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Exclusive Interview on the browser version of Fiesta Online

Sara Lau
Sep 16,2011  02:09 by

Earlier August, we reported the Hamburg-based game publisher Gamigo announced the browser version of the free to play MMORPG, Fiesta Online, which has been around since 2008. According to Gamigo, Fiesta Online will be playable in the browser without a large download. Patrick Streppel, Gamigo’s co-CEO answered a few quick questions about the upcoming launch.

Q: Hi Patrick! To bring client-based MMOs as the browser version seems to be a new trend in today’s market . As stated from your earlier press release, you will start with Fiesta Online. Why did you decide to take this step?

A: With the new technologies offered by SpawnApps, we would like to bring Fiesta online to wider audiences. Some players shy away from the large download or want to quickly throw a glance into a game. With the new streaming technology, the waiting time is shortened considerably before entering  the game, which we perceive as a great advantage that players would take.

Q: Briefly Explain to us how this works. What technology is behind it?

A: SpawnApps has developed its own Java-application for all major browsers that do not install an additional plug-ins such as Flash or Unity. Instead of downloading the entire client, only the parts of the game just need to be transferred. To start the game it takes a few minutes after 2 minutes loading, players will hardly notice that data is loaded in the background. Of course, bandwidth available is one of important factors.

Q: I think some players are now thinking of whether the browser version will be discounted on quality and performance. Are those concerns justified or everything remains the same?

A: The amazing thing is that Fiesta Online runs in the browser in the same quality and performance as the client version! The system and the graphical presentation will not be changed.

Q: Can players choose the old or the new version to play? Or the new browser game will take over the client one?

A: Both versions are fully supported by us in the future. The browser version is only an additional alternative.

Q: Will it also provide additional contents in the course of development? Or put another way: What can players look forward to Fiesta Online in the near future?

A: We have recently published a great extension with the Joker. Other new contents will be also in our agenda. I cannot name the contents, but we will update and patch the game as before.

Q: Fiesta Online is probably just the beginning. You have a whole series of games in the client portfolio. Do you plan to make more or even all games for browser games?

A: In our portfolio, we have a lot of great MMOs, which has been played by millions of players. If opportunities are given, we will make them for sure. But which game we will make in next stage, unfortunately, I can not talk yet at the moment. Currently we have Patrizier Online, Jagged Alliance Online and UFO Online – Fight for Earth – three very good examples in development.

Thank you for the interview!

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