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Urban life is of great convenience and variety to enrich citizens’ life, yet mankind is born with an invisible but perceivable tie with Nature. Such an inclination to farming life our ancestors led seems genetic in the blood. While most are insulated from a life of labor, the wonder about an idyllic lifestyle, hidden deep in heart perhaps and occurring in reveries occasionally, is always a ready haven for a moment of peace, at least temporarily. That’s why so many online games are themed with farm managing, among which FarmVille stands itself out.

FarmVille is a browser-based farm simulation game made by the reputed social game developer Zynga. This game was once awarded as the Best New Social/Online Game in 2010, which by some measure proves the excellence of this game. Besides, its popularity can also be seen from its wide accessibility from various platforms, including Facebook, iPhone, iPad and also iOS.

As a causal, social game, FarmVille provides a colorful and beautiful small niche for players to fill a few minutes’ idleness and relax a bent nerve at the same time. In the very beginning, players will start with an undeveloped farm and an amount of Farm Coins, and grounded on these basic properties players can set about to make acquaintance with the taste of labor in a farm. Do some preparatory works such as plowing the earth and buying seeds and the farm will be activated to function. As the farm levels up, more crops and livestock will be unlocked, so that players can grow or raise them in their own land to finally gain profits from the yields. Be it harvested crops or adult animals, they can all be bartered for farm coins, which can be spent in turn purchasing more advanced species or constructing prettier shelters.

Besides working in one’s own farm, players can also visit friends’ to gain benefits. From the positive perspective, it is a kind of sharing among friends, relishing each other’s laboring fruit. Also, friends can send various gifts such as suppliers and decoration items to one another. What’s more, on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween, this game will present corresponding festival-related events.

Simple as it is, this game is sufficient enough to provide a cozy nest where one can excuse oneself from the modern life for a while and breathe in wisps of refreshing air from the idyllic farm.

From our huge facebook mmo list, there have been a lot of such games out there, including Zoomumba, Ponyrama, Aquarama and Ramacity.


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