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Fantastic Forest

Fantastic Forest

Release Date:  May 21, 2013
Publisher:  Wooga
Developer:  Wooga
Genre:  Casual

Fantastic Forest is a Facebook-based casual game where players are able to build a village in the forest, go fishing in the river, meet cute new animal friends, explore new areas and solve the mystery hidden in the forest.

Fantastic Forest is developed by Wooga, best known as Diamond Dash, and Monster World.


The game has a lot in common with Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood. Both put players in a forest covered in thick fog where they need to unlock new areas one after one, discover structures and characters, complete various quests to unravel mysteries. To do this, players should rebuild or restore buildings, put them into use and then collect items from them. Everything comes at a high price in the two games, either consuming your hard earned coins or lasting for hours, which could be skipped only through spending Woobees, or the premium currency.

Adopting a farming mechanic seen in many social games, Fantastic Forest lets players grow blackberries, carrots and other fruits or vegetables in farm plots. Once the fruits and vegetables reach full maturity after different lengths of time, players can send them to animals as gifts, sell them at the market stall, or plant them in the farm plots again. The growing of the plants often takes an unusually long time, and it is impossible to gather many plants within a short time unless the player pays for instant ripening.

A special market is introduced that allows players to sell their fruits and vegetables at the market stall. Helen, the dealer at the market, offers two deals at a time and no more would be given unless the player closes the current deal. The deals, however, are not mandatory. They can be abandoned, but after giving up a deal, the player has to wait for 10 minutes before the next deal is available. Spending Woobees, of course, could help skip the wait. Still it won’t be possible to make deals all the time since the cultivation of fruits and vegetables is so time-consuming and often leaves players short of this or that product and hence unable to complete the deals instantly.

As is always the case, collecting materials remains a focus as well as a troublesome element in the gaming process. Materials necessary for crafting, unlocking and other purposes are sometimes very difficult to collect. For instance, a player has to unlock the Storage area and clear a pile of bricks first before gathering enough bricks to restore Fred’s House. Some materials are so rare that players have to buy them using Woobees. The plans in bottles, which are said to be obtainable through fishing, never came up even if I spent all my coins on baits and fished as many as I could.

Fantastic Forest constantly puts players in long wait but it fails to offer an addictive gameplay that can keep them waiting or rather have them pay real money to skip the wait. It is evidently one of those games doomed to obscurity.

33 Comments on Fantastic Forest


  1. linda says:

    to get bottles fish and let the fish escape

  2. Gyest says:

    I don't get any new quests. I'm on level 28 and suddenly all the quests are gone. Is that the end of the game?

  3. Debi Hester says:

    Please help!! I can't find answers to HOW TO PLAY!!
    I'm stuck on finishing town hall repair & the mansion for Fred.

    It says I have to do more missions to finish but no more missions have come up with these.

    I am Level 10 with Vill age Rank 8 (figured out how to get ranked up, finally)

  4. Wiley Cabot says:

    I'm in the same boat. Fixed the balcony, but it went into the inventory and won't come out. Can't open the mansion thing – says I have to get a higher village rank, but nothing happens. Looks like there's not so much support from the creator…boo.

  5. Gurl says:

    I'm in desperate need of apple seeds to complete mission. You can't ask for them and gerbie only gives them out randomly. The game tells you to give things to characters, but I've probably given out 100 gifts and not gotten even one. Anybody know which character is most likely to drop them?

  6. Chelsea says:

    how do I get the clock to finish the town hall?

  7. mandy says:

    Did anybody else unlock the character Steve? How do I get the bolts he wants?

  8. stephanie says:

    i am stuck on finishing the town hall already up graded nippys house to level 2

  9. christina says:

    hpw do i get bolts for steve help

  10. Sue says:

    I am stuck on this if you get an answer could you please send to me at my email address thank you in advance

  11. go to neighbors and fertalize empty plots

  12. Heidi says:

    Did anybody open "The Hatch" yet?

  13. Veronica says:

    been doing that for weeks and not even one bolt
    so i skip the task using woobees
    am stuck again on yet another task for giving bolts 🙁
    did you get any bolts Bonnie?

  14. Debi Hester says:

    get bolts from fertilizing empty plots or plots growing SUNFLOWERS or PEAS

  15. lesley says:

    hi anyone know how to get steve please

  16. MrsQuiet says:

    Where is Steve? I can't find him!!

  17. im trying to find steve i have to give him old plans and i dont see him anywhere where can i locate him want to finish mission but cant

  18. Stephania Bonavia says:

    Explore Hobb's Hamlet area to unlock Steve. Hope this will help you.

  19. Amy says:

    Erika, I cheated…I used the woobies to skip that one lol

  20. Chelse says:

    How do I unlock Nippy's lighthouse to make fish skeletons? I'm at level 13, and all of the cheats say it unlocks at level 7…but I still can't get in. Help?


    @ Erika……you know what i did to that i finish it paying my woobies its cost a lot but its easy to get it again, then i mission it bcoz i too cant find steve its still not shown on that level i am on level 28 now. My problem is the game its always get stuck…?!! its on my laptop or really on the game or my flash player……..any one knows..?!!


    they have some changes in the games your on old style i guess you have to wait till it will unlock, on my games i have some machines from that i have to click then presto i can make anything i want with the materials needed.


    hey…….any one knows why my game is always getting stuck its on my laptop or in the game or my flash player…?!! any one knows place i am so getting mad when in my middle of playing the game all of a sudden nothing is moving i can click to any one then, it will close the window and presto i cant do anything.

  24. ander says:

    como desbloquear o inventario alguem sabe ???

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