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Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  Farm

Farmerama is an online farming simulation game developed by Bigpoint, a Germany-based gaming company behind Zoomumba, and Battlestar Galactica Online. The game gives players a farm where they can grow and harvest crops and raise animals.


These days, there are too many farming games available for you to play. Most of them may start off exciting and brilliant but quickly lose their appeal. No sooner had they been rolled out than they lost their competitive edge. They became deserted soon and were even abandoned by their developers. However, Farmerama is a matured, heavily played farming simulation game which has attracted millions of players online since its beta launch on April 2010. And it is also an old-school game among those still being played today.

The objective of the game is simple and similar to tons of others that use “ville” as their titles. You plant crops in the fields, raise animals and trade with other players. Unlike most other games in which players have limited plots of land available at the initial stage and they will have to gain new levels to unlock more; in Farmerama, however, land plots are free, so you can put as many of them on your farming area, which almost takes up the whole screen. In the beginning, you have already been given an apple tree and a chicken coop, you just click on to select them in your inventory and then place them in any grid. Planting crops is also quite simple – click on your empty plot of land and then pick an item from the pop-up window, newer items will be progressively activated as you level up. Then you click them again and you will bring up the options for water, fertilizers. But I found out that you don’t actually need to irrigate or give fertilizers to your crops; they can still get ripen, although they take a few minutes longer. This will save you a lot of money for resources because you are not allowed to sell crops directly in NPC store in exchange for coins in this game, and you must level up to unlock the market so that you can sell your goods to other players. Moreover, the game does not have the commonly-seen progressive quest system rewarding players with fairly handsome resources. Instead, by hovering your mouse over buildings set across the upper potion of the farming area will identify the “Farmhouse” for you. By accessing the Farmhouse, you will receive orders from NPCs who ask for a number of crops and livestocks. Once you delivered all the goods required in the order, you will be rewarded with coins. But just like what I said above, because the order system is different from the linear and progressive quest system, so you may come across some orders asking for items which are not available to you at the current level, making you work double-time to increase your level so as to unlock those items in shop.

Based on my experiences with Farmerama thus far, it is very slow, you cannot even get through levels quickly at the initial stage. Harvesting your farm crops seems to be the only effective way to level up. For example, carrots take 30 minutes to grow up and you earn 0.8 experience points for per patch harvested. However, it requires around 400 Exps to promote from level 2 to level 3. If you plant and harvest a 10×5 plot of land, you have to spend at least 5-6 hours waiting until they get ripen and are forced to mass spam the mouse button for hundred times when harvesting.

By clicking the “Farm map” sign post in your farming area, you will be presented with an area map from which you can select a specific location to travel through. Most of locations either have very high levels restrictions or are only available for premium players. City seems to be the only place you can access before you can unlock the next location at level 14. City is the place where you can restock your primary raw materials such as seeds, livestock feeds, fertilizers and water; and most other buildings still impose level restrictions, although you can choose to bypass these restrictions by paying money. “Farmers Society” is a worthy place to visit and you don’t need to pay for anything to enter, thank heavens. As what its name indicates, it provides orders and contracts which are open to everyone. Different rewards are given to players based on the time spent in each challenge.

Personally, I do not like the game very much. Gameplay is even more monotonous than those of recent ones and lacks diversity. Besides, the game relies too much on the micro-transaction system. Freemium players are provided with very limited game features and will have to repeat mouse click work.

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