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Fashion Dream

Fashion Dream

Release Date:  August 20, 2012
Publisher:  Noknok
Developer:  Noknok
Genre:  Simulation

Fashion Dream is a social game on Facebook tailed for fashion-savvy girls who take pleasure in all fashion stuff.


Fashion-themed games all tend to tell us one piece of truth in particular: fashion is always a dream that never comes true unless you pay high prices. And that’s exactly what Fashion Dream is all about.

You start from a small tailor shop and will invest money in learning licenses, accept and deliver orders, and complete all kinds of tasks.

Like always, the shop is in a dreamy style and most of the clothes dazzle your eyes. Normally the tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories at your disposal are not that fascinating. They’ve always been ugly but they are the only things you can afford – that is happening almost in every fashion game. But in Fashion Dream, the ones you start with are not that ugly. However, when you put your casual yellow jacket with whatever you have got, say, blue skinny jeans, grey hot shorts, or Denim skirt leggings, they can totally drive you crazy. Each piece looks perfect with itself but when put together, they are just a mess of colors. That persists until you learn more licenses or pay real money to purchase really fancy clothes (most of the clothes are offered at unbelievably high prices while others and the special materials are available to premium players only).

You will pay high prices to learn assorted licenses, and then tailor the ordered clothes and mend customers’ outfits. Since the licenses are extremely expensive while your incomes are rather small, it will take a long time before your “tuitions” pay for themselves. And more often than not, you might find yourself without enough money to purchase any more licenses, finish tailoring all the specified clothes, or complete any missions. The orders only appear in a small number far between and after you’re done with them, you must tailor whatever you can to earn money.

Customers mean a lot in Fashion Dream. You are not confined to orders. There are customers coming and going and it is your job to satisfy their needs: offer enough dressing rooms, coordinate outfits, clean the shop, and dress up your mannequins. Every action helps attract and satisfy customers. However, with the limited selection of your products and facilities, many customers would just leave with broken hearts.

However expensive it is to purchase, or as the game keeps calling, learn licenses, the game does its best in simulating a real-life experience of running a fashion shop of your own. You can dress up mannequins, decorate the shop, hire tailors and even move to the downtown area. Fashion Dream is just the very fashion-themed game every girl would be dying to play.

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