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Fairy Farm

Fairy Farm

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Plinga
Developer:  Game Garden
Genre:  Farm

Fairy Farm is a social farming game available on Facebook, App Store and Android Play Store. The goal of the game is to become the best magician in the Fairyland! Grow plants and trees, care for animals, brew and mix potions, socialize with your friends.


In Fairy Farm, you can make several flowerbeds and use them to grow some plants. Also you are able to buy a variety of decorations to build houses and create the farm of your dreams!

As in most Facebook games, Energy is required to perform certain actions on your farm (such as collecting harvest, feeding animals, watering plants, reviving withered crops). If you don’t have enough energy to perform the desired action, magic will not happen. You’ll have to wait for it to recharge or buy it.

When you run out of energy, a window pops up asking if you want to buy an energy elixir. These elixirs will immediately restore some amount of your energy. Or you can go visit your friends – you get some energy from visiting a friend once a day, to a maximum of 20 friends. You also can brew energy potions with certain devices and ingredients. And finally, energy restores over time, 1 energy point in 5 minutes.

You get one crystal for each new level you achieve, as well as the first time you visit a new friend. Apart from that, you can buy crystals using the button situated right below your crystal count.

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1,357 Comments on Fairy Farm


  1. Candy says:

    I was wondering how to find the hunters’s amulet. I need one to finish a task.

  2. Nell says:

    I also did… But I need another one… the prince just gave me one

  3. imel says:

    Same with me. I need another one to make ritual summoning on dreamcircle

  4. Tinhtam2111 says:

    I also didn't find a hunter's amulet to complete a quest. Tell me how I can find it, pls.

  5. Thanh Tuyen says:

    I play fairy farm game on 2 Ipad with the same ID. I was lost all my data in fairy farm on 1 divice a month ago, so I didn't have the Prince to finish the quest. Please tell me why and how I can recovery my data. Thanks a lot!

  6. elfabio says:

    i need to get hunter's amulet too for the ritual. no update for this?

  7. bitte says:

    put the tree in your storage. Then you can do Revival ritual. Then your tree grove and you kan plant your tree.

  8. Graziel says:

    very difficult to look for any information about fairy farm, no walkthroughs, no cheat, and very minimal forums..

  9. lycantrophia says:

    Thanks worked for me to. First i put the circle away and the tree.after that i could preform the ritual. Thanks!

  10. ghie says:

    hi.. where can i find the spring tree? thanks

  11. dudez says:

    can any tell me how to create a boquet for me to finished saving the 3rd prince plz.-.,.,

  12. dudez says:


  13. asha says:

    what is the requirement to unlock the diamond. the secret achievement. traveller.what to do actually?

  14. Kelly says:

    I put all 3 princes, circle, & tree back in trunk. took them all out (tree Last) clicked on circle and it worked

  15. karen says:

    The chocolate, coffee and vanilla plant are not available after the update. Where do I get them? Thanks

  16. Jennifer says:

    How do I find the third prince??

  17. Jodi says:

    How can I get the staff of life and sorcerous ring to perform the revival ritual?

  18. cindy ortega says:

    I hid my icons and am not able to get full screen. How do i get the icons back so i can go to full screen?
    Thank you!!

  19. mia says:

    How do u get the royal emerald?

  20. Jodi says:

    royal emeralds are given to you by the second prince

  21. Lisa says:

    How do find the second prince. Robin

  22. mia says:

    Do the summoning ritual in your dream circle to get the 2nd prince.

  23. mia says:

    Do the summoning ritual in your dream circle.

  24. Jodi says:

    how do I get the third prince? I have transmuted the marvelous boquet twice and still nothing!

  25. fairygirl says:

    Can somebody help me please… Where can I find the flower leopard and the spring boxes???/

  26. black7726 says:

    Can some one pls tell me how can I get rhe 200 on the hidde treasure on the traveler part

  27. dudez says:

    can any one tell me wer to get the 2nd hunter’s amulet pl ease…..

  28. dudez says:

    can any one tell me wer to get the 2nd hunter’s amulet plz….

  29. alexandra says:

    how can i get the novice traveler achievement?

  30. Becki says:

    I've completed the spring tree now I have no more quests? I've got the 3 princes, tree, cauldron and the dream circle but no quests. I'm level 37

  31. Becki says:

    I think the ring I got through the witch quest, doing something in the mailbox, sending the letter and in the cauldron brewing the beauty elixir, I can't remember exactly sorry

  32. keijei06 says:


  33. keijei06 says:

    cant find the hunter's amulet and staff of life and sorcerous ring ๐Ÿ™ pls help

  34. nishu says:

    Can someone please tell me how to finish novice traveller achievement?

    Please !

  35. Justwondering says:

    I had the spring tree and now it is gone. Where can I get another one?

  36. mia says:

    U get the hunters amulet from a quest. What new spring flower do u get the blue fireflies from?

  37. Sam says:

    Am on level 52 but stuck without hunters amulet or ring. Help anyone?

  38. Ace says:

    Hey guys, I’m stuck. I should grow a 100 year old orchid, but i cant find such plant….?

  39. Cat says:

    Wtf are spring boxes? Need a flower leopard. How do i do this?

  40. Shenta Kuni says:

    Hey people.. Where can I get pink and blue fireflies from? And another thing, my spring tree isn’t growing.. And how do I get the staff of life and sorcerers ring? Please help ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Arri says:

    Playing on an android device how do you get the spring boxes for flower leopard? Is this something that is limited to only the computer/facebook game?

  42. Arri says:

    Please help thank you

  43. Iya says:

    Sold my spring tree by accident. How can I get this back? Can anyone help please? ๐Ÿ™

  44. Angel says:

    How do I grow the spring tree? Or on the front page “Rejuvenate” it?

  45. Bella39 says:

    How can I get more turtle diamonds?

  46. aejohns84 says:

    In the Royal Quest, how do I rescue the Prince to enlist his help to send a message to the King? Also, in the mailbox how do I get the box of sweets to receive the Witch's package?

  47. TBIO11 says:

    How do I get the life crystal, staff shaft, and the sorcerous ring? Someone please help!!!

  48. RileyGirl says:

    I was moving my animals around on my farm and the Black foal unicorn is gone. I didn't move him to storage as I had not finished the task. My Farm is not that big and it is like i somehow deleted him. I was going to uninstall and re-install but have since bought a Red Wrym and am afraid the uninstall will delete him and that will cause more complications. Does anyone have any suggestions how to get him back.

  49. vicki says:

    How do i get the spectral leaves to the flower arrangement for the third prince

  50. Bella says:

    I NEED HELP!!!! How do i rejuvinate me spring tree. Can someone tell me how, please!

  51. greylady says:

    How do I find people playing so i can add tem as friends so i can visit

  52. wendy says:

    What does novice traveler mean an how do u do it thanks

  53. greylady says:

    I have no idea what I'm doing in this game, I just started a few days ago, I somehow managed to get te second prince Robin, but couldn't tell you how lol, he is standing there in my game ( no longer a warthog or whatever he was) but when i click the quest,where it says "save prince robin" its still not checked off, am I missing something? Also I still can't get my spring tree to do anything,won't grow, never needs water? Why is that? Can anyone help please?

  54. B-ride says:

    Does anyone knows how to get the devotion amulet other than from "friends" ?

  55. Norms says:

    I think my game froze! My plants won't grow. How can I reset/refresh the game?

  56. angi says:

    how do I get the first prince ? please tell me .

  57. help says:

    How do I get the blue and red fireflies. It says i can find them in the rubbish and the mushrooms. I found 8 blue ones and 6 red ones but since 1 week I do not find any of them. Is there something wrong or am I missing something. Thanks for helping ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. BlueV21 says:

    I have saved all the princes, but i still haven't beena albe to get the hunter's amulet

  59. Belle says:

    How do I save the second and third princes??? Really confused :/

  60. keren says:

    Does anyone know how to get a Turtle Diamond????? Please help!!!

  61. liza hontucan says:

    How can i know my id?! And how to get friends and connect with them, when i go to connection i get hanged and the game closing!

  62. bri says:

    How do you revive the springtree? I have no idea and I’m at level 14.

  63. kate says:

    what are spring boxes? where exactly do i find one. i need to find the flower leopard.

  64. lyth says:

    please help me,,,,
    my mystery box was lost but i haven’t leopard yet…
    how do i get the leopard?

  65. Nasreen says:

    hey can ane1 tell me dat after getting the spring tree what i hav to do?

  66. Tiffany says:

    I have harvested apples from six trees for weeks since I rescued the second prince an still have not received a hunters amulet also how do you receive the spring perfume to make spring happiness??!! HELP PLEASE

  67. Bel says:

    My third prince has gone after moving it beside my red wrym, same thing happened when I put my spring dragoness next to my red wrym, it is like they been eaten, I can’t find them anywhere, I only have a small farm and they are not in my storage, please help how do I get them back??

  68. Nasreen says:

    plz help me my spring tree hav grown then still the spring is not coming and no more quest wat to do???

  69. Nasreen says:

    hi bri first u put the spring tree in ur storage then u do the revival ritual then u bring back the spring tree from ur storage ..this would help u…

  70. kaye says:

    How can i achieve the novice traveller ?

  71. Nightmare Angel says:

    Hi, please help me, it seems like my spring does grow?

  72. Tatat says:

    Help me pls. How I get the life crystal and the staff shaft. Thank you.

  73. andy says:

    pls.help me find n 2nd prince…

  74. greylady says:

    How do u play the magic words? Are we suppose to unscramble these letters? Because I can't make a word out of these letters… anyone solve this yet?

  75. giesha says:

    Cnat find the hunters amulet….staff of life…ring…done everything mentioned. What does the 100100 year tree do? Or the magic rose…i figure its something because when i click on those things,my avatar hangs her head like she is crying.im on level 48.help please

  76. sarah says:

    What are we suppose to do with these magic words??????

  77. giesha says:

    How do you get magic words…and what do you do with them?/ help me please

  78. Irene says:

    the same issue abt these awkward words! may be it has smth to do with friends??

  79. Tess7 says:

    I have 2 glass bushes, but everytime I harvest them, it doesn't show it on my quest for the Staff Shaft. Does anyone know why?

  80. Bullyproofy says:

    I have a caramel bush, and when i harvest it it gives me candy that doesn't appear in the storage… Anyone else? And why doesn't it give coins?! Help please…

  81. Dave says:

    I was wondering how you open the cookies? Thanks! Please help!

  82. nasreen says:

    can aneone plz tell wat we hav to do with the magic words and how can i add friends.plz help

  83. nasreen says:

    can u all tel me ur fairyfarm id so ai can add u n shre the magic words and gifts plz help.i need friends to share the magic words.

  84. nasreen says:

    can u all tel me ur fairy farm id so i can send u friend request and we can share the magic words and we can send gifts.plz help

  85. Harsha says:

    hi, i have a problem with the secret traveller achievement.what is it? and how many crystals should be earned by completing offers so that this achievement is unlocked? plzzz if anybody know then plz help…

  86. dee says:

    what plants gives pure fire

  87. Rhon says:

    How to get SCARLET DUST….? I really need help!

  88. pj1198 says:

    add me..i want to share magic words

  89. Kate0207 says:

    Where can you find PURE FIRE? Pls help!

  90. Lily says:

    Please help! Do I buy the expansion first for the mansion or the diamond turtle? I don't have much of the crystal and it had taken me very time to collect 100 crystal. Thank you.

  91. Beyem says:

    HOw can you add a friend besides Facebook?

  92. Judy says:

    How to do the magic words? Pls help.

  93. yassy says:

    i lost my game and i dont want to start over again.. any options? i didnt log in with facebook because i have my brother with that same game. what do i do? anyone?? TIA!~

  94. riny says:

    can someone help me on rejuvenate spring tree quest? It automatically said that i already put the spring tree into trunk(while i never put it or it come inside automatically after i complete other quest?) but when i search it in trunk.i found nothing..im stuck now.

    And for the message in the bottle quest..how to consult with mermaid?where to find the mermaid?

    Thx for helping

  95. jayesh says:

    How to get scarlet dust

  96. maryann says:

    Did a special purchase for four unicorns, gems and coins and cash. Paid 9.99. They took my money but didnt give me my stuff. Wrote them several times on my gmail, but they just ignored it. I like the game very much but got ripped off.

  97. Harsha says:

    plz tell me what is the halloween master achievement.

  98. Harsha says:

    plz tell me what is the halloween master achievement

  99. Msb says:

    Hi how do I get glass like from what plant do I get it from

  100. Gill says:

    Hi, can anyone help me. I'm told to place the woodland pond but it just keeps on saying my farm is too small, I need to expand. I have expanded a few times so why does it keep saying this. Should I just put all my stuff in storage first? Please help.

  101. Lori says:

    What plants give you Pure Fire?

  102. mars says:

    I hav to do the spring tree one but how or where do i get the tree.
    i hav a green check on the storage….does that mean its in my storage box.?

  103. nhessy buyag says:

    how can i find the two prince..?prince robin and prince leonard??

  104. emiley says:

    how do i cast a spell

  105. Maiotrese says:

    Hi everybody!
    Which plant gives pure fire?

    By the way, I’ve read there are lots of questions any pink & blue fireflies..in case u still need help, I got all of them from puddingrass. Try it!

  106. roh says:

    how to send message to another wizard?

  107. brooke says:

    Can someone please tell me what flowers etc… produces Pure fire!! I’m stuck ๐Ÿ™ help!

  108. need help on 3rd prince..

  109. Renee says:

    how can share magic words with friends?

  110. korr says:

    How to open novice traveller sicret achivement

  111. how to get essence??

  112. Jen says:

    Where do I get an undying branch?

  113. Pendee says:

    Can anyone tell me where I find a Brave Eaglet?

  114. Steff says:

    I need help with this also x

  115. Haven says:

    I need help with buying the "Brave Eaglet" also! where is it?

  116. marjorie says:

    how do I get a life crystal plz?

  117. korr says:

    Any question in FF(fairy farm) i can helf you. Even i didnt know only the traveller quest.

  118. Pendee says:

    Which plants do I get glass from anyone.

  119. korr says:

    U can buy brave eaglet to the shop on leftside on the screen. if you play fairy farm in android phones stay connected on internet..

  120. marjorie says:

    Where do you get life crystals from????

  121. marjorie says:

    Help plz

  122. debbie sweet says:

    Ive been playing this addictive game for a while I play this on my phone android

    I keep trying to cast spells an either the network goes while casting an says expired I have one waiting I’ve not opened my bottle how long will I have with this spell to cast it,plz help I’ve not added friends on f/b cuz no one wants to play this game plz help thank u

  123. Jessica says:

    How do i get the fire, water, and air essence

  124. dark says:

    How do I earn free portion of the game fairy farm

  125. Ofairy says:

    Where do I find the mermaid?

  126. Angel says:

    Hi! I ‘m new at fairy farm. I bought mailbox and did what it wants. I got some packages but I don’t know what to do with that packages. Please tell me what should I do? And what’s the mystery box

  127. farmaid says:

    Help! what plant gives pure fire?

  128. Kay says:

    I’m still new to the game and can’t seem to get anymore quests after the spring tree. I haven’t completed the mansion, castle, or fortune cookie quests yet. I’m on level 25 and use my Android phone. Is there any way to get friends since I did not go through fb to get the game? Any help would b appreciated

  129. Jen says:

    What plant drops cork the most?

  130. destiny says:

    I summoned “spring happiness” from the dream circle and nothing happened… its not in my storage eaither so what’s it supposed to do? ๐Ÿ™

  131. debbie says:

    I like this game as u know it’s so hard to get crystals over the last week
    I’ve lost 55 crystals just trying to get the last one on the gremlin family don’t the program Know why give us doubles it’s takes ages to get crystals so why do they do this very Annoying

  132. Theresa says:

    How do I find the Euro Rose? Quest says my dream circle but I don’t see it there.

  133. Ajs says:

    How do i become a Novice Traveller?

  134. SirenDrake says:

    I have been waiting over a week now for a reply from technical support, so I hope someone here will help me! Are there any more Spring quests once you've revived the Spring Tree? I even made a Potion of Strength with the undying branches, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Making Spring Happiness doesn't seem to do anything either, but that may have been something I already did for an earlier quest.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

  135. Kay says:

    sirendrake, could u please do the words quest with me please. I have 13 fortune cookies to use. My email is jkkmsnyder@gmail.com. TIA

  136. Kay says:

    sirendrake I’m in the same boat with no quests after the spring tree. Do u have any old quests at all left? Also does anybody know what the last 2 options under the energy tab do?

  137. Jessica says:

    How do I get the mystery box?

  138. Kisa says:

    I can't seem to find a Brave Eaglet to complete one of my quests. I play on my Ipad. Can anyone help me?

  139. gina says:

    pls help,, i have unsolved quest, the fortune cookies thing.. it says here that i need 7 f.c., but unfortunately i already had 8 on hand,,but still it reflect nothing… what should i do…tnx

  140. Susy says:

    Feel free to add me as a neighbor

    my e mail is suethefairy@yahoo.com. I’m also on facebook.

  141. Susy says:

    Does anyone how to get the mermaid to complete

    the “a message in a bottle” quest. Thanks Btw I also have

    fortune cookies to share.

  142. Kay says:

    Kisa and Sirendrake , thanks for the info. Sirendrake I wish I knew about the quests, but I do know that the spring happiness ritual refills Ur energy. Gina iv opened fortune cookies and had the words used and still havnt gotten credit for that quest either. Does anyone know what the elemental energy is (from the cats) ?

  143. shukuchi says:

    im a fairy farm addict :))

  144. shukuchi says:

    what does the spring dragon give? thanks.

  145. ricci says:

    I can’t add friends don’t know why can someond add me so I can do the magic words thing trenaandolivasmomma@yahoo.com

  146. emily says:


  147. Heidi says:

    What do I do with the wise owls egg shells ?
    I cannot sell them from storage but I have over 100 egg shells !
    Anyone ?

    Thanks !

  148. Blueelement910 says:

    Im pretty new to the game and I have no idea how to use the magic words. Can someone give me a walk through?

  149. Jayhj87 says:

    Hi I’m looking for what give glass and cork. I also need some friends. These magic words are killing me. If someone else needs a friend hit me up. Hanks

  150. alexa says:

    How do I get cork?

  151. Tina says:

    Please add me

  152. JoAnne Kraft says:

    I started playing this game two weeks ago and love it but need to have friends and do not want to have to use Facebook to have them as due to difficulties I had to delete my Facebook account and have no interest in having another Facebook account….why can’t we add friends based on emails and why can’t we use our coins earned in game to buy crystals rather then always having to buy them as you only get one per level or small amounts for some achievements….its too expensive to keep playing if you’re expected to pay cash for such a small amount of crystals….using the coins we earn would be more fair….the option to buy with cash or game coins otherwise im going to have to hang up playing this game since I can’t have friends without Facebook and have to buy crystals with cash…..hopefully the designers of this game will make friends without Facebook and the buying crystals with game coins as an option…..it would keep alot of people playing that’s for sure!;)

  153. Sena says:

    Please add me on fairy farm, I’m new and not sure how to add people.. My email is sena.blackledge@live.com.. Also if you can give me any useful tips, please help!!!! Lol

  154. Kay says:

    Joanne and Sena look at Sirendrake’s post on Aug 4 (the dates r jumbled) for the friend word quest and click on the earn free crystal button. They add up quickly

  155. emily says:

    ILIITNTERA .. help me to cast this magic word… tq

  156. tina says:

    how do i get the experience skroll

  157. Carolyn says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew which plant gives me corks?

    I got glass from lily of the valley.

  158. kai says:

    um guys i'm just asking where can i get an undying branch???? pls. reply!!!

  159. KAI says:

    I NEED HELP!!! where can i get an undying branch???? pls. reply!!!

  160. imel says:

    help me also : ARUSPEAM

  161. KAI says:

    I NEED HELP!!!! where can I get fortune cookies??? they say that it is in the fortune tree but where can i find it? PLS. REPLY!!!!

  162. KAI says:

    I NEED HELP!!! where can I get a 2nd hunter's Amulet??? pls. help me!!!

  163. Trace says:

    heres a fortune cookie – IAMEREAMTUM – 11h58
    message in a bottle – TIATIANTRA – 1d23h

  164. lucy says:

    try this Tissiqura 11h
    etatiliis 1d23h

  165. Shasha says:

    Try this magic word…. Sseusinis

  166. Shasha says:

    Try this magic word – Quaquotatera

  167. lucy says:

    TRy this riinatera

  168. Likust says:

    Can somebody help me please… I really don't know how to clear the cookies quest… I already have 7 cookies and i give the magic word when i opened them… But the quest score doesn't change at all!!

  169. HANU says:


  170. HEIDI says:

    just opened 11h59m !!!!!

  171. emily says:

    how to get gold igot?

  172. imel says:

    try my spell, eriustatera (message in the bottle)

  173. HEIDI says:

    just opened : 11h59m !!!

  174. lizcel says:

    how to cast a spell?

  175. Heather says:

    I have a spell to try: QUOPEQUORA

  176. Heather says:

    Urisdiera, another spell, ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. HEIDI says:

    just opened 11h59m !!!

  178. Come November says:

    how do I get an ent? or talk to puff the tree? i'll post all my secret words on the FB page

  179. HEIDI says:

    please cast this spell for me !

  180. DESTINY says:


  181. lucy says:


  182. lucy says:

    I have a quest that requires 7 fortune cookies, i already have 15 but still no progress on my quest list. what should i do? Thanks

  183. HEIDI says:

    Just now opened a new Fortune Cookie,

    Please cast my spell : ENTIERATUM

    thank you !

  184. Miss. Petit says:

    Is there any way to get Turtle Diamonds without buying the Diamond Turtle?

  185. zoe says:

    I have fairy farm im stuck i cant find the turtle diamonds

    i cant remember where it is can u help please

  186. Sugga says:

    I was playing this game everyday,till it starting clinching ,every time the game glitches I loses 200 to 300 gems per time!Thats not right!the tapjoy doesn't work,for me at least.the message in a bottle work most of the time.But I've lost over1000 gems because of glichen.Not happy with fairy farm,trying to contact them but very hard,almost a waste of time,and money.

  187. Sugga says:

    Not happy with fairy farm,be carefull!Dont spent money on the game.This game makes money off gliching!You lose every thing you work hard at,cuz the game just wants your money!!!!

  188. HEIDI says:

    Just opened new Fortune Cookie : TUSIAMERIS

    Just opened Message in a Bottle : SSESSETUSIS

    Please cast these spells for me, thanks !!

  189. lucy says:



  190. Pacifica says:

    Since I downloaded the 1.7.7. update I can't find any corks.
    Does anyone know which plants give corks with the 1.7.7 version?

  191. How do I find the mermaid?

  192. Pacifica says:

    Tip: A panda costs 3 points of energy (each time you take care of him) but brings 1000 coins.
    What animals bring as much or more money?

  193. Kay says:

    Lucy ddi was supposed to b fairy farm

  194. hary says:

    I can’t spell any magic words, i already try the newest ones that being shared here, and i’m sure i’m not miss-spell ๐Ÿ™

    can anyone help me?

    Is there any specific ways to type it or what?

    I al

  195. I cannot get any friends on my fairy farm game, I have been trying for one week but they never show up in there, please help as it is very frustrating. Love the game.

  196. lucy says:


  197. HEIDI says:

    Just opened another Fortune Cookie : ERUMTURRA

    And this message in a bottle spell says still 19h21m to go :

    Please help me cast these spells !!

    Thanks !

  198. Pacifica says:

    UEIAONAM (from bottle, valid 1 day and 22 hours)

  199. hary says:

    New magic words:


  200. hary says:


  201. Sherie Kirby says:

    Please add me on Fairy Farm (android version) I can only get to facebook friends….My user name is Jasminestarrz. Lol I only have 2 friends and they don't ever play. Also can anyone tell me how you cast spells with friends? Or where people really share magic words? I haven't had one work yet. The words from fortune cookies always fail. It tells me the word is expired…try using a fresher one lol! Where do you get them?

  202. HEIDI says:

    Allright : Opened new Fortune Cookie and another Message in a Bottle :

    Fortune Cookie : AMUSRATERA 11h59m

    Message in a Bottle : RAERETUERA 1D23H


  203. Pacifica says:

    I sold all my clay. And now I need some clay to make a pot.
    Does anyone know which plants give clay?
    Can I get clay from pots and vases?

  204. lucy says:

    message in a bottle:tisusconera
    magic: neuintiis

  205. lucy says:

    How to go to witch castle?

  206. Heidi says:

    Still valid for 21h59m

    Messaga in a Bottle : RAERETUERA

    Please help me cast the spell !


  207. Pacifica says:

    UEIAONAM (bottle, 1D 22H)

  208. fiona says:

    how do i get the gremlin family?

  209. I am still unable to get any friends on my fairy farm game, someone please help me as it is very frustrating.

  210. Pacifica says:

    TIP: In finishing a quest (don't remember which one) I received a marshmallow ram.
    Is there a quest that gives a Peacock as a reward? (that would save me a lot of crystals ๐Ÿ™‚
    If you know any quest that rewards with an animal, please feel free to share the information.

  211. Pacifica says:

    TIP: numberlant flower (available sometimes in the special offer box in the top left corner, I bought it for 9 000 coins, the item goes into the blue coffer) grows in 5 hours and gives 10 000 coins when harvested. Idon't know if we can plant that flower as many times as we want once we have bought it, for the moment, at least two times and it is still in my blue coffer.

  212. tinkerbel says:

    I have all 3 prince n nothin no hunters armlet plez help n also with the spring tree i have it obn my farnbut its not growin n i need it for my quest that goes with hunters armlet

  213. tinkerbell says:

    I have akl the gifts too

  214. Pacifica says:

    What kind of snacks does the halfling's house (available in the store) give?

  215. Pacifica says:

    IUSISDEAM (bottle 23 hours)

  216. MIchelle says:

    Can someone help me?? the Spring tree has dissapeared from my farm. It's not in the storage. I need it for the 3rd prince.

  217. MIchelle says:

    Also, I havent been able to generate any Magic Words. It always says "Could not generate a Magic Word. Might be a problem with Magic Ministry's server. Pls try again later". It's frustrating….pls help!

  218. how do i finish the " a message in a bottle" quest? how do i consult the mermaid?

  219. MIchelle says:

    Do we need friends to play this game? My FB friends are not into this.

  220. Pacifica says:

    RUMRELIAM (cookie 10h 59m)

  221. Nana Kay says:

    Please help me.. I'm not having any luck finding the 3rd prince. I have a pond, spring tree, circle, mailbox, lots of apples, apple trees – I've spent hours going through all the posts but no complete explanation on how to get to the last prince

  222. Becky says:

    I need friends on here face same email misseose_2005@yahoo.com and stuck on mermaids west and I can’t afford cats or upgrade land

  223. ShaSha says:

    Try the magic word below;

  224. Pacifica says:

    What to do with a devotion amulet?

  225. ShaSha says:

    Hello another magic word;

  226. ShaSha says:

    New magic word

  227. Joe says:

    What kind of daily rewards can we get when we have fairy farm friends?

  228. Pacifica says:

    UEUSARTUM (bottle 1d20h)

  229. tinkerbel says:

    How do i get the hunters amulets i got all 3 prince n nada plez help n how do i get corks

  230. tinkerbel says:

    @pacifica thanks ill try that

  231. Pacifica says:

    Did anyone manage to get all 4 animals (bear, tiger, panda, elephant) from the summer homework? Did you get a reward? if yes, what was it?

  232. tinkerbel says:


  233. Shasha says:

    Magic word – Message in the bottle


  234. kay says:

    How to get the princess toys? Pls help.

  235. Shasha says:

    New magic word – teumertum

  236. Shasha says:


  237. tinkerbel says:

    I need the hmunters amulets plez help

  238. rocco66 says:

    message in a bottle – how do you do the mermaid part

  239. adiknabata says:

    hey guys, can somebody tell me which plant gives you glass? thank you very much in advance. ^__^

  240. adiknabata says:

    and also how can i make the 3rd prince appear? thanks!

  241. Heidi says:



    Please all cast the spell !
    Thanks !

  242. X'Domo says:

    How can I get the hunter amulet for sping tree

  243. tinkerbell says:

    Bottle SSETEILIRA 1d 23h

  244. X'Domo says:

    How can I get hunter amulet for sping tree?

  245. Deuterous says:


  246. maria says:

    How do you complete the summer homework??

  247. Deuterous says:


  248. Deuterous says:


  249. HEIDI says:

    Just opened :

    Message in a Bottle : TERTUMUNTRA 1d23h

    Fortune Cookie : SETISDIERA 11h59m

    Thank you !

  250. HEIDI says:

    ** NEW **

    Message in a Bottle : TERTUMUNTRA 1d23h

    Fortune cookie : ITUERRUTUM 11h59m

    Please cast the spells, thank you !

  251. Deuterous says:

    Forture cookie:itucoumera(11:50)
    Please cast the spell,thanks

  252. Nicole says:

    bottle message : ERIPEQUIERA
    fortune cookie : INPROORRA
    please cast spell, thank you !

  253. goldenpot says:

    how can i achieve the traveler thing on the trophies or whatever thing?

  254. dani says:

    You have to earn crystals through the free section.

  255. Nicole says:

    bottle message : ERIPEQUIERA 1d 23h
    fortune cookie : LIATENERA 11h 59m
    please cast spell, thank you !

  256. Nicole says:

    ANRITIAM 10h 56m

  257. Nicole says:

    PERTUUMERA 11h 57m
    Please cast spell, thank you.

  258. Nicole says:

    PERTUUMERA 2h 30m

  259. Nicole says:

    QUAQUNTIAM 11h 56m
    NTIQUCOIS 1d 23m

  260. Nicole says:

    QUAQUNTIAM 11h 20m
    NTIQUCOIS 1d 23h

  261. Deuterous says:

    Fortune cookie:IUSDIATERA(11:59)
    Bottle message:ERANCIRA(1d23h)
    Please cast spell,thank you very much! [^.^]

  262. Deuterous says:

    Bottle message:ERANCIRA(1d23h)
    Help (^.^) !

  263. Pacifica says:

    CONATITARA cookie 8H00

  264. sandra says:

    how can I get an experience scroll?

  265. arien says:

    Untarntira I have no clue what my cookie unscrambles to be :/

  266. Nicole says:


  267. Nicole says:

    ATONIAMIS 11h 22m
    please cast spell, TQ

  268. Deuterous says:

    Fortune cookie:IADIDETUM(11h59)
    Help !(^_^)!

  269. HEIDI says:

    Hi, just opened :

    Fortune Cookie : RITATRUMRA 11h59m

    Message in a Bottle : CINTIORAM 1d23h

    Thanks !!

  270. Nicole says:

    QUERUMATIS 11h59m
    Thanks !

  271. Nicole says:

    QUOTIATIAM 11h 59m

  272. HEIDI says:

    Cookie : ATIBUNTIERA 11h59m

    Bottle : CINTIORAM 1d23h


  273. HEIDI says:

    Does anyone know how to avoid buying
    double animals from the elemental box ?
    I need ocean cat but now have 2 vine and 2 blazing :-)) !

    Thanks !

  274. Nicole says:

    Bottle : SIENONTUM 1d 23h
    Please cast spell, TQ

  275. Pacifica says:

    ESTATITURERA cookie 11h44

  276. Pacifica says:

    ILINTIITRA rose 23H55

  277. Nicole says:

    QUCUMPERAM 11h 56m

  278. arien says:

    Where do I get the undying birch. Thingy

  279. adiknabata says:

    hey guys.. i need help with a quest.. do i have to transmute the staff of life to finish the staff components quest? i'm kinda scared to transmute it because it's very difficult to find the ingredients.. if someone can help me that would be great. thank you very much in advance! ^_^

  280. Deuterous says:

    You will get it from the spring tree

  281. lynlvh says:

    Pequetisis magic word

  282. Nicole says:

    PERSENTIAM 11h 59m

  283. Please cast my spell ENESTETUM. 11hr 55m

  284. Nicole says:

    EMTERISSAM 11h 59m cookies
    Please cast spell, thanks

  285. Pacifica says:

    TATTUMRUIS cookie 11H50

  286. kathy says:

    Please cast my.spell. ATURUMCIAM 11hr 36m. From a bottle

  287. kathy says:

    What items from the decor tab are actually useful? Will the magic canon help me

  288. lynlvh says:

    Magic spell issquaurtum

  289. kathy says:

    TATNTEENAM just opened please cast this for me thanks

  290. Nicole says:

    cookie : URESTAEAM 11h58m
    Please cast spell, thanks!

  291. Nicole says:

    How do you complete the summer homework??
    it seems to stuck here with no other task. Has anyone pass this, please help…

  292. Nicole says:

    RAORUATIIS 11h 55m cookie

  293. kathy says:

    BUSESTRURA. Just opened 11h 55m

  294. kathy says:

    How can i visit other farms?

  295. Nicole says:

    CUMATUQUTUM 11h 58m cookie

  296. Nicole says:

    ETILIRIAM 1d 23h bottle message

  297. kathy says:

    UEERITETUM 11 HR35M please cast my spell. Thanks

  298. Pacifica says:

    What can we get from a game garden tree?

  299. Pacifica says:

    Once a cookie is opened the spell can be cast in the next 12 hours.
    Once a bottle is opened the spell can be cast in the next 24 hours.
    It seems that for a bottle the magic word disapears after being cast. But for my cookies the word stays during 12 hours even if someone casted the spell.
    I have plenty of cookies that I can't open as long as the previous cookie word is not gone.
    Is there a mean to make disappear that cookie spell before the 12 hours are passed?

  300. Nicole says:

    UMENRURUERA 11h 36m

  301. Nicole says:

    Sorry I spell wrongly.
    Here's the correct one
    UMENRUERA 11h 35m

  302. Nicole says:

    ETILIRIAM 1d 23h bottle mesage

  303. vanly says:

    help me to cast this spell



  304. kathy says:

    AMETQUIAM new cookie cast my spell plez 11h 55m

  305. Nicole says:

    RUMQUERUMERA 11h 50m

  306. Nicole says:

    RUMQUERUMERA 11h 35m

  307. vanly says:

    TACIISSAM, 10h left

  308. vanly says:


  309. Pacifica says:


  310. kathy says:


  311. its hard to go in my friends farm.before i can easily went to my friends farm,but now i cant.can you help me?

  312. Pacifica says:

    Who wants to get 5 crystals and 15 stamina?
    then cast SEATUREIS.

  313. HEIDI says:

    Message in a Bottle : IUMTATRATRA 1d23h

    Please cast this spell!

  314. kathy says:


  315. Amelia says:

    fortune cookies

  316. Lucy says:

    Hi Guys ,

    How do I finish the phantom quest? specifically the "fondling the kitten?".

  317. Kay says:

    The game cube tree is a complete let down! Unless it is needed for a future update don’t bother!

  318. Lucy says:


  319. HEIDI says:

    Hi, just opened :

    Cookie : RURATENTRA 11H59M

    Bottle : ARTURUEERA 1D23H

    Thanks !

  320. adz says:

    only left 2 quests and both needs a lot of crystal…aren't there anymore quests?

  321. adz says:

    can't visit neighbors for the longest time? everytime i try to visit i get log off..anyone knws what's wrong?

  322. lucy says:


  323. adz says:

    feel cheated….got a notification saying i earned master traveller that will give me 1000 crystals but i didnt get it.

  324. Nicole says:

    cookie : USNTEIUERA 11h 50m
    bottle : TUQUQUEERA 1d 23h

  325. Heidi says:

    Bottle : ARTURUEERA 1d23h !!!

    Please cast the spell !

  326. Pacifica says:

    ANIUMRUMRA cookie 11H55

  327. Heidi says:

    Bottle : ARTURUEERA

    still 1d 15h to go !!


  328. kathy says:


  329. len says:

    DEREAERA…message from bottle..1d..please cast my spell

  330. Silverspurs says:

    Here’s a new magic word Orteream. 11 hrs before it expires.

  331. Pacifica says:

    PRONENIIS cookie 11H58

  332. HEIDI says:




  333. Heidi says:

    Fortune Cookie : TURESTTUSIS 11h59m


  334. rae says:

    where do i get mystery boxes for the pony?

  335. Nicole says:

    cookies : IUIULIIS 11h 50m
    bottle : BUSRUANTERA 1d 23h

  336. ziying says:

    Plz help to cast the spells
    Bottle: QUIQUAIUTUM 1d 1h
    Cookie: UMANTTITUM 11h 22m

  337. Nicole says:

    cookies : LITAESAM 11h 55m

  338. Nicole says:

    cookie : ERARONIS 11h 55m

  339. HEIDI says:

    Just opened :

    Bottle : TEESTBUSRA 1D23H

    Cookie : RUMURIUMRA 11H59M

    Please cast the spells!

  340. Heidi says:

    New cookie :

    ATITAETTUM – valid 11h59m


  341. Pascale says:

    How do I get the genie ??

  342. Spinxy says:

    How do I get devotion amulets………………I don`t have any friends playing this on facebook!

  343. barbie says:

    how to capture fireflies near lantren in fairy farm?

  344. zuxxu20 says:

    Coetsiera new word

  345. Silverspurs says:


  346. Silverspurs says:

    Collect fireflies by purchasing the lantern an put it on your farm. If you already have lanterns try putting them in your storage and then put them back on your farm. Worked for me.

  347. sherie says:

    Hi, how do you disenchant the first prince?

  348. Silverspurs says:


  349. Heidi says:

    Cookie :

    ITATURATIS valid 11h 59m from now!

    Please cast the spell, thanks!

  350. Classic Pooh says:

    Yeah. I didn’t realize I was posting a reply rather than a new message until it was too late. :-}. I will do better next time.

    And it does seem someone used it – I got a reward this morning. So yay! I will keep posting. I have like 20 cookies and 7 bottles piled up b/c I don’t use FB and didn’t know what to do with them until now.

  351. Classic Pooh says:

    Just opened:
    Cookie: ORISUNTIS ~12 hours left
    Bottle: TIANRIAM ~2 days left

  352. Maddy says:

    Cookie: REQUITERA

  353. dee jay says:

    What can a laboratory do?

    Can it make crystal?

  354. Heidi says:

    New cookie : QUESIATUTUM valid 11h59m

    Thanks for casting the spell!

  355. Maddy says:


  356. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: AMERIINERA
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  357. Cyrl72 says:


  358. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: ATUISSONRA

  359. cherryblossoms says:

    Can someone plse help out
    Fortune cookie: liamratum 11 hrs. 19 min

  360. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: ATNTIPEAM ~12 hours
    Bottle: ISSISSETERA ~2 days
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  361. mENDA65 says:

    Fortune cookie – IUSUNTETTUM

  362. Menda65 says:

    U wanna some crystals?

  363. Menda65 says:

    Fairy farm – how to get some grystals and coins?
    A message in a bottle – IUMUMQUAIS

  364. Menda65 says:

    Why my spring tree doesn't grow up? I grew it 3 days ago, but I can't water it… In general I can do nothing about this tree. But I want some undying branches. And I have so far only prince Richard… How ca I get the rest of the princes? Help… And please cast my spels.

  365. Kika says:

    TXH for magic word! It works! I got 1 crystal and an old piece of paper… used scroll.

  366. Menda65 says:

    I've got another one. You can get crytal too. A message in a botle – IUMUMQUAIS

  367. Menda65 says:

    The same magic words… it's weird! But you can try.

  368. anna_85 says:

    Hi everyone!

    My spell is: SIATITISIS.

    @Menda 65, thank you for your spell, I gained a crystal, yeeea.

  369. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: IUMUITATUM
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  370. Menda65 says:

    U want used scroll and a crystal? – A N T D I E R E R A

  371. magic says:

    Cookie : IAMAMURTUM

  372. barbie says:

    i had no more quests after wizards castle……
    any one faced the same thing?
    now am in 34th level…….

  373. cheveygirl says:

    How do I add friends?

  374. cheveygirl says:

    Why does nothing happen after I open a bottle? Thanks

  375. Barbie says:


  376. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: ESIUSIUMIS
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  377. Esstee says:

    I’m on level 30. I haven’t gotten the Spring Tre Helo

  378. magic says:

    CICUMATTUM 11h 55m

  379. fairy lady says:

    How can i get pure fire

  380. Menda65 says:


  381. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: ATITUNTEAM
    Bottle: TACUMTISAM
    Thanks for casting my spells! ๐Ÿ™‚

  382. Classic Pooh says:

    Thanks Menda65! ๐Ÿ™‚

  383. Menda65 says:

    a message in a bottle – ATUIUSDIAM

  384. Barbie says:


  385. Just went to play and I've been put back 4 levels lost my gremlins my cauldron and I'm super mad! I've never been able to access facebook from the downloaded game I don't get it. It just times out every time I try to get friends help???

  386. cheveygirl says:

    Cookie: PEIUSQUORA

  387. Classic Pooh says:

    Fresh fortune cookie: ORUTISUIRA
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  388. Heidi says:


    Cookie : CONRUISSTUM valid 11h59m
    Bottle : RUMENTINRA valid 1day 23hours


  389. magic says:

    Cookie – RAPEROSRA 11h 59 m

  390. emily says:


  391. Menda65 says:


  392. Bella1007 says:

    How can I find the Staff of life and de Sorcerous ring to perfom Revival Ritual?? pleaseeeeeee!!!!!

  393. anna_85 says:


  394. jessica hallgren says:

    I am so lost on this game I don’t know how to do quests all I seem to do is plant collect and grow plz help

  395. Classic Pooh says:

    New cookie: SIANTTEIS
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  396. cheveygirl says:

    Cookie: QUOURCOIS 11h 59m
    Thank you!

  397. YUDITH says:


  398. Heidi says:

    New Cookie ! SSEILIEMAM valid 11h59m


  399. magic says:


  400. menda65 says:


  401. AAA says:

    How do I get honey for the bouquet arrangement

  402. Pacifica says:

    cookie UIETIBURA 11h57

  403. jessica hallgren says:

    Fortune cookie- ITATUMNTIAM

  404. andy says:


  405. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: IUSUSPEAM
    Bottle: TATAEONTUM
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  406. magic says:

    Cookie : ERATUENTAM
    Bottle : AEENATIRA

  407. Menda65 says:


  408. Pacifica says:

    ATIATILIERA cookie 12h00

  409. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: ERPERIAERA

  410. Heidi says:

    Just opened Cookie : TUSQUOANTERA valid 11h57m


  411. blom says:

    Tailionera cookie 1d 23h

  412. Menda65 says:


  413. blom says:

    Can u get the same msg in a bottlr twice, nd if yes can u cast it a second time? Plz let me know

  414. magic says:


  415. blom says:

    Tailionera 1d 17h

  416. Menda65 says:


  417. Menda65 says:


  418. Menda65 says:


  419. Classic Pooh says:

    Bottle: RAPROERERA
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  420. Pacifica says:

    CIATUPERERA cookie 11h55

  421. anna_85 says:

    Cookie: DIARTURRA
    Bottle: BUSPROPERA


  422. Menda65 says:


  423. Menda65 says:


  424. YUDITH says:

    ITASIERRA 11H 59m

  425. YUDITH says:


  426. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: ETERQUAAM
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  427. Heidi says:

    New Cookie : ARUSNTEAM valid 11h59m


  428. completed the minstrel quest, skipped the cupboard part but still didn't get the minstrel…how do you get it.

  429. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: CUMANERIAM

  430. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: ATCOANERA
    Bottle: SETUSAMIS
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  431. Heidi says:

    Cookie : DEESUNTIS valid 11h57m


  432. aimiazura says:

    message in the bottle :ILIERARURA

  433. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: IUMIBUCIAM

  434. libor says:

    TUSRENEIS 11 hod., NEORUATURA 2 d., thank u ๐Ÿ™‚

  435. anna_85 says:

    Cookie: ILISEQUAAM
    Bottle: IBUNENITUM.


  436. Happy says:

    How do you get experience scrolls? Need to make the sunclock. Thanks in advance.

  437. cheveygirl says:

    Cookie: ETESORERA
    Bottle: ITINEMERA

    Thank you!

  438. Pacifica says:

    RIQUOIBUTUM cookie 12h00

  439. anna_85 says:

    Bottle: IBUNENITUM.

  440. aimiazura says:

    Bottle – ILIERARURA……thanks you

  441. SirenDrake says:


  442. cnj61612 says:

    how do i get the essence(fire, water,earth, air)

  443. cnj61612 says:

    how do i get the each prince? thanks

  444. cnj61612 says:

    what do you do with fortune cookies

  445. cnj61612 says:

    cookie-estentitura 12 hours

  446. cnj61612 says:

    bottle- seciorra 1day 23 hr

  447. blom says:

    Entinusera bottle

  448. aimiazura says:

    bottle: ILIERARURA – 1d 16h

    thank u

  449. Heidi says:

    Cookie : QUAENTANTERA valid 11h59m


  450. SirenDrake says:

    There is a special going on now in which you can purchase a randomly selected building. The building you get could be a Wizard's House, a Wizard's Hut, or even a Flying Island. My question is " What is a Wizard's Hut?" It isn't in my store's items. I see a Wizard's Tent and a Comfort Hut. Is it one of those or is it a special item that doesn't appear in the store?

  451. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: DECOUMIS

  452. SirenDrake says:


  453. lyn says:

    Ericumisis bottle

  454. anna_85 says:

    Cookie: BUSERISERA
    Bottle: URTURNTIIS.

    Thank you!

  455. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: DEIBUDEIS

  456. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: NIQUIBUIS

  457. Alimo says:

    Cookie: LIUSQUETUM (11h 56m from now)

  458. Heidi says:

    Cookie : INCIUEIS valid 11h59m


  459. lyn says:

    I've got a new update to Fairy Farm, and there's a quest that you need Flasks and Sand. The game says Sand comes from 'forest pond'. I have a 'woods pond' – there is no 'forest pond' – no sand from the 'woods pond.' ???
    Also the Flask plant doesn't give Flasks – just gold & XP – anybody know how to get Flasks?

  460. blom says:


  461. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: ITUTIBUSAM

  462. SirenDrake says:


  463. Alimo says:

    Cookie: ISTEUETUM
    11hr 56m from now. Thanks for casting my spell.

  464. Heidi says:

    WHY do the special offers boxes give double animals!!!???
    They cost so many crystals, it's really irritating to waiste my crystals on
    these things and only get the same animal two , three, four times !!!
    Anyone know a way around this?

  465. Menda65 says:


  466. anna_85 says:

    Cookie: ESTCIENTUM.
    Bottle: RATRECIIS

  467. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: SITUSTIERA

  468. turkey says:

    how do i get flasks?

  469. Ace says:

    Hey guys, how can I bake a cake?

  470. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: UETERURRA

  471. anna_85 says:

    Cookie: EMQUALIRA
    Bottle: RATRECIIS

  472. Heidi says:

    cookie : ENTUNTTIERA 11h59m


  473. Alimo says:


    11 hr 57m

  474. Menda65 says:


  475. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: ATBUSITAIS

  476. Alimo says:

    Bottle: TATARNTEAM
    1 day 23 hr

  477. How do I get flasks? Ive planted flask plants but still don't get them

  478. And if anyone can or will add me as a friend? Mary camplese on fb

  479. Fairygirl says:


  480. Alimo says:

    Cookie: USERSSEERA

  481. fairy game says:

    How do i get the princess doll and bunnies

  482. veron says:

    ENTAUMTUM (1d23h)
    ESTOSERAM (1d7h)

  483. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: IBULIATIAM

  484. kat says:

    How can i get the sunclock or create it?the quest says i should
    Go to the laboratory but its purely vases that i can create??pls. Help,tnx

  485. SirenDrake says:

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

    Cookie: ATISRIERA

  486. Menda65 says:


  487. Menda65 says:


  488. veron0805 says:

    cookie: SITUNTEERA

  489. veron0805 says:

    bottle: IAITAONAM (1d23h)

  490. The Librarian says:

    Lucky Clover. How do i get one?

  491. Classic Pooh says:

    Bottle: RURATITAM
    Thanks for casting my spells! ๐Ÿ™‚

  492. Ciaocheri29 says:

    cookie: TABUSCIERA
    bottle: BUSNTIANERA

  493. veron0805 says:

    TICODIAM (11h 58m)
    IUSTATETAM (11H 56m)

    will be opning my bottle in half an hour ๐Ÿ™‚

    pls cast my spells. thanks

  494. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: TUERIESERA

  495. veron0805 says:


    I just opened a message in a bottle.
    It turned out that it's the same with the previous message I opened.
    Anybody ever encountered this same issue?
    A friend tried casting it, but it says that it's expired.
    How can that be, while it is just opened and still active..?.

    ENTTAUMTUM (1d 23h)


  496. Menda65 says:


  497. Amelia says:

    does anyone know why the game garden tree costs so much? thanks!

  498. Ciaocheri29 says:

    IUSNTETUSTUM (11h 59m)

  499. Ciaocheri29 says:

    Will the quest for the first prince still come up? Or how do I get him? Also how do we get box of sweets?

  500. Menda65 says:

    How can I get a lucky clover? How can I decypher the recipe (Numberplant)? I can't do it…

  501. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: ISSERTUIS

  502. duts says:

    how do i plant the silver tree? i have the silver tree but its not growing up. ๐Ÿ™

  503. SirenDrake says:


  504. kimberly says:

    How do i get PURE FIRE? I dont remember and i need it for my new quest lol

  505. veron0805 says:

    bottle: LIUETIAM (1d 23h)

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  506. Classic Pooh says:

    Cookie: TIATUPEERA
    Thanks for casting my spells!

  507. Silvermist says:

    HELP plzzz
    bottle: ORUMQUIS /1d 23 h/

  508. Angelique says:

    How do i get some fireflies?

  509. Help! No matter what spell I enter I get an error. And now i'm getting an error when I try to open my fortune cookies. How do I contact support?

  510. veron0805 says:

    Cookie: ERAAMNETUM (11h 55m)

  511. Thanks! I finally got it to work after several connection timeout errors.

  512. Please try: ARAEDIAM (11h 44m)

  513. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: COETRUMIS

  514. anna_85 says:

    cookie: IUSIAMQUETUM
    bottle: ATIATIRUIS

  515. veron0805 says:

    cookie: TUSATESTAM (11h 59m)
    bottle: LIUETIAM (20h 45m)


  516. Sara says:

    Has anyone actually fondled that stupid cat?

  517. smitapatil says:

    Bottle: QUERENTIAM 1day 23hr from now

  518. veron0805 says:

    cookie: CIINRIAM (11h 58m)
    bottle: ERAATILIRA (1d 23h)

  519. smitapatil says:


  520. veron0805 says:

    cookie: BUSQUIUIAM

  521. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: QUPERCIIS

  522. Ciaocheri29 says:


  523. veron0805 says:

    cookie: NTECONENTERA (11h 59m)

  524. Heidi says:

    New Cookie:

    RAISQUEIS valid 11h59m


  525. Aeradara says:

    I have the latest update, and flask plants are not dropping flasks, is there something I am doing wrong. or is there another plant that drops it.

  526. veron0805 says:

    cookie: ARATIUITUM (11h 57m)

    bottle: BUSERTISRA (1d 23h)

  527. veron0805 says:

    cookie: PERATCUMIS (11h 57m)

    bottle: EMERENAM (1d 23h)

  528. veron0805 says:

    cookie: ANTPERORERA
    bottle: AETURNETUM

  529. veron0805 says:

    Hi, is royal corn not always available every harvest? i harvested 15, but only get 3 out of 15. i am on blowing machine dissapearance quest. thanks

  530. irish says:

    How can I get the 3rd prince?

  531. irish says:

    how to summon the 3rd prince?

  532. Chins says:


  533. Nicole says:

    REATUITTUM – cookies 11h 58m

  534. veron0805 says:

    cookie: DEERICONIS (11h 58m)
    bottle: UMNEDIERA (1d 23h)

  535. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: TAUNTENERA

  536. veron0805 says:

    hi, how to get the lucky clover?
    is it to have both gremlin dad and mom the only way?
    i tried buying gremlins, ended up with 3 gremlin dads, 2 gremlin puppies, 1 gremlin son.
    not to mention that the gremlin quest is not valid anymore.

  537. Heidi says:

    Cookie : ISAMANRA valid 11h59m


  538. imel says:

    Does anyone know how to decypher ?
    And is there any tips to get lucky clover?

  539. SirenDrake says:

    I'm having a problem with my Fairy Farm game. Twice now, while scrolling through the pages of recipes in the Potter's Wheel, the game suddenly decided to spend 30 of my crystals on a Silver Vase I don't need. One time when it happened, I was clicking on the Next arrow which is on the opposite side of the window for the place where you can tap to purchase a vase. The other time it happened, the Buy button for the Silver Vase wasn't even on the window at the time!

    Tech support is telling me that no one else has reported this problem, and I can't believe I'm the only one it's happening to. Has this ever happened to any of you?

  540. Farietales says:

    Fortune Cookie RAILIRITUM-12 hours
    Message in a bottle IAMIARIRA-2 days

  541. veron0805 says:

    bottle: SSEQUECUMTUM
    cookie : TUDIERAM

  542. veron0805 says:

    cookie: DIINURAM

  543. veron0805 says:

    cookie: CONANTILIIS

  544. veron0805 says:

    cookie: RUESUMAM

  545. Nicole says:


  546. veron0805 says:

    cookie: CIRIANERA
    bottle: ESRATUSIS

  547. Eeeva says:

    Decipher the Numberlant. how?

  548. Vane says:

    How can I decypher the NUmberplant?

  549. punkidoll13 says:

    Cookie: TINTITAAM (11H 58M)
    Bottle: UNTITEMERA (1D 23H)

  550. Nicole says:


  551. Imel says:

    try this for free Turkey : RIAERATIS

  552. veron0805 says:

    cookie: ISSERITAAM

  553. punkidoll13 says:

    Cookie: TUMITARUMTUM (11H 58M)

  554. Mandy says:

    How do I get a second hunters amulet?. I didnt have my spring tree in storage when I cast the revival spell…..

  555. veron0805 says:

    cookie: IUIUQUOERA

  556. Pain says:

    Help me please! How can I get the Staff of Life?

  557. Classic Pooh says:


    Thanks for casting my spells!

  558. veron0805 says:

    bottle: IUSQUEQUEAM
    cookie: LIIAENERA

  559. Gioiella says:

    LIENRARA And…How can I get a lucky clover?

  560. punkidoll13 says:

    Cookie: UNTQUEESTUM (11H 58M)
    bottle: ORNIBUSAM (1D 23H)

  561. SKY says:

    bottle: ENTPENTEERA (1D 23H)

  562. Deanna says:

    Has anyone done the castle in the bottle quest. Could someone please explain how to create the castle in a bottle and put it on your farm

  563. Nicole says:

    iusiuattum 10h 31m : cookies

  564. Menda65 says:


  565. Nicole says:

    ERIOSEMTUM 11h 10m

  566. alimode says:

    11h 59m

  567. alimode says:

    11h 59m cookie

  568. Menda65 says:


  569. veron0805 says:

    hi, anyone completed the riddles quest? what is the answer for 2nd and third riddles? i tried all and can't figure it out yet. pls help. thanks

  570. punkidoll13 says:

    cookie: REURCUMERA (11H 54M)
    bottle: BUSRIERIRA (1D 23H)

  571. Ann says:

    I bought crystals paid thru fb credits but I dont received any crystals, I kept on writing to support @fairyfarmgame.com but so useless no reply. Publisher Plinga am paying for the 600 crystals last Dec 13, 2012 and I played thru mobile samsung galaxy ace android but no crystals received fixed this problem so disgusting. I paid thru Dragonpay. Fixed this matter as soon as possible very discouraging to play fairy farm game.

  572. veron0805 says:

    bottle: TUMITUDETUM

  573. stuckinthemiddle says:

    How do you get the dragonscale vase?

  574. SirenDrake says:


  575. veron0805 says:

    hi, anyone get the candy and christmas stockings? how?

  576. adeline says:

    how do i finish the quest – prepare for winter? i can't seem to get the glade with butterflies. i bought the butterfly lawn and meadow but still nothing.

  577. magebabe76 says:


  578. punkidoll13 says:

    Cookie: IAQUTATERA (11h58m)

  579. adeline says:


  580. Nicole says:

    sseciticis 5h 11m : cookies

  581. punkidoll13 says:

    Cookie: ETCIERERA (11h58m)

  582. Nicole says:

    Nireisstum 11h 58m

  583. punkidoll13 says:

    Bottle: BUSUEORAM (1d23h)

  584. SirenDrake says:

    So, I update my Fairy Farm game and what do I see? My princes have reverted to a monster, boar, and duck. The ship is missing from my bottle. And my lamppost no longer lights up!

    What gives?!

  585. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: INANTEIS

  586. There are so many things I don't understand about this game. There is no real guidance anywhere for it – just the tips from fellow players. I don't understand why you can have an abundance of items in your storage box, yet a new quest won't use any of them. For example, I have 104 candy in my storage but the quest for the Blue Dragon wants me to get it from Facebook or the Genie. What's the point in having all this stuff go to storage if it can't be used? I also don't understand how items that seemed to do nothing previously now give a reward. Did the pond always give sand or that did happen with an update? If these things happen with updates, why aren't we given some sort of instructions? The Smurf Village is much better about this sort of thing!

  587. Nicole says:

    ENNEINTUM 11h 55m

  588. SirenDrake says:

    I figured as much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I'm concerned about my Fairy Lantern though. It still isn't lit, and I still can't collect anything from it. From what I've seen, decorations that produce something can't be placed in storage until they're ready to be "harvested", but my Fairy Lantern can be put into storage. Does anyone know anything about this?

  589. Nicole says:

    IAMINDIIS 11h 50m

  590. Nicole says:

    QUATIEMAM 11h 58m

  591. SirenDrake says:

    I have reached the Who Lives in a Pumpkin quest, which tells me to set up a Pumpkin Tree, but there is no such thing in the store. Is it one of those things that's only available thru special offers?

  592. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: CIUIESTTUM

  593. Nicole says:

    PROQUIUTUM 11h 55m

  594. punkidoll13 says:

    Cookie: TATEMPEIS (11h 58m)
    Bottle: IUERNTIIS (1d 23h)

  595. Pacifica says:

    My pink and blue bunnies used to give me rabbit floss. Why has this stopped? I did some cleaning in my garden, bought some new stuff and stored some others. Is that linked to my reorganisation? Do I need to have something special in my garden to get rabbit floss?

  596. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: NIREUERA

  597. SirenDrake says:

    Cookie: RATDIINIS

  598. Coeamus says:

    Cookie: Terumuntis

  599. Pacifica says:


  600. SirenDrake says:


  601. SirenDrake says:

    Ever since I installed the latest update, my Fairy Lantern no longer glows. I have now reached the Creation of the Bottle quest. I created the Castle in the Bottle, but the next task is to light the Fairy Lantern. I've already been trying to do that for days now! I tried moving the Fairy Lantern next to the Castle in the Bottle, but nothing happened. Can someone please give me a hint? Or even just a wild idea of something to try?!

  602. linh says:

    Cookie: ENTSISSTUM. please cast this spell with me

  603. chris60540 says:

    Hello ! How can help me ? I want to know what I have to do. My quest is "send a gift to the witch ".
    Thanks for your help.

  604. Pacifica says:

    ATIESQUOIS (cookie 4 hours left)
    ITENATAM (bottle 13 hours left)

  605. kaye says:

    23.12. 10:50

  606. Nicole says:

    IURATQUIS 11h 58m
    PROPROILIIS : BOTTLE "just open"

  607. veron0805 says:


  608. veron0805 says:

    bottle: AESSETISAM

  609. mlb says:

    help… where can i find the pure fire? i need it on my quest (bottled castle)… please and thanks much

  610. veron0805 says:

    cookie: atucoquiera

  611. Aimee says:

    How do I grow a golden rose?

  612. Menda65 says:


  613. Nicole says:


  614. Menda65 says:


  615. Nicole says:


  616. Menda65 says:


  617. Nicole says:

    ATITUSEIS 1d 23h

  618. Nicole says:

    QUENIITAIS 11h 59m

  619. veron0805 says:


  620. Nicole says:


  621. Nicole says:

    cumuntitatum 11h 58m

  622. Kelly says:

    BUSRAERAERA (cookie)
    ATDEIUMIS (bottle)

  623. Kelly says:

    RIIUAEIS (cookie 10H50)
    ATDEIUMIS (botle 1D2H)

  624. Kelly says:

    TUMREQUIAM (cookie 11h50)

  625. veron0805 says:

    iumuentiis -bottle

  626. Kelly says:


  627. Kelly says:

    How can we get a closed bud?

  628. Kelly says:


  629. veron0805 says:

    iumestiam -cookie

  630. KipLaraP says:

    Hey everyone – I need some help with collecting the animals Crafty, Beaver-Builder and Magical Griffin from the Rainbow boxes? I have been waiting and waiting and these box options never show up. Same thing is happening regarding the Doll, the Toy and Bunny. Any ideas? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  631. veron0805 says:

    itatitutum -c

  632. Kelly says:

    ISSQUEORTUM cookie 6h00
    NEILIQUORA bottle 1D23H

  633. Kelly says:

    QUIESENAM (C – 6H12)
    UIOSERAERA (B – 1D23H)

  634. Pacifica says:


  635. yuu says:

    hi can anyone tell me how to get glass?

  636. Cherie says:

    What drops fortune cookies on the farm except the Fortune Tree? Are there specific plants or items that drop them?

  637. Cherie says:

    Cookie: IAMENTREIS 11 hours left
    Bottle: ERERUESTTUM 1 day 23 hours

  638. Kelly says:

    CIDEILITUM cookie
    ERIAMARERA bottle
    Please cast.

  639. christie says:

    i have a quest to king maximus with the last update it was gone.. how i can retrieve the quest? thank you.

  640. Cherie says:

    Cookie-RATURSEAM-12 hours
    Message in a bottle-ITUNIONIS two days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  641. Cherie says:

    Cookie – RAIAERTUM

  642. Becky says:

    Cookie – ATIIBUIAAM- (12 HOUS)
    Message in a bottle – ETTUSTUMAM (2 DAYS)

  643. Barbie says:

    How to complete robin orchestra quest?
    Plz….. Help me

  644. Kelly says:


  645. Pacifica says:

    How can I get spark of love and spark of passion?

  646. Melanie says:

    Somebody know how many crystals can I get if I do the winged seniors quest? pls help

  647. ana_85 says:


    Here's my spell:


  648. ana_85 says:

    My game gone crazy after I reached lv 51, so I had to reinstall it and start all over again.
    I don't complain, now I have a chance to do some things different ๐Ÿ™‚
    However, I am at that part again where "share magic words" quest is. (0/3)
    So, I will post here my cookie spells hoping you will help me.

    Here is todays cookie: TUMQUEEMRA.

  649. DGRACEEE says:

    Just by reading all the comments I am discouraged of this game because I also purchased the Gremling series only to get 3 dads, 3 dogs and one mother… ๐Ÿ™

  650. kaye says:

    How to get the ruby feathers? I tried a lot but nothing fit´s. Pls help!!!

  651. punki13 says:

    cookie: uesiusra (11h58m)
    bottle: siaequiam (1d23h)

  652. Pacifica says:

    QUOORURUMAM cookie 12H00

  653. latefairy says:

    can anyone help me how to get the faboulous BLue Dragon offered last Cristmas. i dont have Candy and Christmas sock..thanks.

  654. Jamie says:

    How do you get the damaged compass?

  655. sahm says:

    how can i get the silver leaf??can someone pls tell me??tnx^^

  656. Pacifica says:


  657. Pacifica says:

    INNITUMIS 1D23H, please cast

  658. paulkody says:

    Please, where is the silver rose (to get silver bud)? Thanks.

  659. Pacifica says:

    INITUNEIS cookie 11h57

  660. Pacifica says:

    UEANIATUM cookie 12h00

  661. SKY says:

    QUIRARIRA 11h57m

  662. punki13 says:

    Cookie: ituaeiuera (11h59m)

  663. punki13 says:

    Bottle: rumestrattum (1d23h)

  664. Pacifica says:

    ERESETEERA cookie 11h57

  665. Pacifica says:

    UMUEPEAM to get 12 energy

  666. Pacifica says:

    TATITAERIAM to get a crystal flower

  667. Zan says:

    RUQUOESAM to get 12 cookies

  668. Lainey Bejar says:

    How to crash the message in a bottle? I've purchased the mermaid and already have the wizard's table. And, oh, I've created the message in a bottle but can't find it on my storage.

  669. Kelly says:

    ANTETOSAM bottle

  670. fufuzz says:


  671. keenan says:

    how i can get transmuting pollen?

  672. carmen says:

    Anyone know how to make pure fire

  673. punki13 says:

    Cookie: queiliissis (11h56m)
    Bottle: conuitiera (21h10m)

  674. MENDA65 says:


  675. MENDA65 says:


  676. MENDA65 says:


  677. Pacifica says:


  678. Pacifica says:

    Who wants to get a free cow?

  679. Aivhen says:

    how about the royal mail service?? where could i possibly get it?.. becoz i must send the ingredients to the blacksmith..

  680. Can anyone help me finish the Robin's Orchestra Quest??

  681. hatpilou says:

    ARREENTIS please

  682. akire says:

    please help me im a newbie at fairy farm..the quest says that i need to have the bridesmaid from the masquerade box..where can i find the masquerade box?..thanks..

  683. Zan says:


  684. Kay says:

    How do you cast a word spell?

  685. lilly says:


  686. lilly says:


  687. lilly says:

    Cookie: ENATMIS ( 11 he )
    Bottle: IUENTIERA ( 1D 23hr )

  688. nikkiasher says:

    i already have the three prince..the quest needs a turtle but i don't have enough crystals…it takes a lot of time to wait..

  689. nikkiasher says:

    staff of life and sorcerers ring are hidden in the garden,,just plant and take care of your farm..just have patience

  690. nikkiasher says:

    just keep on playing..

  691. lilly says:


  692. Pacifica says:

    Pancake quest, Anyone knows how to get the frying pan?

  693. Pacifica says:

    CONQUOCITUM cookie 12H00

  694. Wendie says:

    Looking for frying pans too. Please add me.

  695. Bine says:

    Need to find air essence for the miller quest. Does somebody know how to get this ?

    Just opened a cookie


  696. erna says:

    what the potion for??, i can't figure out..

  697. help! says:

    help!! i play fairy farm on the android now all my progress is lost. i was lvl 44! i don't know how to get it back. its telling me to restart from lvl 1…… please help! and i didn't delete the game and reinstall. it just disappeared !

  698. Lindsay says:

    how do you get frying pans if the mobile app won't connect to the Facebook one.

  699. kaye says:

    16 Pans, 16 Air Essence, 16 Kaviar

  700. Pacifica says:


  701. Geeezmom says:


  702. Pacifica says:


  703. Bine says:

    12 more hours

  704. angela says:

    ummm… anyone?

    where can I found the Patrick's Gold Chest
    coz' I have to find the family of Leprechaun… :((

    thanks a lot ^^.

  705. abcs says:

    How do i disenchant the prince in the first quest. I aldready have placed the prince and the strawberry throne on my farm ?

  706. Zeryxis says:

    I'm trying to buy the "tier 10" special offer (4 unicorns, like 200k coins, 200 crystals, and a precious vase *i believe, all i really remember properly are the unicorns and the approximate amount of coins/crystals) and it's been taking HOURS to load it. There's a blue "peppermint"-looking icon in the middle of my screen and I can't do anything but wait unless i completely shut down the game. It was trying off 3G all night but I've got it on my netcard wifi atm and it's still taking forever. How long do I have to wait for this?!

  707. xeltrent says:

    how ca i use the fortune cookie? and where is the magic words tab located? thank you

  708. IVY says:


  709. katy says:

    How do I find air essence

  710. Bine says:

    Opened a cookie RUQUAISSIAMAM valid 23 hours

    Opened a bottle PEREIBUREIS valid 2 days

  711. Deanna says:

    Can anybody tell me how to get the princess Annette back ? I lost her.

  712. Antonette says:

    how can i get the adept,novice and master traveller in the quests?

  713. Pacifica says:

    Wanna save 14 crystals? Cast ESTERERATUM.

  714. Kelly says:

    NTEANISPERTUM. Please cast this bottle.

  715. Tiff says:

    TURTERCIATERA cookie 12H00

  716. Jules says:

    IAQUILIENRA bottle 1D23H

  717. mitten says:


  718. Bine says:



  719. Bine says:


  720. I just started playing this game a few days ago. How do i get fortune cookies? And how do I get the green peacock?

  721. Bine says:

    Cookie 12 hours

  722. smita says:


  723. smita says:


  724. Bine says:

    ERAANTITQUIIS bottle 2 days
    URBUSINRUAM cookie 12 hours

  725. smita says:


  726. Pacifica says:

    QUAUEATUAEERA cookie 12h

  727. Bine says:

    UIARUSIUMAM Bottle 47 hours
    NIIBULIENERA Cookie 11 hours

  728. smita says:


  729. smita says:

    COINNTIDIIS 1d 23hr

  730. viki says:

    How can I finish Enchantress's Best Friends quest? I selected the earn free crystals option and downloaded a free game , after that i ran the programm. Even so i can't finish the quest.

  731. Padma says:

    What is Patrick's gold chest…. How do I find it..

  732. smita says:


  733. Ivan Louis Arnobit says:


  734. Ivan Louis Arnobit says:


  735. Ivan Louis Arnobit says:


  736. smita says:


  737. Bine says:

    ATIATSIUIAM -bottle 2 days

  738. Guigai says:

    how can i get the TURTLE DIAMOND?please help…=(

  739. nethello says:

    hi. how to send a gift to the witch? thanx

  740. Deanna says:

    How do you get the magical fireflies. Please advise. Thanks.

  741. phoenix says:

    Would someone please tell me where the meadow with withered flowers is so I can complete that quest.. have done most of them but don't have a clue where that is.. and can't find the leprechaun's chest either.. Any help appreciated.

  742. Pacifica says:

    cookie ESTIUSESTERA, Please cast.

  743. Manda says:

    How I can get air essence? please, help me ๐Ÿ™‚

  744. Kelly says:

    SIOSTUMURAM cookie

  745. Guest says:


  746. Guest says:


  747. Guest says:


  748. Guest says:


  749. Guest says:


  750. Guest says:


  751. Guest says:

    ORCIIBUTUSERA-bottle word

  752. Guest says:


  753. Guest says:


  754. Guest says:


  755. Guest says:


  756. Guest says:


  757. livesocial123 says:

    iuteroruteera 20hr

  758. Guest says:


  759. Guest says:


  760. Guest says:


  761. Guest says:


  762. Guest says:


  763. briansheidi says:

    I only know of 1 cheat for fairy farm

  764. Jennifer says:

    I need help D:

    Can someone help me on the Swamp Witch quest? I made the beauty elixir… What else do I need to do on this quest?

  765. sanny says:


  766. sanny says:

    I need crystal……plz help

  767. sanny says:


  768. @goswamip49 says:

    how to complete the quest for prince leonard and prince robin. plz help me

  769. kimmy says:

    How do I change the princess ( Annette) from stone?

  770. sanny says:

    Cookies 11hr

  771. Lucas7181 says:

    How do I get magic flames?

  772. Mike says:


  773. sanny says:


  774. Laura says:

    My spring tree has disappeared! It was on my farm on minute and then vanished the next. It is not in my storage either. Can anyone help me?

  775. jeanette says:

    How do you invite a mermaid on the water everywhere quest?

  776. libragal94 says:

    Where can I get scarlet dust(meeting Borloba)? I have planted serveral plants, but no luck so far. Thanks in advance.

  777. kitkit says:

    What plant do u feed the diamond turtle?

  778. Chetan Sulakshane says:

    What is the cast spell tell me full minig and how to work this?

  779. Pacifica says:

    I think one should buy the mermaid in the decoration tab to complete the quest

  780. Pacifica says:

    must be the scarlet flower

  781. Pacifica says:

    IUBUSATIANRA 12H00 left

  782. Pacifica says:

    How can I get a clay plate (without spending 5 crystals) and a crane feather and a crane crown (recipe in altar of wishes)?

  783. Kay says:

    What is the bank? The quest says make a payment to the bank.

  784. Pacifica says:


  785. Pacifica says:

    ISIAMANQUERA 12 hrs left if anyone reads this cookie word

  786. terry says:

    How do you feed royal Christmas tree?????

  787. terry says:

    Oh and how do you add people???

  788. Pacifica says:

    NTEQUOUEARRA 12 hours left

  789. Cat says:

    What plants produce pure fire? Please and thanks to answers!

  790. Blade says:

    Where the heck is the tete a tete table? I've looked in the shop and in my storage. Scoured everywhere and I can't find it. :l it's annoying, it's all I need to finish this part of the quest. Help please?

  791. here says:

    playing this game everyday,till it starting clinching ,every time the game glitches I loses two to three hundred gems per time! That not right!the tap-joy doesn't work,for me at least.the message in a bottle work most of the time.But I've lost overeager gems because of lichen.

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