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Farm Wars

Farm Wars

Release Date:  2011/09
Publisher:  Artoxy GmbH
Developer:  Artoxy GmbH
Genre:  Warfare

Farm Wars is a 2D animal monster-themed browser game in which you role play as forest dwellers in the fight against monsters and animals to safeguard your farmland. The game is developed by Hamburg-based startup Artoxy GmbH, which is founded by two former Upjers employees.

Haven’t you realized that farms are no longer idyllic and peaceful paradises in our modern society as we have imagined due to the inevitable erosion of industrialization? But some fearless warriors will not subject to such an outcome. In short, life in Farm Wars is never the same as that in some casual farm-themed games, like Farmerama.

Farm Wars revolves around the unyielding yet fierce conflicts between two belligerent factions, that is, nature-loving dwellers and technology supporters. Both of them are striving for the supremacy of the farm, thus entangling the otherwise tranquil world into turbulent chaos and unceasing battles.

Choose your favorite side, swear your allegiance and fight for the much-coveted dominance! The best part is that you can create your own aggressive animal avatar from a wide selection of available races, including sexy rabbits, masculine bulls, bulky bears, ferocious boars, grumpy chicks and shrewd rats, each of which has access to its special skills and unique weapons. For example, a bull wields a heavy hammer while a chick has two pistols in hand. Those forest dwellers are anything but docile animals you see in a zoo. In order to defend their beloved home from being destroyed by technology, they are willing to fight to the death and resort to all extreme methods. Whether you decide to be for or against them, it is never a bad idea to get well prepared, both psychologically and physically.

Judging from the recently released screenshots, Farm Wars boasts a quite remarkable graphics. The images of characters are well-crafted and portrayed in a detailed way. But still, the highlight of the game lies in its innovative differences from other farm SIMs with more gripping storyline, intense combat and deep content. As you grow stronger, you can unlock more weapons to use and dungeons to explore, presenting an ever-enhancing gaming experience.

Now, this browser-based game opens its official website with a bold sign of “Coming Soon”. Though there is still no exact date for its upcoming Closed Beta, you can go for a pre-registration in advance. Let’s wait with patience!

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