again.

5 Comments on Eternity Warriors 2


  1. Elegane says:

    Hey i lost my gear when u update the game. Can you help me with this?

  2. riftcreeper says:

    after reaching level 34 cant open it again..what should i do?

  3. dao says:

    Estava no nível 57, com varias pratas e ouros, equipamento muito forte, fui reiniciar o jogo perdi tudo, oque eu faço???

  4. rodrigo leiva says:

    quero saber se pode me ajudar a ter creditos infinitos da glu, tenho instalado no meu tablet o eternity worriors 2 como faço pra ter moedas infinitas? pode me ajudar valeu obrigado!

  5. Renato says:

    desinstalei o meu…pois depois de pegar lvl 55 .o jogo simplesmente nao abria mais .. nao conectava.. e quando finalmente logou .. voltei ao lvl 1..
    bando de lixo ..dizem que é de graça.. mas obrigam a vc a colocar ouro …

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