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Faxion Online

Faxion Online

Release Date:  
Publisher:  UTV Ignition Games
Developer:  UTV Ignition Games
Genre:  RPG, MMO, Action

Seen from the bird’s eye view, this land is covered with spread of diversified landscapes such as deserts, valleys, forests, mountains and swamps, whereas they defies the natural law of geography in erratic coexistence; besides, this land is inhabited by all living forms, including angels, demons, humans and monsters, who are in suppressive hostility or in barefaced war. Is it a daydream, reverie or nightmare? It may be all, and all is in Faxion Online.

Faxion Online is a 3D fantasy Free MMORPG that is characterized by its action-prompted combats and underscored PvP content. The background of this game is a fantastic land named Limbo, a place located between Heaven and Hell. This land consists of eight territories, that is, the city of Purgatory in the center and seven regions scattered among the world. While Purgatory is a neutral area, tolerating no war and sustaining tense peace for confronting sides to trade, the seven others, known as the Seven Deadly Sins, are open battlefields where rival sides compete for dominance.

As mentioned above, Heaven and Hell will fight to death to claim occupation of the Seven Deadly Sins in Limbo. Players will choose to join one side and spare no efforts to help achieve to that end. During character creation, players start with a base class from Fighter, Mage and Healer, each further divided into two specific branches. Limited as it sounds, there is no need for players to deplore, since the multi-classing system in this game promises versatile and immersive gameplay experience. To be specific, players start with a base class, but they are allowed to develop their characters into whatever class as wish by learning corresponding class skills and abilities. Moreover, the access to new classes is not at the cost of the loss of original choice. Such a multi-classing system enables players to create truly unique characters with blending class skills and attributes.

Action-oriented, this game boasts highly competitive combat and fight. Following the storyline, players wander around the map to struggle for control of the seven territories. The in-game visceral combat system is well designed to create a mostly acute sensual perception for players as if they are themselves fighting in the game world. Besides, players are able to promote the growth of their avatars offline by engaging in the offline ability queue system of this game.

So if intriguing lore, action-packed combat and highly customized avatar are what you seek for in a MMO game, then Faxion Online may well be what you want.

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