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EverQuest II Fortune League

EverQuest II Fortune League

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EverQuest II Fortune League is a competitive strategy game that extends the world of EverQuest II into Facebook. In Fortune League, you are challenged to create a Party of six Heroes, which you use to compete against the Parties of other players within your league. The goal of the game is have a Party that outscores your opponents’ parties.


A Hero is a combination of an EverQuest II character class and race. Each of the six Heroes in your Party will score points for you throughout the week, based on the statistics generated actual character races and classes within EverQuest II. As your Heroes accumulate statistics, you accumulate points.
Adventures and Quests

Fortune League play is broken down into weekly Quests, and four-week Adventures. Each Sunday, a new quest begins, which is a story that describes the types of statistics you should try to maximize within your Party. Some weeks, you’ll want to stock up on Heroes who specialize in DPS; other weeks, you may want to stock up on Heroes who are defensive and healing-minded.

Every four weeks, a new Adventure begins. As you actively participate in Quests and Adventures, you will earn valuable prizes that can be used within EverQuest II! Weekly participants will win items such as Alternate Advancements (AAs) and potions. Furthermore, if you are able to rise to the top of the leaderboards at the end of each Adventure, even more elite prizes are yours for the taking!

Please refer to the “Leaders & Prizes” menu item for additional details.

Opportunities and Disasters

In addition to the weekly quest descriptions, there are daily events that occur that you will need to keep track of in order to be successful. Opportunities are events that will give a temporary buff to the statistics of certain Heroes, increasing their point-scoring ability. However on certain days, Disasters may fall upon certain Heroes, decreasing their point-scoring ability.


The key to success in Fortune League is ensuring that you always field a Party that maximizes the number of points you earn on any given day.

You can buy and sell Heroes at the Broker. The Broker is much like a stock market, and it is driven by real demand for Heroes by the other players of Fortune League. As a Hero becomes more popular, its price will go up.

Therefore, by keeping close tabs on the Quest description, as well as the daily opportunities and disasters, you can anticipate the types of Heroes who will score the most points and try to purchase them for your Party before their price rises.

Trading Floor Lock

Every day 11PM-12AM PT every day, activity on the trading floor is locked (frozen). During this timeframe, we tabulate the statistics based on actual EverQuest II events that occur between 6:30PM and 12AM, and distribute them to the Heroes within Fortune League.
Additional Trades

When you first start playing Fortune League, you will begin with 2 free trades. Every Wednesday at 2:00AM EST, you will receive another 3 free additional trades. To give yourself an advantage, you may purchase additional trades with Sony Station Cash.

Prize Rules

To redeem your Fortune League prize within EverQuest II, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the “My Trophies and Prizes” page, which is located under the “Leaders and Prizes” menu item.
2. Click the “Redeem” link by the prize you would like to redeem.
3. Next time you log into EverQuest II, choose the “Claim” item in the EQII menu within the game and look for your items on the Claim list that pops up.

Prizes are awarded one per character, are non-transferable and have no cash value. EverQuest II Live subscribers and EverQuest II members with accounts in good standing are eligible for rewards. Prizes will be awarded within seven (7) days of the end of the relevant Adventure or Quest. Prizes, along with Quest and Adventure schedules, are subject to change.

Review :

” So far, it mostly seems really boring. And I agree with some of the others, the how to play section is lacking. I likely won’t ever remember to check on things since the adventure or quest or whatever takes a full week to complete. I typically appreciate simplicity but this is just a little too simple, it doesn’t keep my interest.

Facebook App: http://apps.facebook.com/fortuneleague

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