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Facebook Removed Project Tank’s Facebook Page, ChangYou’s New Response

Sara Lau
Apr 11,2013  07:04 by

A game called Project Tank was illegally reported to infringe on Warming.net’s copyrighted materials. As of today, Facebook, as requested by Wargaming.net, has removed the official page of Project Tank, which was created by GameBox.com, owned by China-based ChangYou.

pt announcement

Below is the ChangYou’s response on the removal of Project Tank’s Facebook Page.

Dear players of Project Tank and all game-lovers:

As the developer of a new-born browser-based war game, Gamebox has never expected being overpowered by a giant of the gaming industry who considers us a threat, even that Project Tank is just a browser game at closed beta phase.

Recently as you may have already noticed, the official page of Project Tank on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/projecttankofficial) has become inaccessible. And a few hours later we were informed by facebook about being reported by Wargaming.net LLP (Developer & publisher of the “World of Tanks”) for “infringement” of their intellectual property rights.

As we are currently contacting facebook with this issue, we feel regretful for what Wargaming did to us. It was never our intentions to pose any kind of threat or challenge to Wargaming. As much as many of PT players, we are fans of World of Tanks and other brilliant war games. Those modules, graphics and maps are our best efforts to reconstruct the real WWII battle scenes. We sincerely hope Wargaming not to continuously consider us as a “threat” to its user group, since PT and WOT are different in many ways and don’t compete with each other at any platform.

We also realize that Project Tank at this phase still got a few problems. And that’s why we run the closed beta test and work day and night to fix them. And in our testing office, the game looks different every single hour (including the above mentioned modules, graphics, maps, etc.). The perfection of the game is the only thing we are working towards.

The bottom line is, we PT developers are a bunch of guys who love war games as you do, and we endeavor to make high-quality games accessible to all players around the world.

For more info about Project Tank, please visit PT official site: http://pt.gamebox.com 

2 Comments on Facebook Removed Project Tank’s Facebook Page, ChangYou’s New Response


  1. Sternum says:

    I think WarGaming is right to have done this, because Project Tank is a bleedin' ripoff, but, at the same point, I'm not sure if Project Tank hadn't honest intentions.

  2. TupidDupid says:

    Who cares about whether this game's a threat or not, it's plagiarism.
    Look at the tanks and interface, everybody knows gamebox's the villain,
    try not to embarrass yourself more by acting like a victim.

    A customer has 10 fingers, throwing a same topic into the market is called competing,
    I must assume their market research employee has it's highest education of primary school.

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