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Family Guy Online

Family Guy Online

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  20th Century Fox
Developer:  FOX Broadcasting Company
Genre:  RPG

Family Guy Online is a browser-based MMORPG inspired by the animation Family Guy TV Show. The game was announced in 2011 and the closed beta starts in 2012. There are several round of closed beta invitations during the testing period.


When it comes to Browser-based Gaming, we might think of Bigpoint’s Battlestar Galactica Online, and GameForge’s Star Trek – Infinite Space because the two companies and the two games are typically symbolic of modern game development. After all, these games has drawn some inspirations from popular TV Show and Video game.

It is commonly seen that a TV Show has been re-designed into a video game for PC, or Xbox 360, but how about a popular TV Series positioning itself in the browser game field?

The story involves around what the Animated TV Series seemingly deliver, while there some difference from the TV series. Because the game’s character are fully under control. You can either quest for what you feel interested in, or ideally, you can even walk your dog alongside the way.

Interesting enough?  Can you imagine the open PVP between Peter and the Chicken? So far, there has been more players joining our forum to discussing this MMO.  To my mind, I am assuming it would be a social MMO, something like Monster Galaxy, or Clone Wars Adventures, but I am stilling expecting for something I have never seen. Also, it is more likely to be free to play based on the information collected from its contents “Terms of Use”.

However, some players and TVgoers hold that the efforts to make a free to play MMO is supposed to grab player’s money. Although Family Guy stopped being funny years ago, still it has some value rooted in Children.

As we know, the Video Game boasts a series of  humorous scenes and languages, but was also criticized for its short playtime, and unfunny gameplay. To some extent, the video game Family Guy has been dead in our heart since it has nothing worth to be recommended except “Humour”.

Hopefully, the Browser-based MMO Family Guy Online could learn from the failure of its Xbox, or Playstation 2 version.

Family Guy Online Review:

By the sixth sense, I am pretty sure that I will be captivated by this game the first time I visit its official website. The polished graphics and the fresh figures immediately and indescribably remind me of the Simpsons, although there are in fact few similarities between the two. Both the title and the sweet and intoxicating screenshots leave me a false impression that the game is all about the interaction among family members, and it turns out that a totally unexpected storyline composed of quests is equally absorbing.

It seems that the developers are indeed talented to have been able to sketch the contours of such highly recognizable characters with simple linellaes. Everything in the surroundings just feels comfortable to my eyes. As the first step, character customization is so fabulous that I am awfully indulged in defining every detail of my character’ appearance, from the hairstyle to the voguish shoes. But without doubt, such hearty enjoyment entirely depends on the abundant customization selections provided in the game.

Upon the completion of a detailed customization, I pitch into the preliminary quest under the guidance of the tutorial (Personally speaking, the tutorial is not indispensible). To be frank, not only the authentic sound effects and the distinctive graphics, but also the characters’ imaginative animation moves demonstrate the developers’ painstaking efforts that are devoted to this game. I have nothing to comment but full compliments on the fabulous gaming experiences that it brings to me. At this point, I can’t help mentioning the acoustic fidelity: in the Das Gym, there are scraping noises of body building apparatus; in the All Guy Club, subtly tender voices could be heard; in the Prison which is set on fire, sirens are everywhere…

Along with my progression, I’ve got the chance to visit a larger range of places marked on the map. Thanks to the mini map that hangs on the top right of screen, on which each destination of my quests is well-marked, I am no longer easily lost in the hustling and bustling streets.

[nggallery id=365]

It is just amazing that in the passage of time, I feel more and more addicted to my cute character. Every time she defeats an opponent or finishes a quest, she would stylishly do his hair and activate the physique to refresh herself and prepare for the next battle. She is what a cool and proud fighter should be like.

But it happens that some quests are unnecessarily long and tedious. For example, one quest in the Police Station of Downtown requires me to kill as many as 40 escaped prisoners, and thus I have to keep fighting against these criminals for 40 rounds with the limited stereotyped moves. If possible, I would rather try something new and challenging. Besides, sometimes, there are plug-in problems causing reloading. Anyway, on the whole, the game is by all means worthy of your attention.

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  4. aplwanabes says:

    it might come out today aucttly because the website says it in matnice

  5. dsdsd says:

    the dam thing wont work

  6. alyc says:

    how do you actually get to play the game i created a charecer but it wont let me play the actually game ! :@

  7. […] Family Guy Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the animated television series Family Guy, developed by Roadhouse Interactive for 20th Century Fox in conjunction with lead developer Acronym Games. The game is currently in open beta. Family Guy Online is free to play, although a Unity Web Player is required. […]

  8. […] Family Guy Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the animated television series Family Guy, developed by Roadhouse Interactive for 20th Century Fox in conjunction with lead developer Acronym Games. The game is currently in open beta. Family Guy Online is free to play, although a Unity Web Player is required. […]

  9. mae says:

    I found the kidney episoid very offencive. sure i like family guy buy if they really wanted to do an eppsoid like this then they shld of really did reserch on it. i would only know bc i have had two kidney transplant and been on both types of dialsis twice! It nt even close to being that simple. i wish it went rhat easy for me and its super raer to hget a perfect match the best u can really get is a 4 out of 6 and thye hemo dilasisvwhich was featured gose in ur neck or chst. to an artorie. not some ive thing and it stays there. plus u can skip once now and then. u dont turn colors u blot, retain fluid. and u have to be on meds for the rest of ur life. and the kidney dont last forever. only so long till another one. my first kidney only lasted two years. point being they shld of done way more reserch.

  10. mitchell says:

    how do u play in full screen

  11. Michelle says:

    why they dont create simpsons online game? They are so much popular then FGO..

  12. jjay88 says:

    it will not let me on

  13. Makiskr says:

    holy crap
    This thing wont work!

  14. Fabian Valdez says:

    This sucks really it does

  15. NiggerKing says:


  16. bryce says:

    it not work to me F*ck!!!!!!!1

  17. jeremiah says:

    when will family guy server be up and running v.v

  18. abdullah says:


  19. Xenos says:

    Never, it was shut down in January

  20. ajax says:

    This is stupid but i wish their was a way we could get it running that game was so fun;)

  21. nao entereçaquem é says:

    como entra nessa pocha

  22. bcbhjci says:

    they need to open this game up again, it was so good!!!

  23. Thierro says:

    this game is freaking awsom

  24. emily says:


  25. jeanduc says:

    hello what´s up

  26. eyal says:

    Bought for my boyfriend. The house is no longer filled with gunshots and police sirens. No more military comands followed by loud bangs. No longer do I wake up at 2am from the sound of a hooker’s final scream or a tractor trailer truck exploding. There are no more voices of people who are simultaneously in my living room and South Carolina. http://videogamestops.com/playstation-gold-wirele

  27. Family guy online game is very cool and easy to play. i will suggest my friends.
    More game visit: – how to get better at league of legends

  28. Domingo Ah Mouy says:

    Keep up the good work!

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