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Ether Saga Odyssey

Ether Saga Odyssey

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Perfect World Entertainment
Developer:  Perfect World Entertainment
Genre:  Fantasy Online Role-Playing

Highly focus on matters of significance is consuming energy, which must be recharged from breaks of little distraction. It will be a good idea to switch attention to some casual games that detach from reality and divorce from pressure. Whoever shares the similar outlook will find Ether Saga Odyssey is the right game for entertainment and refreshment.

Ether Saga Odyssey is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that is developed and published by Perfect World Entertainment. With the support of new graphics engine, the in-game pictures, from the panoramic backdrops to individual characters, are presenting a feast to eyes. On the whole, the in-game graphics are displaying artistic and idyllic style, similar to the watercolor illustrations seen from fairytale books which are depicted with richly shaded colors as if from the aurora. Dreamy and fantastic, this in-game world will absorb players to a wonder land far from the madding crowd.

As in typical MMORPG, players in this game will experience what most games offer, which is including progressing character, grinding levels, raising pets, slaying mobs, crafting equipment, taking quests, and so on and so forth. It is certain that there are much more to offer in this game, otherwise it dose not make sense to recommend it.

The first and foremost feature that stands Ether Saga Odyssey out consists in its intricately designed pet training system. Players can capture and tame hundreds of pets with unique images and special skills. Even in the category of the same species of cat, for example, players may have one hippie-styled pirate cat with rings in the ear and one eye patched with cloth, or raise another squirrel-resembling one with a large ruby embedded in its big tail. Players can train their captured pets with combating skills and summon them to assist in fighting. As players level up, they can also upgrade their pets to become stronger breeds. Another highlight of this game is its monster card system, which allows players to collect cards and use them to transform into corresponding monsters they have defeated before. Such transformation will guarantee new attributes and powerful skills possessed by the monster, such as strengthened attack ability by a nine-tailed fox.

In addition, there are also a variety of mini-games for players to enjoy themselves, and a character customization system to try out different attire and professions. So why not pick up one out of four races and plunge into the game for first-handed experience?

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