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Farm Kingdom Review

Sara Lau
Feb 14,2012  10:02 by

Wanna experience peaceful farming life? Have you ever dreaming of possessing a traditional crop farm or a novelty agricultural haven full of livestock and exotic plants? Now Farm Kingdom is just available on Facebook. As a farmer, you need to customize your farm and invite friends to be your neighbors. And you also can earn coins by selling your crops, or by entertaining your guests with delicious meals. Those earnings, in return, are indispensable for further customizing your paradise. While Farm Kingdom is really patience-required and slow-paced, taking location on an untapped farm land, managing your farm is by no means a painless job. Anyway, if you are a farming simulator game lover, why not touch on those interesting game mechanics.

After entering the game for the first time, you will be toured to get the picture of the background story. It plays in slideshows with subtitles, although the story is anything but an interesting one. As a new player in Farm Kingdom, you begin by harvesting apples from an apple tree. Game control is so easy, when you get prompted; move the cursor over the tree and just one click can accomplish this task. Then you will learn how to harvest crops, which is the main source of your earnings. This is done by paying coins for plowing a pitch of land in order to plant crops. Take an example for tomatoes on it during tutorial. Simply clicking a pitch of land in the garden to plow field, then the “shop” window pops-up and you need to click to buy tomatoes seeds as required, place mouse cursor hover over the land again, when the cursor turns into the “spade” icon, click to sow them. How much time it takes for a crop to become mature and how much income a crop can yield depends on the crops planted and is specified in the “shop” dialogue box. Of course they will wither if you do not water them or be of no use if you cannot harvest them on time.

There are a lot of things to do to get players glued to the screen besides farming. During the game, you can also do a job as a chef. The game enables you to make delicious food from scratch by only mouse interactions. For example, you get to make pancakes starting from peeling and chopping tomatoes. To do this, you should left click and hold and move the cursor to draw a red line aligned with dashed line indicated in the screen. Once it is done, you continue with grinding them into powders, then go on with stirring raw eggs with tomato powders, and finally do the cooking. For each meal prepared, you will be awarded with Chef Experiences. As your chef rank promotes, you will be able to access to more recipes. Apart from “cooking”, there are also “mining” ,“fishing” and other easy-to-play addicting mini-games, each of which features its own unique enjoyable play mode.

Like other social games, Farm Kingdom incorporates the social networking mechanism into many aspects of gameplay. You can add neighbors by importing friend lists from most social networks, allowing you to lend a hand to them by performing several actions on each others’ homes per day. You may also throw a barbecue party and post invitations on the wall of your social network. Everyone who attends the party will receive valuable prize. What’s more, if you can invite more than enough friends and make your party successfully, you will get an amazing reward.

Overall, Farm Kingdom focuses on farming but also provides players the options to customize their own virtual farm into any particular way they want. The game is a good option for people who are searching for games with beautiful design and sweet ideas.

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