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Farm Kingdom

Farm Kingdom

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Mail.ru Games
Developer:  Mail.ru Games
Genre:  Social Game

Farm Kingdom is an online farm game released by Mail.ru, the maker of RiotZone, and War of Dragons. In Farm Kingdom, the player roles play as a famer to work at his or her castle-styled homestead, plant vegetables, fruit trees and crops, raise animals of all species, chop timber, so much so that they can build huts for livestock, and then reaping what’s sowed before.


Once upon a time, in the majestic and fabulous farm kingdom, a great and wise king invested all the people of his vast country to an amazing feast to celebrate the harvest. There was no end to the merrymaking and happiness, until suddenly…The shadow of an enormous beast loomed over the city. People barely had time to catch their breathe before a dragon started to breath hot flames over the entire city. The brave king was the first to rush to defend his people.

The enormous beast incinerated everything in encountered, leaving only ruins and ash in its wake. The king displayed unbelievable courage, but fortune had turned her face from him at the most crucial of moments.

And now the time has come to rebuild what has been lost. new farms. A new ruler. the selection worthy candidates has begun. Perhaps, it might be you?

Following the tasks, you can grow your tomatoes and cabbages, take care of your animals of chicks, pigs and hens on the court.  Players have great freedom to build the farm into their likings and the game has adopted the clear-before-use formula.

However, features sure to appear in the game include mini-games and PvP modes, with the latter really unusual in the farm genre. Mini-games (one is around fishing) are offered to idle away players’ waiting time for harvest while the PvP is to enrich players’ social interaction. And socialization among friends is likely to play an important role in unlocking more gaming contents.

Farm Kingdom fuses mini-games and social-oriented PvP into traditional farm elements. If you were a Facebok social gamer of FarmVille, you are not new to Mail.ru’s Farm Kingdom.

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  1. kamis says:

    love this game 10/10

  2. JacobMike says:

    Wonderful farm game for the kids to enjoy, by playing the games the kids learn fast. That game is also for the like by the Youngers. I visit you whole dissertation service quality management website and you are having amazing stuff here.

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