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Release Date:  June 6, 2012
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  Farm, Simulation

FantasyRama is a browser-based farm management game where players are able to build your magical garden, grow plants and raise the mysterious fantasy creatures. The game’s closed beta is released in June 6, 2012.

Following the “Rama” series, Bigpoint is developing FantasyRama and takes fairy tale theme into as the main background.


In the magical world of FantasyRama, Elves, fairies, and mystical creatures coexist under the protection of the mighty trees of life. The perfect dream land, however, is at the risk of destruction and therefore, is badly in need of a hero or heroine who can rise to the occasion to save the world and restore peace.

In the shadow of the sacred tree of life, delicate fairies are preparing to tell you the secrets of the creatures around them. Collect the mighty ambrosia and shape marked by an imaginary world of fantasy!

Embark on an adventurous trip to the world, encounter its inhabitants who are as mysterious as the land itself, plant and harvest herbs and other magical plants, and acquire the magical power to defend the dreamy world. Uncover the secrets of the universe of fairies with your magical garden!


Given the success of the Rama series, it is impossible not to have high expectations for this one. And it does make up a fascinating story about a fragile world where the Tree of Life, or the source of all living forms, is in danger. You have to cultivate kinds of magical plants to support the tree and save the world.

All that crap attempts to make your gaming experience heroic and legendary. FantasyRama, however, is rather a fantasy wrecker than a fantasy itself. Having nothing to do with fantasy, seriously, it’ just a farming simulator in disguise. You wouldn’t carry the least care for what story the game is based on. All you can do is just deploy beds, select seeds, grow plants, harvest, and of course for most of the time, wait.

Purchase the seeds, small trees, and animals from the bazaar. Jade clover, Gilded bulbs, Red gorge lilly, Toadstool, and a dozen of plants are unlocked as you reach required levels. Trees and animals like Elderberriy and Blossom’s gecko and their upgrades are gradually available as you level up.

Click the Plant new beds button, select a bed of small, medium or large size, deploy the bed wherever you want, click the bed, pick the plant you desire, and wait for it to grow. It becomes bigger over time and you are allowed to harvest it when you click the plant and the growth is done. In that way, you obtain experience points and more plants of the same sort. And if you click Use ambrosia, Use Pixie dust or Water, which can be bought with star coins or lunar crystals, you will accelerate the growth and have an earlier harvest.

Home a Blossom’s gecko and a Poison dart frog in your garden. Produce their food, water them, and clean up the mess. Their food can be made only if you have enough plants in stock.

Ugly fairies present themselves frequently at the beginning of the game. And all of them suddenly vanished not long after I reached level 2. It took me quite a while to figure out what I could do – deploy more beds and plant more plants. Earn all the experience points to have access to more plants and herbs. There is this facility on the upper left where I could sell my plants, fruits, and animals in various combinations for star coins, which could in turn purchase seeds and animals of different kinds.

Whatever approach it takes, this is merely a farming simulation game without fluid control. It is understandable that we have to click a bed and choose a plant to cultivate but no one would be very happy if he or she has to harvest a grown plant by clicking it and then clicking the Harvest button, which is also the only button on that dialog box. You could only imagine how painful it is when I have to harvest of all the plants in the crowded garden.

Anyway, FantasyRama could be a good place to go if anyone relishes a simple gameplay focusing on farming. But those who crave for excitement and challenges probably should keep away from this game.

2 Comments on FantasyRama


  1. F2P_Higgins says:

    I love the theme, we all know the gameplay mechanic, but the theme in this little pearl is what strikes me the most! Well done, well played…

  2. Ana Paula says:

    o jogo é super legal .Lindo ,mais não carrega de jeito nenhum, que é uma pena, só consegui jogar uma unica vez.

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