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FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2

Release Date:  September 5, 2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  Farm Management

FarmVille 2 is a sequel to the successful Facebook-based social game FarmVille from Zynga behind games like the Ville, ChefVille and etc.


FarmVille 2 is yet another game that pits players in planting and harvesting crops while tending sorts of animals. By doing that, you will gather enough game currency and get access to more areas, expand the territory and then build a huge kingdom of your own.

Basically, the gameplay remains the same. But the overall gaming experience has been greatly improved. To start with, the game introduces 3D graphics to the otherwise dull simulation game, which unquestionably helps make the game competitive in the overpopulated simulation game market.

The beloved animals would be able to interact with players rather than just call for food and water. And players will not only visit and help friends, they will also cooperate with friends to complete quests and achieve objectives.

FarmVille 2 is the sequel to a tremendously successful social game but that’s not exactly why you should pay attention. Waves of players have been invited to test the game and give feedbacks. Those feedbacks are taken into consideration whenever the developers would like to update the game. Therefore, FarmVille is indeed a game of the players, by the players, and for the players.


Farmville 2 is now available for every farming simulation social game enthusiast. The sequel adds a variety of new features including nurturing animals and crafting items, but the most dramatic change is undoubtedly the revamped graphics – Rather than the stale and static 2D cartoony visuals of its predecessor. Although you still play out from the same tilted top down view, everything in Farmville is rendered in 3d. Crops and decorations in FarmVille 2 are far more vivid and interactive than Farmville: the wheat stalks bow under the weight of ripe grain and sway gently in the wind; you can feed the baby chickens with milk bottles, or help with the daily feeding of the goats, and then watch them enjoying pleasant walk around your farm.

In Farmville 2, players inherit the old and “family farms” and try their best to make them thrive again. When you enter the game for the first time, you’ll receive a postcard from your old friend- and also your ingame tutor, Marie. After you read the postcard, just click on the “Okay” button to turn it over and get a glimpse of the kind of farm you could create later on. Likewise, your tutor will teach you how to plant seeds, water crops and harvest ripe crops. Most veteran players should have familiarized themselves with the process. Here, an improvement has been made: when you interact with your farms, FarmVille forces you to click on everything you want to interact with one by one, however, in FarmVille 2, you can quickly plant, water and harvest by just clicking and dragging mouse cursor to multi-select a group of plots, then your character will run over and deal with them per your request in rapid succession.

The other great enhancement of FarmVille 2 would be the energy system. At the first glimpse, it seems that the game has dropped the dated system which has featured most of Facebook games and throttled the progression in the games. That initially appears to be true, However, in fact, it still exists, but is just present in a more hidden and more player-friendly way. Instead of consuming energy at every action, now, only certain important actions require the use of a “water” resource. The players’ water stock regenerates one unit at a 3-minute interval with the upper cap of 30 units.

FarmVille 2 is full of small details that show the game was well-polished with more care than most social games. While you are purchasing a new expansion for your farm, the new plot doesn’t just instantly become highlighted. Actually, a group of goats rush in from edge of the screen to eat up the weeds, kick tin cans away and other trash to make the land farmable. When players try to scare little animals by grabbing and lifting them into mid-air, their eyes just bulge out in horror, as if they have been picked up by the scruff of its neck; Tons of options are offered for avatar customization and players can access the function and change the looks by clicking their avatars anytime the mood strikes them.

The social features include the possibility to hire FB friends as farmhands, whom can be deployed on specific facilities on farm to perform tasks such as feeding animals and cooking meals. Radically, this feature is effectively the “neighbor visit” system variation — It is different from Farmville, in which players can only rely on their friends to log in to the game and visit to lend a help hand. This allows the player to utilize the Facebook players whom have already been invited, even if they’re not actively playing. Of course, FarmVille 2 still allows players to visit friends’ lands in the usual way, with extra coins and other items on offer for players who do so. Besides, many buildings also require friends’ cooperation to complete, which you can bypass by recruiting dummy staff using real-world money.

Ultimately, in FarmVille 2, we see huge leaps in visuals, which make the farm feel much more realistic. Building, farming, collecting ,managing and interacting with other players—the same content dressed in a new look making it a brand new type of game, also bringing a brand new playing mood.

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