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Fiction Fighters

Fiction Fighters

Release Date:  August 8, 2012
Publisher:  CipSoft GmbH
Developer:  CipSoft GmbH
Genre:  Fighting, Card

Fiction Fighters is a free to play flash-based comic style browser game in which players are plunged into a comic universe in the fight against other villains.  In the game, you customize your card and set up your fighter deck to battle other real fighters or NPC players.


There’s no way that a comic book fan should ignore Fiction Fighters. There literally wouldn’t be a better way to relish both gaming and comic book reading experiences simultaneously than to play this game.

You are this new agent at Fiction Fighters Agency, a role that justifies all the training and tasks you will receive in the game. The tutorial covers five training sessions and in those very sessions, you will get accustomed to the long conversations and tips.

As a matter of fact, I find it kind of difficult to define Fiction Fighters as a video game. Everything is presented in a comic book style except when you choose the missions to take, and you even have to manually turn the pages to see how things are going. The pages are all on a stained white paper and when you turn to the next page or to the previous page, you will hear the page turn sound. That was when I believe the game should find its way to iOS devices, where the reading experience would be more perfect.

When you are not turning the pages and waiting for the loading of the pictures (which by the way always take a while, and that’s disappointing) you are selecting the action to take in the round. You’ve got several attacks, each of which can cause damages of different amounts. If you unleash those attacks, you will see the dazzling visual effects which are very impressive, especially when they are in the grids. However, when they become the typical and particularly repetitive visuals of your battles, they are not that attracting anymore. Perhaps that is why the various attacks from enemies sometimes turn into a sort of comfort. Actually, I was busy admiring the varied visuals and totally forgot I was in the middle of battles.

The battle mechanics resembles that of many RPG games: you select the attacks or other actions such as healing at the beginning of each turn, and then watch the battle pictures. Each attack causes damages of different amounts depending on the attack attribute, the condition of the avatar and whether you have got the power-up items. You can see what attacks your enemy can launch only after he or she has unleashed them. Then you can predict which they would use and prevent the damage as much as possible in advance.

Taking the approach of board games, Fiction Fighters allows players to manage the actions the same way they handle cards in board games. You could select some of your actions, save them in decks, and then choose different decks for different battles. That promises the fun of taking various actions without forcing you to create multiple characters.

Fiction Fighters has something to improve though. The loading of pictures often take quite a few seconds and the connection is down a lot. But still, you would love this game at least for the comics reading experience it has to offer, even when you are not quite a comic book fan yourself.

3 Comments on Fiction Fighters


  1. IGMLjustice says:

    IGN: IGMLjustice

  2. Alderpax says:

    Unfortunately the makers of this game seem to have given up on it. From the Fiction Fighters site:

    "Operation Terminated…

    Fiction Fighters Beta was released at the beginning of August. On 06th August we’ve started a marketing campaign and within a few days more than 70,000 accounts were created. That’s far more than we anticipated!

    Sadly we’ve noticed that players didn’t stay. So we regret to inform you that Fiction Fighters has been discontinued. Thank you for playing! We’ve had a cool time together."

    Almost seems that they quit on it way too soon, without really giving it a chance. Oh well. 🙁

  3. kory says:

    yeah, it closed down because a majority of players that tried it were from their other online game (tibia). 2 totally different games so 90% of those who tried it left it.

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