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Browser Games For 2013
  • Browser Games For 2013

  • Posted on  Jan 8,2013  07:01 , by Sara Lau
  • The year of 2012 has been gone, leaving a wealth of best browser-based video games for fans of any genre to linger upon. And those titles have seen several new trends: 1, Most games borrow elements from games of different genres and it is nothing surprising if one explores dungeons in social titles, needs friends’ help to complete missions in RPGs, or equip heroes and boost their stats in strategy games. 2, Visuals are getting much better, with some titles presented in 3D pictures. Devs spare no effort in polishing the lovely, exotic, or stylish characters and structures to dazzle […] read »

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Five Browser MMORPGs Using the Same Template
  • Five Browser MMORPGs Using the Same Template

  • Posted on  Jul 30,2012  02:07 , by Sara Lau
  • Familiar gameplay and console controls adopted in new games make it easier to get started. But they can also cause problems. Since everything becomes predictable and anything you encounter recurs, the fun and excitement that the games should provide might dwindle to nothing. Nonetheless, that is exactly what some Chinese developers manage to offer in the recently released Crystal Saga, Soul of Guardian, Lost of Legend, Odin Quest and Mythic Saga. Although slightly different in some respects, those games pit players in the same experience. They all quest players with running errands around and between several areas while occasionally offering […] read »

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New Browser games in April, 2012
  • New Browser games in April, 2012

  • Posted on  Apr 12,2012  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • DotMMO only features latest promising MMOs and browser games. Today, we have listed some highly anticipated titles that either are being developed by big companies such as Bigpoint, and Square Enix, or are already released by those startups such as Whitemoon, KoramGame and Grand Cru. Ice Age Online Based on the renowned Ice Age movie series, Ice Age online is born out of the cooperation between 20th Century Fox and German-based online game developer Bigpoint. Finally, you are able to take boreal explorations with the adorable creatures in those frigid regions once you could only see in cinemas. Shadowrun Online The […] read »

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New MMOs in April, 2012
  • New MMOs in April, 2012

  • Posted on  Apr 12,2012  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • There are a great number of MMOs announced this month. Some are still in development while others are in beta testing stage. DotMMO has picked up some most promising titles released in April 2012. Loadout Loadout is a brand new fast-paced multiplayer shooter that can take pride in its overwhelming weapon crafting system and stunning gameplay. With more characters, weapons and maps promised to be upgraded soon, you can surely expect to enjoy more. SmashMuck Champions Forge the mightiest team of champions to fight across the Planet Muck, enjoy the traditional combination of skill, action and strategy, and prove your […] read »

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Facebook Game Clone: CastleVille, Flying Kingdoms and Hunger Games Adventures
  • Facebook Game Clone: CastleVille, Flying Kingdoms and Hunger Games Adventures

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Flying Kingdoms, noted for its similarities to CastleVille, has seen another similar game on Facebook recently. Hunger Games Adventures, as it turns out, entitles a basically old game system with a completely irrelevant name. Putting aside the cute characters and bright colorful environment that the three games design to attract players, the three games use the same gameplay, though with slightly different stories and roles. Above all, each provides several maps to explore, one of which homes the protagonist, and still waiting for unlocking step by step. The Kingdom in CastleVille, kingdom in Flying Kingdoms, and Forest Escape from Hunger […] read »

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Top Hidden Object Games on Facebook
  • Top Hidden Object Games on Facebook

  • Posted on  Feb 28,2012  03:02 , by Sara Lau
  • DotMMO just picked up 6 most popular Hidden Object Games on Facebook app directory. Below are the game overviews. If you want to check our reivew, follow the link to learn more. Enjoy and have fun! Hidden Chronicles “Hidden object” games are extending far and wide with their simple and entertaining gameplay. The release of Hidden Chronicles, a nice combination of the single-player mode and the multi-player competitive features, accelerates this trend. This new Facebook game is all about searching and competing. Lots of secrets and puzzles remain in the seemingly tranquil and refined estate of Ramsey Manor after Uncle […] read »

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Interview With Brick Force Community Manager
  • Interview With Brick Force Community Manager

  • Posted on  Feb 21,2012  12:02 , by Sara Lau
  • Can you introduce yourself and what you do for Brick-Force? Hi, I’m Matt Rider, Community Manager for Brick-Force at Infernum Productions. I’ve spent over a decade playing online games, from MMO’s to team-based shooters. My main role here is to work together with the community in every respect. Brick-Force is very much a community driven game with many social aspects. Heading into beta, I’m focused on giving everyone who plays the game a voice and a chance to be part of the ongoing development process. I try to have a hand in most aspects of the project and to communicate […] read »

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Interview with Evony
  • Interview with Evony

  • Posted on  Dec 29,2011  02:12 , by Sara Lau
  • DotMMO’s editor has interviewed with Darold Higa, one of Evony‘s producers and he talked about something about Evony’s AD campaign, New year ambition and its inside development. Some questions remain unanswered since Darold prefers not to disclose the information. DotMMO: Could you please talk about the key to success of Evony as it has been around since 2009 and till now it still enjoys a growing number of players? Darold Higa: Creating games is a really difficult art. I don’t think there is one really good answer to what makes Evony a great game. One important thing that we do […] read »

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Aion Free-to-Play: Interview with Gameforge
  • Aion Free-to-Play: Interview with Gameforge

  • Posted on  Dec 19,2011  05:12 , by Sara Lau
  • NCsoft has been hosting Aion since it was released in Europe two years ago, but recently, it is announced that Gameforge will take over the running responsibilities. As to Aion’s upcoming version by Gameforge, the most noticeable amendment to the original version is that it becomes free-to-play. Accordingly, lots of questions emerge, and we (OnlineWelten) are honored to have interviewed GameForge’s Executive Product Director Volker Boenigk on some of these questions. Furthermore, we succeeded in coaxing him some exclusive information on the future of Aion. Q: When will you start the free-to-play version? Volker Boenigk: Our entire team has been […] read »

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Eligium: Interview with Daniel Stahlkopf
  • Eligium: Interview with Daniel Stahlkopf

  • Posted on  Nov 23,2011  12:11 , by Sara Lau
  • At Gamescom 2011, Frogster announced a new MMORPG Eligium: the Chosen One, and put it into the closed beta testing not long after. Although bits and pieces about the game have been released via screenshots or news reports, we still do want to know more.  Yesterday OnlineWelten.com took an interview with Daniel Stahlkopf, Producer of Eligium.  Below is the interview script translated from OnlineWelten.com Q: Hi Daniel, thank you for your time with us. Daniel Stahlkopf: Gladly, we do work hard on Eligium, and I guess I’d like to talk about it with you! Q: Eligium: the Chosen One is […] read »

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